Finding King Neptune

Published: June 14th 2010
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King NeptuneKing NeptuneKing Neptune

Hilton Head Island, SC

I burned a vacation day at work so I could head out for a two day adventure down the coast of South Carolina and over into Georgia.

I headed out a little after eight in the morning for a small town I had noticed on my GPS but did not show up on any of my paper maps. I had noticed it on a quick trip over to St. Matthews just a few weeks earlier. The town was Singleton and was located just a few miles down the road from Fort Motte on Hwy. 601. I tried several small roads hoping to get me to this little town, but none of them ever took me to the correct location. On the third try I turned down a little dirt road just past some railroad tracks and it took me to a really really big house. On the front gate it said Singleton Manor. It looked like some historical manor that Rhett Butler and Scarlet might have lived in.

Hopefully my second city would end up with the first photo I need in my quest to win the 2010 Grand Titanic Tour. I continued south on 601 for about an hour
Ashton, SCAshton, SCAshton, SC

No good sign.
looking for the little southern town of Ashton, just off Hwy. 641. When I got close I saw a sign with an arrow pointing me just one mile to the right and I would be in Ashton. But that was the only sign I ever saw for Ashton. This little town was nothing more than a bunch of old wooden row houses that were on the outskirts of a really large tomato farm. Zero for two. I am hoping my trip would not be a total bust.

With my fingers crossed I headed to the town of Islandton. Now I will have to say with a name like that I was not hoping for much. What kind of name is that any way? It is not even on the coast and it is not an Island. When I got to the edge of town I no longer cared because I was looking at my first success of the trip. The sign was just a little green highway sign but it was a sign and worth one point.

Just eleven more miles up the road was success number two. Hampton SC had another good sign and my trip was turning around. The only problem is that I was starting to notice that I might have a short in my electrical system that ties my GPS, XM radio and MP3 player together. It is always something.

I pointed my bike towards the Atlantic Ocean. I was headed to Hilton Head Island which I know has a good sign because my parents live there and I see it every time I go to visit them. On the was way I was going to stop in Burton for a quick photo of their sign, which I was not worried about because on the map the town look very large and it was the home of the Beaufort Marine Corps. Air Station. I road all over and could not find it. I finally saw Mike, a highway sign worker, who was replacing a sign just outside of the air station. He pointed me several miles back up the road, but was unsure if the sign was up because of road construction. I never found the sign and headed back to the sure thing in Hilton Head.

The Hilton Head sign was right where I had always seen it. I got a quick photo and headed for my parents house. As I pulled up to the gate of the community where they live I was turned away by the security guard who told me that motorcycles were not allowed in any of the private communities on the island. I was planning on spending the night with my sister off island in Bluffton so I decided to explore the island a little because I had a few hours to kill. As I was riding around the harbor I found King Neptune. I never knew he was so big and armed with such a large spear. I am sure I broke more than one law by jumping the curb and riding to the center of the shopping center he was guarding, but I wanted a photo of the King and my Shadow.

I stopped by my dad’s office and then headed to my sisters in Bluffton, SC. On the way I found the sign right where I was told it would be and headed to my sister’s house. She was there making my mom a birthday cake and waiting on me to show up.

After a quick shower, my sister and I

SC DOT worker ... where is my sign sir?
road over to Staple’s to buy some new ear buds in hopes that it would fix my problems with my electronics on my bike. A quick test showed that my problems are bigger than just the ear buds.

We took my sisters truck over to my mom’s house and were let in the front gate. Evidently big trucks are liked a lot more than little motorcycles on the island. Mom fixed a great meal, enjoyed her cake and liked her present. At 9:30 my sister and I put the old people to bed (just kidding mom) and headed back to her house to meet up with her husband who had to work late. We stayed up late and worked on a six pack that was nice and cold in the fridge.


We all slept a little late, which meant I got a late start hunting Burg’s and Ton’s. I headed over to the Savannah River area in search of Purrysburg Township. After thirty minutes of riding around all I was able to find was a historical marker. I took a photo, but I don’t think the Rally Master will accept it as a point.

After leaving the township I headed to Levy, SC to meet my sister and her husband for some BBQ at the Pink Pig. OMG …. I loved it. If you ever find yourself on I-95 at the South Carolina Georgia state line you should really stop in for a really good BBQ sandwich and a sweet tea.

Most of day two was spent in Georgia. My first stop was Flemington which was located just south of Fort Stewart Military Base. After a quick photo I programmed my GPS for a quick ride to Claxton which is just north of Fort Stewart. My GPS took me right up 119 which cut through the middle of the base. I knew I was in trouble when the MP stepped out of the guard shack with a very large gun. They are a little bit like the security guards on the island. They did not like me or my bike. I was turned around and had to pull out my paper maps to find an alternate route.

The old fashion way still worked and I was able to get a great shot of the Claxton town sign. By the time I got to Claxton the electronics on my bike were really acting up and I was getting little or no sound out of my XM radio or my GPS.

My last stop was Blitchton, GA which was my last success of the trip. As I was leaving town I hit a large pot hole which jarred my electronics enough to give me music in my left ear for the two and half hour trip home.

Total miles ridden = 563.1

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My sister, Mary Schane, cooks my mom a birthday cake.

Happy Birthday!!! That is my dad in the back ground cleaning.
Purrysburg Township, SCPurrysburg Township, SC
Purrysburg Township, SC

I don't think this sign will do.
The Pink PigThe Pink Pig
The Pink Pig

Levy, SC
Mary Schane and KingMary Schane and King
Mary Schane and King

join me for a BBQ sandwhich.

Hot and tired. Heat index was 105 degrees.

14th June 2010

I came across your blog by accident, but I really enjoyed it! I love road trips across the US, and your post made me want to do another one! My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews (like maybe even of The Pink Pig!?!), etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Heather :)
14th June 2010

seeing you!
It was so nice to see you! King and I had a great time riding around with you trying to find Perrysburg...I hope the sign will work! Lunch was great, next time I'll remember NO CARDS!!! :-) Love you!

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