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July 6th 2010
Published: July 6th 2010
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Nostalgic TexacoNostalgic TexacoNostalgic Texaco

Off Hwy 76 - outside of Laurens, SC

Friday night I went to check out the Shadow and install the new Mix-it 2 that replaced the old one that caused all the problems that plagued the trip to Hilton Head several weeks ago. The people at Cycle Gadgets were great and sent me a new one under warranty.

Once I got it all hooked up I had no power to the XM Radio or my auxiliary lights. I checked all the switches and all the connections and everything looked to be in order. I finally pulled off the seat and started checking all the wires. Finally I started checking fuses and found a 20 amp fuse that was blown. I installed the fuse and everything worked fine. I put the seat back on and took the Shadow for a quick test ride and when I turn hard left the fuse blew out again. I once again removed the seat and replaced the fuse. After several repeats of this process I was getting very frustrated and finally found a wire on the triple tree that was getting pinched and causing the fuse to blow. After wrapping it in electrical tape and securing it with a zip tie my problems were solved. I finished packing the bike and lubing the chain before putting it back in the barn.


I checked the bike before I left and everything was in good working order, so I programmed the GPS for Clinton, SC and prepared for a 65 mile ride up I-26. I was humming along, just enjoying the ride, when my face shield on my helmet started slapping against my helmet. I found a quick place to pull over and checked out what the problem was. I was hoping that the shield had just come free but when I checked it out I found that the hinge plate had come unscrewed on the left side. I checked my tool kit for a flat head screw driver so I could tighten the one screw that I had found in the helmet. No luck, but I was able find a pair of fingernail clippers that had a straight end and was able to reattach the face shield.

I made it to Clinton without further incident and got the shot I needed. I was glad to be off the Freeway and would be spending much of the rest of the trip on country back roads. I left Clinton and headed for Princeton, SC. On the way I passed thru Laurens on Hwy 76 and found this great little replica of a Nostalgic Texaco station. I had to stop for a quick photo. I got to Princeton and found the sign I needed to get my Titanic point and headed off to Brewerton, SC. To my disappointment there was no town limit sign there.

After leaving Brewerton I checked my watch and saw that it was getting close to lunch time. I started to look for a place to eat when I saw a highway sign that said I was just 18 miles from Greenwood, SC which is where my oldest daughter lives. I called her to see if I could buy her lunch at the Dixie Drive-in, one of my favorite places to eat. Off course she wanted a free meal. I got to the Dixie first, which surprised me because she lives around the corner for the restaurant and I was in a different town. Knowing what she likes I ordered us two Dixie Cheese’s half and half (half fries and half onion rings). It was a good as I remembered. After a great
Dixie Drive-InDixie Drive-InDixie Drive-In

Greenwood, SC
visit I headed off for Willington, SC.

Willington was another success and I decided my luck had changed for the good. Next stop was Lincolnton, GA which had a great sign that I photographed as did Washington, Danburg and Elberton. My next disappointment came when I pulled into Middleton, GA. I looked all over for a good town sign to photograph but finally gave up and headed for Carlton hopping for a better luck.

I thought Carlton was going to be another disappointment until I caught a glimpse of a large marble stone up on a hill behind a group of large bushes. I rode up a private drive and found that the stone was actually a nice forgotten town sign. I got my photo and down the private drive before I was noticed by the owner. However when I got to Nuberg I was once again disappointed.

My last Georgia stop was in Royston, the home of Ty Cobb. They had a great town sign that I photographed and headed for a really old gas station just outside of town to fill up for my ride back into SC.

I programmed my GPS for Belton,
Inside the DixieInside the DixieInside the Dixie

My oldest daughter and myself enjoying great food.
SC and headed off. Belton was only some 20 miles up the road and found the sign as I pulled into town. Ten successes made for a good day. I stop to fill up my water supply and then headed for home. About twenty miles up the road I started feeling like I had forgotten something so I pulled over and checked my rally pack for my rally flag. DAMN … it was not there. I turned around and found my flag right where I left it … hanging on the Belton town sign.

Home was a little over two hours away and I made it home without any other problems.

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Total miles ridden = 515.7 miles

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Tank bag photo
Neat old gas stationNeat old gas station
Neat old gas station

Located just outside of Royston, GA

3rd November 2010
Nostalgic Texaco

Our Original 1930 Filling Station in Laurens SC
Hi!! We enjoyed your photos on this website!! We are the ones who restored this little original 1930 gas station. We bought this property after moving from the Greater Tampa area back in Nov 2002. Love the Carolinas!! Love the change of Seasons!! My husband and I are proud of our little place called Nostalgic Station. We have alot of ideas and plans for helping our community grow and enjoy this little station. We are having our 1st Classic Car Cruise-In this Friday, Nov 5th. From now on in...we plan on having this cruise in the 1st Friday of each month from 6 to 10pm Rain or Shine....Cold or Heat....We also plan on doing some "Retro Nights at Nostalgic Station" When you see our Mascot (he is in the process of being restored....clue: Warner Bros/Looney Tunes character with a huge black tail with a white stripe) out in will know an event is happening that night at Nostalgic Station. We plan on having free 50s Sitcom nights: I Love Lucy Marathons...Leave It To Beaver....The 3 Stooges....Andy of Mayberry...and of course: The Little Rascals. Fun music events too in the future. We will be opening a shop in the not too far future carrying many collectables and antiques and unusual old racing memorabilia and rare items. Check Out Our Website: Thanks again for taking some great photos of our place and listing us on this website!! Sincerely, Rich & Cindy Kuhnel 1110 W Main St (Hwy 76) Laurens SC 29360

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