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North America » United States » North Carolina » Chapel Hill September 8th 2020

The offer was received and countered. We accepted the counter and have paid our earnest money. Closing will happen in a couple of weeks. We can take possession on October 15th. It all seems to be falling together. Which means we're moving to Montana. Here in NC, we've got a big job ahead of us. We're going to pack very lightly. Take those few items which seems personal and important to us. Take our complete tool kit. Then we turn the rest of the house into an Air BnB, while we ponder if, or when, to put the house on the market. Running the house as an Air BnB allows us to leave behind our furniture and make enough money to cover our costs while we figure out what to do on the other end. Since ... read more

We are home, or at least our place of current residence. (The word "home" is up in the air now, innit?) We pulled into our drive about 9 on the clock last evening, having stopped off at the Saxapahaw General Store to pick up some food on the way. We unloaded the coolers and put their soggy contents in the fridge and turned on the AC and took care of our basic needs. Then we crawled into our familiar bed and ate our good food and watched the last episode of Alone and fell asleep. We got up this morning much later than is usual. We logged in almost 8,000 miles, by the time we got home. And on the way back, after the mountains of Montana and Wyoming, and then the no mountains of Nebraska, ... read more
US - Driving Map
Montana - More Detailed Driving Map

I awoke at 6:30 to find Sally already up and active. Seems she'd been awake since about 3:30, itching from chigger bites (as are we both) and worrying over early morning fears. It is no small thing, to be venturing out into the world at this surreal point in history. I put the kettle on for coffee, but Sally was ready to start making the bed and sweeping floors and such, bustling about like a cleaning lady on a tight schedule. Our plan is to get to the North as quickly as we can. We're both so tired of this summer Tarheel heat and humidity that we could scream, and when I read that overnight temps in Missoula this week would be in the upper 40s and lower 50s, we both got a dreamy look in ... read more

"The mountains are calling and I must go." -John Muir Hey All, It's packing day here at the Erickson-Bennett household. There's a new-to-us Honda Odyssey sitting in our drive, which we've been outfitting as a sort of drive-by-night RV. I took out all but the front two seats and built a wooden futon frame for the back, where we can sleep for a few hours, or even camp for a night, as we see fit. Underneath the frame there's plenty of room for the suitcases, bins full of cooking gear, and misc extra stuff that Sally has been organizing, and we can fit three coolers in the back dropdown well where the third seats would normally disappear. We'll have plenty of options as we drive, from driving straight through to stopping for a few hours rest ... read more
The Futon Situation

The University of North Carolina was the first public university to open in America, sharing claim of the "oldest public university" title along with the University of Georgia and the College of William and Mary. It's considered one of the eight "Public Ivy" schools, meaning this campus is a showcase of argyle socks and walking advertisements for Vineyard Vines and Southern Marsh. And with the likes of Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm having passed through these halls, these grounds are some of the most sacred in collegiate sports. Pair that strong school spirit with an indelible sense of tradition and UNC makes for a world-class educational institution, albeit a little pretentious. A visit to this college town will convince you the students are color-blind, for any apparel not baby blue is strictly prohibited. Men's basketball is ... read more
63,000-Capacity Kenan Stadium
The Yogurt Pump
Sup Dogs

On July 8 we begin our great 2014 tour of Alaska. We will fill this blog with exciting news and pictures if we can figure out how. In the mean time we're just trying to master the blogging software.... read more
Marty at home

For the first time on my travels, about half way through my journey of exchange, I got smacked with it. It's like someone took a glove, put syringes on it and whacked it so hard across my cheek that it feels real. It's called homesickness, and there's only one cure: time. So tonight, whilst in my first bout of the disease, I thought I would take to writing to see if it makes me feel any better. I have skipped over my recent travels to Charlotte, Richmond and DC and all the latest developments in Chapel Hill BUT I feel like shit so don't boss me around. It started rather happily actually. Siobhan, my bestest best friend, the Timon to my Pumbaa, the Gogo to my Didi, the other half of me sent me a package ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Chapel Hill February 17th 2013

The Friday afternoon sun eased our shivering souls as Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" swepted over the Bosh, UNC's baseball stadium. One thing came to mind when I heard that song: it represented my two "homes". 25, 928kms between these places. How can one song represent two tiny towns separated by oceans and continents? Cowra, NSW, Australia, where yours truly was born and raised, is where my mum and dad are at the moment. They are proably just waking up on a Monday morning, and miss me just as much as I miss them. My parent's favourite song is "Sweet Caroline". I remember a time where I would put my fingers in my ears and beg them to stop playing it. On this very day, I sang loud and proud. But, like I said, the song represents ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Chapel Hill February 3rd 2013

It's been a little over a month since I arrived in the United States. I shouldn't compare my two nations, but for anyone interested out there in travelling to the US of A, here's a few things I've learnt about the US (besides shitty airlines services). 1. THE PEDESTRIAN CROSSING INDICATORS MAKE DIFFERENT NOISES - this may seem like the simplest, craziest thing to notice but when the cars drive on the opposite side of the road resulting in the pedestrian looking in the other direction before crossing, this shit could save lives. That little walking dude has a countdown BUT there's no "didididiididididididididiididididid" like in Australia (ok, I don't know how accurately portray that noise in words...). So you have to focus! 2. Other side of the road - yeah as I mentioned above, they ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Chapel Hill January 23rd 2013

One thing I thought for sure about coming to the States from Australia was that on the whole, culture wouldn't be that different. The two countries speak the same language, have the same sort of commerce, popular culture, attitude and are allies on the world stage. For the majority of my 23 days here in the ol' US of A, that opinion has been correct. Much like Australians, Americans are lovely people. They are willing to sit down and have a yarn, will give directions and generally warm hospitable people. The only difference really is accents, which is something that is only beginning to become the norm for my sense of hearing. It's the little things that separate our two nations. In a week, you enjoy it, knowing fully well you don't have to adapt. In ... read more

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