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El final no es generalmente la forma de empezar, pero lo es en esta mi primera experiencia. El 9 de agosto terminó nuestra aventura en Boone, NC, aventura que empezó 6 años atrás para mí, el 4 de agosto del 2004, y hace 10 años para Fern. Boone se ha llevado una gran parte de mi vida, y un enorme pedazo de mi corazón. Ahí saqué mi maestría en Biología en Appalachian State, pero más que eso fue la cuna de mi renacer como persona. Fue en Boone donde me casé con mi amor Fern, mi helechito, pero también fue cuando crecí mi primer huerto, donde jugué mi mejor fútbol, donde hice excelentes amigos, donde vi mi primera nevada, compre mi primer carro, tuve mi primer apartamento y aprendí a vivir la vida con muchas ansias ... read more
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North America » United States » North Carolina » Brevard August 1st 2010

The last and shortest session is flying by, just like the others, and we are already nearly half way through! Only ten more days (and one of them is a day off) and then it is all over! The first week of last session has been awesome, as usual, and its been awesome getting to know the new kids. There is only 90 campers this session, compared to nearly 200 from the last session, and you can definitly tell the difference at meal times (which are much quieter) and around camp, which seems bigger with less people to fill it! This week has also been one of multiple wildlife experiences! I have had about three rest hours with the squirrel we named Fred on our porch. I got a good video of him investigating the rubbish ... read more

Main session has come to an end! The last two weeks have flown by, with lots of riding and trips out of camp! WEEK 3: had lots of fun this week with the newts and dogs, who are the younger kids aged about 6-11. They are super cute but it does make working with the horses harder as the kids just end up getting dragged around the yard. It was a good week though and Jess and I got to take a trip out to Dupont Forest with them for the day. Unfortunately it was after cabin day (on Wednesday afternoons the whole tribe will head out to a camp site for the night and sleep out there- it is pretty fun for the kids even if the dew usually falls heavy on these days and ... read more

Mid way through the main session- only 4 weeks to go. Its gone so fast, I don't want it to end at all! Still having a blast and not sure what I will do with free time once I get home! Because I have been a slacker on the blog front this session here are the highlights- mostly from this week as I can't really remember the first week :) FIRST WEEK: Open day again, and got to give pony rides in the morning and lifeguard the swim tests in the afternoon- it was an awesome way to spend my birthday too! And it was hot and didn't rain for once. Actually we have had less thunder and rain this session, so we've been able to do a lot more trails around camp with the horses. ... read more

Time is flying and the first session is all over and done with! Most of the kids left yesterday and this morning- only about three staying on for main session, which begins on monday. We are all on leave until sunday night, which is actually really strange- i feel like i should be doing something other than relaxing! I think the plan is to head out for dinner and a few drinks tonight, which will be cool and then sleep all day tomorrow! Since the last update I have had my best camp experience: a camper said I was their favourite councelor. And the worst: which was taking two kids to the airport- only we stopped to grab some lunch and they ended up missing the plane. Woops. the parents and camp were fuming, and in ... read more

Finally an update! A note about stuff- the spiders are massive. When we moved into our new cabin there was one in the bathroom the size of the palm of my hand. It crawled down the plug hole and back out when Nic was doing her teeth- hilarious the amount of screaming that was heard! I don't think anything creepy crawly will scare me back home anymore! We also have amazing thunder storms. The humidity is rediculous, but the thunder and lightening is really cool, really loud and comes on very quickly. ORIENTATION: During orientation week we went on a practise cabin day. It was really fun, we had to construct our own tents out of tarps and ropes which was actually really cool (until bed time and then you realise that it makes it really ... read more

Pre season at camp so far! The qualifications are mounting... After the WFR (said woofer) we went straight into life guard training. It was a bit of a joke after first aid boot camp, but the principles were the same. Unfortunately for the teachers they had about three quarters of the class smart arse and newly qualified WFR's who argued each point and managed to talk their way into a pass on most of the tests. We all passed the swin test too- can't believe we used to swim 500m as a warm up! Its a definite challenge now! But we all managed to pass and I also learnt how to do a crocodile death roll: basically just flip people over and over in the water- much more entertaining than the correct method for telling off ... read more

First week done, lots to go! ITs been so much fun so far! The first two days at camp I went for a ride and got to know the place and everything going on- I still don't know everyone's name but as a general rule you can call someone Matt or James and almost be right each time lol. I started my doctor training- I can now do CPR, fix dislocations and other extreme sport injurys that often occur in the "back country". Its pretty intense learning and we have to do lots of drills and things- today was hypothermia, so we got wrapped in sleeping bags on the one hot day this week! But it is fun and even though its not recognised as a qualification at home its still good skills to have. WE ... read more

Hi! This is the easiest way to get in contact with everyone so here it is: My first few days! So, had a few tears on the way out and flew into brisbane, where i was pulled aside, my bags searched and me frisked (standard random search aparently!). They asked me where i was going and i cried lol, too tired to deal with that right then. Then on to LA. The flight was fine, but the bad thing about tv's in the seats is the games and people bashing the crap out of the touch screen lol so didn't get a lot of sleep. When i arrived the had also lost my bags, so as I write this i am wearing the same clothes i put on 37 hours ago (well, i brought a t-shirt ... read more

The stream sang us a lullaby last night and we slept very well, though it got cool enough for us to pull up the blankets. We drove south through the Great Smoky Mountains NP on 441 to Cherokee, NC, where we picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway. We stopped at several overlooks, which are plentiful, but it was pretty hazy and we couldn't see far. We were lucky to get a campsite at Davidson River Campground in Pisgah Natl Forest near Brevard. After buying a few groceries, we called Kerry's childhood friend, Tom. Tom's wife, Brenda, came over and led us to their house, where we had a delicious dinner and a great time visiting and catching up. It sure was good to see Tom and Brenda again. We headed back to camp and showered and ... read more
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