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September 10th 2010
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Let's first start out by welcoming everyone to New York!
Today was a big day. Our son-in-law Chris turned 40, Jim Nussbaum turned 60 and my nephew Landon and Kim got married. So Don and I decided that we would celebrate by going to Niagara Falls! This was one of the things on our list when we started out that we were both really looking forward to because neither one of us had been here before. Therefore we were going to get to experience it for the first time together. It is nice visiting the area after Labor Day because the crowds have all gone home. It is like someone flipped a switch and suddenly all the places are empty. We pulled into the parking lot and we were literally one of about 20 cars in a parking lot that holds about 250. It was great! We made our way up the stairs to the ticket booth to buy our pass for all the exhibits and walked through the doors where there it was, the roaring water. We were like a couple of giddy kids walking briskly towards the railing so we could get a peek at the Falls. Once we got through the trees we could see it. WOW! That
Don @ American FallsDon @ American FallsDon @ American Falls

Here is Don standing right at the top of the American Falls. The roar is so loud that you have to talk loud in order to hear each other.
was my first reaction. It is just breathtaking how fast and magnificent these Falls are. You get so close to them that you feel the mist spraying in your face. We just stood there in silence for a few moments before either of us said anything. I think we were in shock that we had actually made it there number one and number two at the sheer beauty and forcefulness of it. After taking a few pictures we went on to enjoy our sites and adventures of the day. Our first stop was the Maids of the Mist boat ride. This boat takes you right up to both the American Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The Horseshoe Falls are the ones that are most photographed. You are given a slicker before you board the boat and believe me you need it. I took as many pictures as I could seeing as my camera isn't waterproof (that was one thing we didn't think of when we bought the new one) so unfortunately I couldn't get ones when we were right up in there. I got some prety good ones though. This boat ride was worth the visit. If you ever
Niagara Falls USA (2)Niagara Falls USA (2)Niagara Falls USA (2)

You can see Horseshoe Falls which is in Canada from this picture. It is in the background to your right.
come here you have to do this if nothing else.

Next we went to the theater and watched the 40 minute movie that they had which in our opinion you could skip. It is nothing spectacular. From there we went to the Cave of the Winds where again we were given slickers and this time what we called "shower shoes". They were kind of like a very cheap pair of Tevas and a plastic shopping bag to put our shoes and socks in. We put on our gear and headed down in the elevator to the water. Once down there we walked along some stairs right up to the Falls. You will only see Don in the pictures as I didn't feel that I would be able to manuver the steep stairs so I waited at the top for him but let me tell you that I got plenty wet and was up close and personal with the Falls too. I wouldn't have wanted to be any closer. Don LOVED this and his pant legs were soaked. Good thing it was a sunny nice day.

Our last thing to do was to finish riding the trolley around the
Me in SlickerMe in SlickerMe in Slicker

Here I am in my slicker. I look pretty good don't I? (hahaha!)
area to hear about the history and then back to the visitors center where I bought a sweatshirt before heading to the truck. We were there from 10am to 4pm so it was a full day. Karlie was at daycare and we needed to pick her up by 5pm so this worked out great. We grabbed groceries and a pizza before heading home and all of us were tired puppies. Like I said in my previous blog, the weather has cooled off so we are enjoying great sleeping weather.

Heading to the Erie Canal Locks tomorrow and and other DDD's place then on Sunday we are going to have a down day. It is supposed to rain Sunday so that makes for a good day to stay in and watch some football don't you think?

Again, Happy birthday to both Chris and Jim and Congrats to Landon & Kim. We'll be blogging soon! 😊K

Additional photos below
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Don in SlickerDon in Slicker
Don in Slicker

Here is Don. We were quite the fashionista's. At least everyone had to wear these goofy things so we were all in the same boat. (Ha!)
Maid of Mist loadingMaid of Mist loading
Maid of Mist loading

These were the boats that we took. This picture is from the top of the hill. We took an elevator down to the water.
Horseshoe Falls from boatHorseshoe Falls from boat
Horseshoe Falls from boat

This is the Canadian side of Niagara and Horseshoe Falls. We went right up to the Falls and the water was spraying right on us. I couldn't take a picture then because me camera isn't waterproof. Dang! It was awesome!
Horseshoe Falls BoatHorseshoe Falls Boat
Horseshoe Falls Boat

Just another shot pf Horseshoe Falls.
Niagara Falls from BoatNiagara Falls from Boat
Niagara Falls from Boat

This is American Falls from the boat. You can see another boat that was getting ready to pass us on it's way to Horseshoe Falls. They run every 15 minutes. Quite a racket.
Niagara Falls  USANiagara Falls  USA
Niagara Falls USA

Closer shot of American Falls from the boat.
Horseshoe Falls CanadaHorseshoe Falls Canada
Horseshoe Falls Canada

This is a shot of Horseshoe Falls from te observation tower once we got off the boat.
Horseshoe FallsHorseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls

This is just a closer shot of Horseshoe Falls from the observation deck. Can you see the boat at the base of the Falls? It goes just a little farther before it sits and idles for about 5 minutes and then turns around and heads back.
Us by FallsUs by Falls
Us by Falls

Here we are on the observation deck overlooking the Falls. I hate this hat after looking at these photos. It didn't look like that in the mirror when I left that morning. I think I may have to give it to Goodwill.
both Fallsboth Falls
both Falls

Here you can see both of the Falls.
American FallsAmerican Falls
American Falls

We were standing at the bottom of the Falls before heading up the elevator ofter the boat ride. Awesome isn't it?
American Falls 3American Falls 3
American Falls 3

Just another beautiful shot of both Falls.
Don Cave of Wind close upDon Cave of Wind close up
Don Cave of Wind close up

Here is Don at Caves of the Wind. He is standing at the base of the American Falls. The wind and water force are incredible.
Don Cave of Wind longDon Cave of Wind long
Don Cave of Wind long

Here is the same shot only farther away so you can see more.
Don Close Cave of WindDon Close Cave of Wind
Don Close Cave of Wind

Here he is on another level.
Don Cave of WindDon Cave of Wind
Don Cave of Wind

Farther shot so you can see more. He loved this! I would have been scared.

12th September 2010

loved the slickers...
Too cute! What beautiful pictures of all of the falls!
13th September 2010

Cool pictures ,I BET THE WEATHER WAS A LITTLE ON THE COOL SIDE,nice outfits, nice hat " K"

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