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Day 5 – Tuesday – Buffalo, NY to Buffalo, NY (103 miles ???) Today was the first day we woke up to rain. It was only drizzling, but rain nonetheless. That didn’t dampen our spirits because we were headed out for a day of adventure. Our journey led us to Lockport and the Erie Canal. Of course, Pam had to get her feet into the chilly water. Then we set out to cruise the famous canal. This wasn’t just a laid-back ordinary cruise, this cruise ventured through the two highest locks along the canal (Pam’s first experience at riding a boat in a lock). The two locks combined rose the canal a total height of 50 feet. Many years ago, before the Erie Canal was built, it would take 6 weeks for a stage coach to ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls October 4th 2018

4th October 2018 Return to Niagara Falls Continuing our journey through Ontario and New York State. (3 of 3) Leaving behind the wonders of Pennsylvania’s Hawk Mountain, we headed north through new territory for us. It’s a long drive to the northwest, out through rural Pennsylvania, past open-cast mines and farmland in the general direction of Niagara Falls, taking our time to savour the last few days of our North American adventure, 2018, and stopping off wherever and whenever the fancy took us. Wellsboro, on our route, is often referred to as the gateway to Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon. A 50 mile long canyon, a few miles out of town, carries the Pine Creek thundering over dramatic waterfalls and deep narrow channels through the Leonard Harrison State Park. A short walk offered us some grand views of ... read more
Leonard Harrison State Park
Middle Falls

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls August 31st 2017

Hi Again We have had a wonderful dY,started at 7am bussed to Niagra falls and saw the movie about Niagra,it was most interesting,with so many dare devils trying to cross the Falls. From there we went on the maiden of the mist boat which took us so close to the falls,which was stunning and everything I expected and more,a superb day lots to reflect on. They took us to a fort which the French started,Britain took it over and then of course America,it was on Lake Ontario,beautiful lake. Tommorrow we go on a cruise on the 1000 islands Bye for now,late getting here,and early start in the morning. SK... read more

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls August 23rd 2017

We are heading back West, but before this, a little trip North. We left Manhattan late afternoon....first the train to get back our little Mustand, next, the road north upstate. We are sleeping tonight in Mahwah. Never heard about this place, don't worry, you are not the only one. The plan was to head north enough to have the price of the room dropping enough from the excess of NY area. Mahwah is actually next dor to the Woodbury Common Outlet mall. This is by for the biggest outlet mall I've ever seen in the world....and you can spend some time here. So did some shopping on the way the next morning. Our next night is in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We are sleeping in a hotel as old as I am, but I guess this is what ... read more
We had some clouds....and some sun...
Great way to spend an afternoon....
Tonight....romantic dinner....and bubbles....

Today was an ambitious day, but we knew that going into it, so it was even better than our expectations. We wanted to make sure we were well rested, so we slept in a little and headed back to the Third Street Retreat for breakfast around 8:30. After breakfast, we headed over to the Niagara Falls Visitors Center a couple of blocks away in search of the free trolley. There is a free trolley that runs about every half hour from the Visitors Center near our hotel to the furthermost tip on the peninsula at Old Fort Niagara.The plan was to take the trolley to Fort Niagara, tour around, and ride the trolley back to the hotel, stopping at a couple of the sights along the way. We had a tour similar to yesterday's except from ... read more
Fort Niagara - The Fort Main Building
Fort Niagara - Enlisted Quarters
Fort Niagara - War of 1812 Flag

aaaToday was our first opportunity to be the quintessential lazy tourist on this trip. We had a pre-planned tour and we purposely didn't schedule it until 10:30 so we wouldn't feel rushed in the morning. Our only responsibility was to show up in our hotel lobby at 10:30 and the tour company would take it from there. We slept in a little as the place we picked for breakfast - The Third Street Pub & Retreat didn't even open for breakfast until 8:00. So we wandered over at 8:15 for breakfast, which was really good. We will have to go back for breakfast tomorrow. After breakfast, we hung around the hotel, catching up on email, and generally just goofing off until 10:30 when the tour van showed up. There was one other couple from our hotel, ... read more
Cave of the Winds - Jody Gets Her Feet Wet
Cave of the Winds - Closest Point
Cave of the Winds - American Falls From Above

Since we had already decided that it was too cold to be whitewater rafting yet, we had decided to skip the stop in Ohiopyle, PA (even though the rafting looked awesome!). But we didn't want to miss the stop in Pittsburgh to see the Andy Warhol Museum that was on the way to Ohiopyle. This meant that today would probably be a long day on the bike. The Garmin lady said it was a 3 hour ride to Pittsburgh on the back roads, or a 1.75 hour ride on the Interstate. Also iit would be a 6 hour ride from Pittsburgh to Niagara Falls on the back roads and a 4 hour ride on the interstate. We normally always take the back roads, but since we knew it was going to be a 300+ mile day, ... read more
Warhol Museum - Andy / Marilyn Monroe in Lobby
Warhol Museum - Jody Recreates Couch Picture
Warhol Museum - First Campbell Soup Can - 1961

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls October 5th 2016

Geo: 43.083, -79.0577Today we drove the 90min to Niagara Falls. The Niagara River drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario, and like all the Great Lakes (except Lake Michigan) it includes the border between Canada and USA. Shipping uses Ontario's Welland Canal which is to the west of the Niagara River. The 43km canal has eight locks which cater for the 100m height difference.Apart from the falls, tourists can also visit over 80 vineyards on the pretty southern shores of Lake Ontario.... read more
The Falls
Looking downstream
Erosion depicted

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls October 3rd 2016

Geo: 43.0955, -79.0559Headed off on a long walk to the Whirlpool. It's raining, but we decide to soldier on as we heard it wasn't too be missed. After an extremely long walk, one look (and admittedly we didn't walk to the bottom, just the lookout platform) and we were suddenly very weary. Really wasn't much to look at. Decided to pay the extravagant cost of $27 to take us back to town. Onto more exciting things. Tickets for the Mistrider Zipline. Awesome, Kirsten used to GoPro to record it but Ella was left behind a little and she wasn't happy. Then onto Maid of the Mist (the Canadian one is now called the Hornblower). The sheer force is such a spectacle to behold.Another walk along the 'falls strip' and then decide to let the girls do ... read more
Maid of the Mist (Hornblower)
Still Awesome

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls September 8th 2016

Oh, Lucky Day! You all get to share in my birthday present from sweet Cory. Back on May 5th (my birthday), Cory bought tickets for the Boy George Concert being held on September 3rd at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls (NY). And, of course, you are included. I've always loved Boy George and his songs from back in the 1980's. I would cross-country ski the old railroad trail from Shongo to Wellsville (@10 miles)on this WAG trail. Our dear dog, Dino, was my companion on those challenging hikes. Oh, to be young, again....and thin! ....and to still have Dino with us. While sailing over the white, slick snow....I would listen to Boy George's tape on my walkman headphones. By the time I reached my destination (my mother's house) I would have listened to each ... read more
Lory & Gwen
Dinner together
Bob & Gwen cruising on the cart

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