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August 2nd 2009
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Woke up to the rain on our windows & it looked like a miserable day in New York. Beccc & I decided we needed to do some exercise so got our runners on & walked in the drizzily rain to Central Park. What an invigorating run we had in Central Park in the rain, this certainly woke me up. Ran down to the Jackie Kennedy Reservoir & then stopped & walked back up 5th Avenue, by this time it had started to pour. Becc & I arrived back at the hotel looking like drowned rats, every piece of clothing was drenched. Had a long hot shower & got ready for the day ahead.
Went to a Diner across the road called "Stardust". Walked in & it felt like I was in the TV show Happy Days, all the waiters & waitresses took it in turns at singing songs. This was very entertaining & so much fun. They got the customers involved, great experience. Had eggs, bacon & bechamel sauce on bagels with fried up potatoe slices. They love their potatoes, did not eat these, they were very soggy & not nice. Stayed for a while, just to soak up this diner atmosphere. Always have to tip in America, going through American money like its water. This was great this Diner, would so love to take the girls here, they would love it too.
Walked out into the rain & went up to the Columbus Circus Shpping Centre & window shopped for a while. Brought lunch which was a cod chowder, this was interesting, very heavy with lots of potatoes..........
Got out of the centre into sunshine what a transformation, excellent time for a stroll in Central Park. Went down to the playground area so Will could have a play, he was not interested in the swings........He decided to play, jump & sit in a very muddy puddle next to a bin. This was very funny to watch, he was loving it getting all dirty & wet. Becc cleaned him up in the toilets & he sat in his stroller in his jocks all the way back to the Plaza hotel. Had a rest in our room for a while, then it was time to get ready, Becc & I were going out on the town in New York. Jase as staying in with Will having a boys night.
Becc & I wore our London dresses & went out to a wine bar for Cosmo Cocktails & dinner. We met Ali downstairs in the lobby, she was coming out with us. We met her in the shuttle bus fro JFK airport on Saturday morning. She comes from Sydney & was travelling by herself, so had she joined us for dinner & dancing. The Wine Bar was nice, food was great, wine was excellent but not many patrons. We ate & left, next stop a really small cocktail bar with very dime lighting. Sat at the bar & watched Scott the barman mix the most amazing delicious Cosmo's I had ever drank, no wonder this bar had been awarded the best cocktail lounge in New York.......
Sat here with Becc & Ali & talked for over an hour, asked Scott where we could go to dance, he rang his friend who managed a club, his name was Rob. All we had to do was let the bouncers know who we wanted to see & we could get in without lining up. Took a taxi to the club, I walked up to the front of the line & gave the bouncers the line I needed to & they let us good is that no lining up in New York. This club was basically a black American club with very beautiful women & men. Got to met Rob the manager, then brought drinks & danced to the music. Got to dance a little salsa with a black gentleman, he tried to show me that dancing to the beat of the music needs to be like a heartbeat. Managed to do quite well at this & enjoyed dancing with him. Okay next bar had to be one with music that Becc, Ali & I are used to. Got back into Soho & entered another nightclub. Ali took the taxi back to her hotel she was exhausted from her Sex & the City tour she did today...........
So back to just Becc & I again, got upstatirs to the bar, orderd drinks & then hit the dance floor. This was more like it, loved the music & it was packed full of people of all races. Becc not feeling the best, got her into a taxi & drove back to our hotel. Went & brought some water for Becc to drink & sat in our lobby hotel to re-group before going up to our room. I was very loud as usual, so Jase met us at the door to quiten me down just a notch. Got to bed around 2.00am, very tired & slightly tiddily, had a fantastic time out with Becc once more. Will miss our nights out when I return home, but we have enjoyed each others company & its been wonderful.........Good Night xx

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5th August 2009

You are hillarious, gr8 blogs lots of detail can't wait to catch up when you are all back! xx
5th August 2009

chelle how are you ever going to come back to earth !!!! enjoy your last few days xxxxxx
6th August 2009

Gday Chelle
So great to read about your adventure Chelle. Hope you are getting my other messages. Tops to see everyone joining in on the blog, what special mates you have Chelle. Gday to Paige and Hana, it just wouldn't be the same if you stayed with the Reichsteins without having a dance! Look forward to seeing you soon Chelle. Tone and boys xxXX

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