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North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 19th 2019

We let Beamer sleep in this morning. He had a hard day yesterday and he was sleeping so soundly, we wanted to let him rest. So, we didn’t get going until 9:20 and 80 degrees. The plan for today was to visit areas around Santa Fe and Albuquerque. (Man, that name is hard to spell.) So we headed south to the big city. First stop…Costco. I was almost out of wine and who can pass up the prices at Costco when it comes to wine. It appears that there are three of them in Albuquerque and one was right on our way to city center. After making this critical purchase, we visited the business district. Interestingly, there are a lot of government buildings in the city center…the county courthouse, which is a beautiful building, the country ... read more
Downtown Albuquerque
Downtown Albuquerque County Courthouse
Downtown Albuquerque County Jail

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe July 17th 2019

What a scenic drive we made today. Our choice of routes was spot on. We left our hotel at 7:45 and 74 degrees and pointed the car north. And the route took us from 74 degrees to 97 degrees and everywhere in between, because our elevation kept changing the entire way. It was a slightly ear-popping day. And I should add, a very rural day. We drove for hours through uninhabited areas with no gas stations (good thing we gassed up before leaving) and no rest stops, except for one that we happened on, buried in wooded area off the main road. That was quite a relief. Our destination was Santa Fe, NM and we decided to take route 180 through the Gila National Forest. The drive began through gently rolling hills of pink and tan ... read more
Yucca in bloom
Gila National Forest
Where the water runs, but not today

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe October 29th 2017

blog 10-29-17 Santa Fe day 2 Our main objective this morning was to get the dogs exercised so they would sleep the afternoon away while we went sightseeing in Santa Fe. To accomplish this we took the kids to the dog park, "Oh do we have to go again!" , not their reaction. They all know the way and as soon as we head in that general direction the pace picks up and there is no going anywhere else. They have their dog buddies too that frequent the park and they run to smell the newcomer, sometimes scaring the poor things to death. But they are all friendly and just want to run, play catch or just chase each other. There is a little miniature poodle who is really cute but wants to dominate every dog ... read more
The NM license is so pretty
Hotel in Santa Fe
Santa Fe's version of an aquarium, it's dry here

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe October 28th 2017

blog 10-28-17 Santa Fe day 1 29 degrees, that was the temperature outside this morning. Ginnie's new heater worked really well and she was toasty warm in her bedroom. Alfy sleeps on the floor and there it was still chilly so we have to figure out a solution to his freezing. He has blankets that Ginnie covers him with at night but he gets up several times to just walk around, goes back to bed and is cold. So he gives a little bark to be covered up. Sometimes I hear him but most of the time Ginnie does so she has to get up and cover him again. This goes on all night so when we leave here we are going south then east, hopefully it will be warmer. We left for Santa Fe about ... read more
buying a small pie
It's a science buying peppers around here

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe October 27th 2017

blog 10-27-17 Rest and Regroup There was no plan for today so we could have spent the morning in bed but we got up about 7:15 and enjoyed a long cup of coffee then it was off to the laundromat here at the park to get our clothes clean. It took a couple of trips but before long we were done and had lunch and a little nap. That is the way the day went, just being a bit lazy. The weather was cold with a brisk wind but the sun was shining brightly so it warmed the camper nicely. The temperature never got past 50 today. Ginnie and I went to Walmart and got food and other necessities and the biggest prize was a new electric heater for the back half of the motorhome. There ... read more
another sculpture of metal celebrating women
the sign says dog park, lots of old machines around
our really nice site with 2 chairs and a table instead of a picnic table

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe October 26th 2017

blog 10-26-17 Holbrook, AZ to Santa Fe, NM I woke up this morning as our neighbor left the campground and there was a gorgeous sunrise. I had to take a picture which involved waking up more than I wanted but it was worth it. I took it through the window so I didn't have to freeze to death. Everybody was getting up at that point so we proceeded to get ready to leave, packing up, disconnecting and walking the dogs. I wanted to say good-bye to the owners but they were sleeping in. We left at 8:45 and were heading east on I- 40 two minutes later. The sun was high enough that it wasn't in our faces because we were on AZ time, they don't do daylight saving time, they stay on standard time. Our ... read more
AZ landscape
a whole lot of nothing
old houses falling down

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe August 28th 2017

Last Thanksgiving, we were in Taos with our youngest son and his family. I bought a new ristra for the kitchen. My plan was to make chile sauce from the old ristra and hang the new ristra for use this year. I did make the chilie sauce using the techniques told by “Orlando’s” and several natives. Unfortunately, the skins did not blend as they should have and we had small tough pieces of skins that did not have a good mouth feel. I then made more sauce but after boiling the dried chilies scraped the meat off of each chilie, a tedious process. The sauce tasted fine but was stringy. As we were going to be in Santa Fe, I had thought that I would sign us up for a cooking lesson. They were offering a ... read more
Chilie and Chilie Sauce
Aztec Hot Chocolate with A Spicy Brownie
Taos Sunset

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe August 26th 2017

We only had 4 days at home, only a short time to empty the very dirty clothes and bedding, wash about 30 loads of laundry, clean the RV and repack. This time we had to pack for only Dale and I to vacation and work, if we get a call out. As usual, we had breakdowns that had to be repaired. The water pump completely quit and that took all morning and most of an afternoon. No cleaning could be done as there was no water. But Dale fixed the pump and the water output is better than ever. We believed that we had tickets for the Santa Fe Opera so wanted to be in Santa Fe on Sunday in time for dinner, well before the opera. We wanted to leave on Sat and were able ... read more
View of our campsite
View from our Living room window
A glamping lunch

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe August 7th 2017

Santa Fe has been voted by most publications the like of Travel & Leisure or CondeNast Traveler as a top 3 place to live or to visit in States. This has not gone for two or three years, but rather for over the last 20 years. Santa Fe seems to be "the place", and still, I don't have many international friends who visited the place. So we made it to Santa Fe. The city being so much hip has his disadvantage here are not cheap at all. So we never slept in Santa Fe. It's not a big issue as it is only a short drive from Albuquerque. I wanted to do some of the historic Route 66. But guess what, the historic route here is not anymore, it has been replaced by a solid ... read more
Village of Madrid, short drive from Santa Fe...
The oldest church in the States...
Santa Fe

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 26th 2017

Today we drove from Austin, TX to Santa Fe, NM. We drove 686 miles which took about 10-1/2 hours. The best part about the drive was seeing a field of sunflowers and stopping to take pictures. The worst part about the drive was being sleepy because we only got about 3 hours of sleep. When we arrived in Santa Fe the first thing we did was change clothes and set off to explore. We visited downtown Santa Fe and walked all around downtown and visited the galleries on Canyon Road. We ate terrific Japanse food at Izanami. Izanami is an amazing restaurant located adjacent to the Santa Fe National Forest at the beautiful Ten Thousand Waves Spa. Tomorrow we're looking forward to getting to Colorado and spending some time outdoors.... read more
Fish totem

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