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North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 22nd 2006

This blog starts out with something very important to everyone - bathroom stops. Have you ever noticed how there are friendly and not-so-friendly public bathrooms? Having been on a gazillion road trips this is something that I am very aware of. The other day, on our way through Arizona, we stopped at a dinky, in-the-middle-of-nowhere gas station. We were roughly 15-20 minutes from Kingman, AZ and, well, we had to go (you drink a lot in the desert)! Seeing any sort of pee-stop in the desert is like a mirage! Trumpets play and your eyes grow wide. As we pulled in I anticipated my encounter with the loo. As we walked in I noticed a handful of other weary travelers, sweating profusely with their arms filled with junk food. There was no a/c, one fan the ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 22nd 2006

Hi, all! Well, we left Wed, June 21 at 8 pm from AUstin. We drove thru the night up hwy 84 thru Lubbock and Clovis, NM and on to Santa Fe. Michelle made the grave mistake of taking a Benedryl early on in the drive, leaving me to Zombie drive thru the Texas panhandle. We arrived in Santa Fe after making a brief stop in Pecos, NM to acquire a national parks pass, which gives one unlimited access to national parks for one year (it typically costs $20 to even drive thru a national park). My frugality (a.k.a. cheapness) has already kicked in because I figured out that this will save us $10 over the course of the trip. Upon arriving in Santa Fe at around noon on Thurs, we had a quick meal and then ... read more
mel and michelle at o'keefe
whirly gigs
garden pic

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe June 2nd 2006

Mom and I loaded up the car (well...I loaded up the car) and we headed south to Santa Fe. The scenery was lovely. Lots of rolling hills and blue skies. We hit a more desert-like area and some some really cool buttes. What mental age does it make me if I find the word butte kind of humerous? Anyway, the best part of the desert-esque drive was the New Mexico signage. Man, can they do it right! There was one of those traffic signs that you see warning you about a pile-up or an upcoming detour. In New Mexico, though, it was informing us of today's wildfire danger level. Here's what is said. view 1: EXTREME WILDFIRE DANGER view 2: Every Where Well, alright. On the same line, up in the Midwest, Smokey the Bear warns ... read more
I like big buttes
New Mexico Hills
Blue Flower

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe April 16th 2006

Så sidder vi 20 miles fra Santa Fe, ved Rio Grande. Eller rettere en sø ved en dæmning ved Rio Grande. Ja efterhånden er vi nået temmelig langt fra Californien, men heldigvis har vi jo ikke en særlig fast plan, så der er rigeligt plads til lidt improvisation. Siden vi sidst skrev, har vi været omkring i Pueblo- og Navajo- indiandernes land (eller retter reservater). I går var vi på besøg i den største Pueblo-by i Zuni-indianernes reservat. Her er man virkelig kommet til et fattigt hjørne af USA. På vores vandring op af hovedgaden var det lidt som at være i Indien eller Nepal, hvor folk konstant kommer og tilbyder kunsthåndværk, som de lige hiver op af lommen og fortroligt viser frem, og vil sælge for helt speciel pris til netop os. Ikke desto mindre ... read more
Indianske Petroglyffer
The land of fire and ice

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe April 8th 2006

We are on mountain time here; getting so I never know what time it is; forward , back, daylight saving, what time zone?? Santa Fe has definitely zoned me out! It is toooooooooo much. Gotta be a Taurus city.....things and more things; just keep touching and looking!! Went through a neat gallery this am before coming to this library again (today I have a whole hour, as opposed to a half hour yesterday). There were several glass blown objects there we liked for about $2200.00 each! Ha. All the work in that gallery was nice and unique. Not much even close to our "budget" Also this am we walked around the "artists' market, outdoors ; and the Farmers' market ,indoors. Met a nice lady who trained in weaving in Sweden; added japanesse dying to her portfolio; ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe April 7th 2006

hi there to all back home. I have 5 min to write this before my puter time is up. We are booked into Red Roof Inn, Santa Fe thru til MON am, whereupon we head leave for home; hopefully cross border the 14th , or perhaps one day sooner. Santa fe is a real mecca for :shopping, art galleries, museums, history, Mexicand and all kinds of food. oops ..more later ; my time is up. Tally ho; 64 f here ; 36 f tonite. Later....... ps having FUN here!... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe January 26th 2006

For some reason I decided to book my flight to Denver in order to reach Santa Fe instead of Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is like 700 km CLOSER! That meant catching the Greyhound down south to spend a whole day on that bus. I guess I kind of imagined to see some interesting scenery....and I really didn't anticipate at all, that I might end up in a snow storm. The bus driver was not exactly over the moon about the snowfall, but for me, having just come over from completely snowed in Ottawa, Canada, where we had to clear about a meter and half of snow the morning I flew out in order to even get the door open, I thought it was a little over the top that she panicked with the slightest slip. (I ... read more
In the Streets of Santa Fe
Store in Santa Fe
Another Store in Santa Fe

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe December 24th 2005

(This post is almost 4 months overdue... After my US trip, I returned to Singapore, where my new university term started. Now, my term finally ended and I finally have the time to post this blog. I apologize for the delay...) From Denver, I took Greyhound to Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico. I reached Albuquerque at around 4am. I planned to leave my luggage inside the lockers in Albuquerque Greyhound depot, and then I would take the 6:30am Greyhound bus to Santa Fe (without carrying my luggage). After visiting Santa Fe, I would take Greyhound back to Albuquerque in the late afternoon, where I would retrieve my luggage and proceed to Route 66 Hostel... However, in Albuquerque Greyhound depot, I was shocked to see all the lockers being occupied except for one... But that ... read more
Museum of Fine Arts
The Plaza
Ice sculptures in the Plaza

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