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North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May August 31st 2013

On our first ever visit to Cape May we’re wondering why we never came to this New Jersey beach community with a Victorian flair before! The southern tip of New Jersey is less than 6 hours from our Saratoga County, NY home even considering that RVs with a Jeep in tow can slow one down. We like to find new routes for our road trips to Florida and this three night stop was ideal. Cape May’s many highlights include sweet Victorian architecture, dripping gingerbread from porches, eaves, rooflines, and cupolas from the tiniest cottage to huge historic hotels; a hundred gas street lights for delightful strolling in the evening; miles and miles of sandy beaches; and, even for the non-shopper, quaint boutiques and galleries. Day #1 We set up camp at Seashore Campsites, 720 Seashore Road. ... read more
Alethea at Cape May Inn DSC02499
The Cape May Lighthouse
Soda Fountain

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May September 4th 2012

Aujourd'hui on part de Sandy Hook vers Cape May. C'est une navigation de 20 heures en mer. La météo nous annonce un vent du nord de 10 à 15 noeuds. Ça sera la première fois que nous allons faire de la voile avec le catamaran. Depuis que nous l'avons remâté, nous n'avons pas eu la chance d'en faire...Alors, on fera notre baptême en mer.... 20 heures en mer! Dirons quelqu'uns! oui, oui 20 heures! Mais qu'est ce qu'on fait pendant ce temps là? La première chose que nous avons fait est de préparer nos 2 cannes à pêche, de préparer le dîner, on essaie de réconforter Rubia parce-que nous avons decouvert depuis quelques jours seulement qu'elle semble avoir le mal de mer en navigation, aussi on se demande comment peut-on avoir autant de mouche dans le ... read more
Little Tuny dans la famille des macquerau
Le lever du soleil en mer
Coucher du soleil avant notre départ

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May August 26th 2012

The second part of our trip we visited Bob's friends around Vineland, NJ. On the way from PA, we spent some time in Cape May on the very tip of NJ and well known for its lovely old homes. The regal 1881 Queen Victoria features corner bay windows, a concave mansard roof, and a fancy console cornice. Cape May is a town-sized textbook of late-19th-century American domestic architecture. Its picturesque houses range from Stick Style and Queen Anne to Colonial Revival and beyond, with a generous helping of Second Empire-influenced Mansards tossed in. Thanks to a major preservation push in the 1970s, many of the town’s larger houses have been converted into bed-and-breakfasts, providing a bo... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May June 28th 2011

:Ms. Hull Kayaks!! This morning we got up early and went kayaking at Miss Chris's Kayaks. We paddled around for 2 hours. I saw: Jellyfish, nesting hawks, sea gulls, white egrets, and hermit crabs. It was great fun! After lunch we went to see another lighthouse. This one was very different. It looked like a victorian house. It also had a wonderful garden all around. We stopped at a place for a snack and got our french fries served in a dog dish. It was very funny! The place was called Maui's Dog House. They served hot dogs too, but I was too full of fries. The sun is shining so I think we will walk up to the beach for a while. Tonight we are going to a concert if it doesn't storm. I will ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May June 28th 2011

Day 2 – June 28th After a hearty breakfast, Emily, Mattie, Jill, and I headed to Miss Chris Marina where we had reserved kayaks for a morning of exploring the back waters and bays of Cape May. Although Jill has experience canoeing, none of us had actually been in a kayak before – we expected that, if nothing else, it would be an “interesting” time. Jill and I each had our own kayak and the girls opted to share a larger tandem boat. I expected that the kayak would be unstable and would tip over easily. To my surprise it was quite stable and was relatively easy to maneuver. Emily and Mattie had a bit rougher time since a certain bit of coordination is required for a double kayak to go where it’s intended. Being the ... read more
Ready or not . . .
We did it!

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May June 27th 2011

Day 1 – June 27th We were up before the sun today. Even though we tried to prepare for the trip before today, there seemed to be numerous little things that had been neglected. But by 6:30 the van was packed (and I mean packed) and we were rolling down the street toward I-95. We followed I-95 to the north through Maryland into Delaware, and crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge into New Jersey, our third state of the day. We decided to abandon the well-traveled highways, so we switched off the GPS and follow those grey-lined roads on our map. We found some wonderfully quiet byways and very little traffic. One of the pleasures or touring New Jersey is the gas prices and the mandatory full service pumps. The tax structure allows gas to be sold ... read more
Our street I
Our street II
Washington Street

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May May 14th 2011

We had planned to end our trip with a few days in the our Honeymoon city, Cape May, NJ. As we neared the end our trip the rising cost of fuel was stretching our budget and we decided it would be good to spend additional time with our families. So we decided just to spend a single night in Cape May. We located a great campsite and certainly enjoyed the uncrowded off-season rates and environment. It was a beautiful day and we arrived with plenty of time to setup the tent, walk the beach, have a great dinner, and still make it to the west side of Cape May to catch the sunset over the bay. After a pleasant night, we leisurely cleaned up the tent, packed thing up and headed for the beach! Naps, sand ... read more
We honeymooned in the center one
Following in footsteps
One big one

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May September 18th 2010

New Jersey!!! Our visit to the state was very short, somewhat sweet and... Well the jury is still out on how we feel about the state. As far as we can tell this state really is about 2 things – diners and “the Shore”. Well obviously not really, but that is really all we have seen thus far. First diners – just in case this concept is a little blurry to you (after all this really is an East Coast thing – I think). Back in the 1940’s-50’s (again this really is a best guestimate) someone came up with a brilliant idea to take a train car and serve food from it. Thus the diner was born. Grab a catalogue, pick your “cart”, wait 3-4 weeks for it to ship, find a spot to put it, ... read more
Cape May
Cape May
Cape May

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May July 29th 2010

About 30 hours now until we land in Spain. Vanessa - otherworldly sprite that she is - has burst into some type of flailing, foot-stomping, hand-clapping dance here in the office. This, she explains, is meant to inspire me to start this blog - and, oddly, it has succeeded. (Note to self: If such a thing exists as Flamenco Karaoke, do NOT allow Vanessa to participate. Or DO, and take video for future entertainment). This will be my first visit to Spain since the last year of graduate school (2001), when I lived and studied in Burgos for about 2 months. No test at the end this go-round, but I feel compelled to take notes nonetheless. I tend to remember past events in representative snapshots but find myself searching for concrete details even days afterward. I ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Cape May July 26th 2010

So it's been 3 years and 8 months since I've logged into the Travel Blog. Every time I've said, "I really have to get a new post up", something else came up that side tracked the ambition. Where to start... where to start... Mike and I decided to return from Costa Rica after an absolutely wonderful 6 month adventure. We truly had an amazing experience traveling around the country with no possessions, no mortgages, no bills ~ just plain and simple Pura Vida living. We just came to find that it wasn't the place where we wanted to drop our life savings and never leave. We are both perpetual travel bugs and the idea of buying property in CR and never being able to really leave it, wasn't overly appealing. In our experience, we found that ... read more
Front of the house After
Back of the house Before
Back of the House After

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