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July 29th 2010
Published: July 29th 2010
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About 30 hours now until we land in Spain.

Vanessa - otherworldly sprite that she is - has burst into some type of flailing, foot-stomping, hand-clapping dance here in the office. This, she explains, is meant to inspire me to start this blog - and, oddly, it has succeeded. (Note to self: If such a thing exists as Flamenco Karaoke, do NOT allow Vanessa to participate. Or DO, and take video for future entertainment).

This will be my first visit to Spain since the last year of graduate school (2001), when I lived and studied in Burgos for about 2 months. No test at the end this go-round, but I feel compelled to take notes nonetheless. I tend to remember past events in representative snapshots but find myself searching for concrete details even days afterward. I like to think this shows I live for the moment, but it probably just indicates a limited capacity to store information. Like, say, an old Commodore 64 computer.

I'm hoping a well-kept blog will help fill the gaps of my unreliable 3-1/2" floppy disc of a memory.

I'm also curious to look back one day and compare blogs with my lovely wife, who will be keeping her own at the same time. I suspect the sum of our remembrances will equal a more accurate - and more interesting - whole.

So, for the most part, this blog is for me and for Vanessa. But there's a chance some family and friends will find it interesting. And hopefully it helps Mom, Kathy and Uncle Mike as they plan their own Iberian Adventure. (High temp in Madrid tomorrow is forecast for 101 Mom. Definitely avoid the summer!)

Still some packing to do. Next blog entry should, if all goes as planned, be written from Madrid!


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