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North America » United States » New Jersey » Atlantic City October 26th 2015

We spent the day in Atlantic City. It was cold and a little windy but we still had a good time. I even took some $$ from the Caesar Palace Casino. They say it's a city that is dying and we totally believe that is true. Several of the hotels and casinos have closed or are not looking so good inside.... read more
Green tree on a building that's been closed for a long time. WOW.

We spent 4 days in Atlantic City and it was windy must of the time and we couldn’t do our usual morning walks. There was nothing of my interest around the marina and we were isolated from the beach. The last couple of days we discovered that we could take a $2.50 pp jitney that would do a round trip to the beach. It is a gambling destination and unless you are here to gamble there is not much more. I wasn’t allowed to photograph the gambling tables and intentionally there was no Wifi ANYWHERE around the casino to force everyone to do nothing else but eat, drink and gamble. Guest invited themselves to over stay and didn’t even say "Thank You" but our boss treated us to massage, a limousine ride, a fancy dinner and ... read more
Atlantic city- NJ-4
Atlantic city- NJ-11
Atlantic city- NJ-20

Bonjour à tous Quel agréable surprise ce matin, d'ouvrir les rideaux, à 6h30, pas de pluie, un temps, plutôt clair. Il y a le petit dej de compris avec la chambre, mais la personne qui s' en occupe n' est pas venue travailler. A 8h15 Je laisse tomber, je voudrais aller à la tour tôt avant qu' il y est trop longue de queue. je vais en voiture à la station de métro, chance je trouve rapidement une place, j' espère non payante, j' ai cherché et pas vu de panneau d'interdiction. Je cherche un peu la bonne rame de métro. A 9h45je suis au pied de la tour. L' ouverture est à 9 h. Il y a déjà pas de monde, mais ca va, je m'attendais à pire. Comme je n'ai pas de ticket, ni ... read more
Satue de la Liberté
Memorial du 11 septembre

Thomas, Andy and I set out for the gambling adventure, destination Atlantic City, relatively early in the day. The drive to AC isn’t anything special and rain added to the mediocrity. We had a solid night’s rest and a good breakfast so we were definitely ready for some afternoon boozing. Grab bag of shooters arranged and distributed, we checked into the Topicana a little after 3:00 PM. The hotel room was nicer than we expected for the $60 special on Priceline, or whatever. We had a view of the ocean and downtown from the 56th floor. The room itself was a little dated, but it’s distinct 80s casino feel was authentic and apropos. A few pulls off the bottle of Dewars we brought with us and we were ready to hit the pit. I have never ... read more
Andy trying to help me tie a bow tie
Chi Chi and the Brothers
Limo Laughs

North America » United States » New Jersey » Atlantic City September 20th 2012

We spent a long summer weekend revisiting the Boardwalk at Atlantic City. By far the best part of the weekend was our room at Caesar's, which is located mid-boardwalk. I had reserved a Premium room, and was assigned room 3601 in the Centurian Tower. It turned out to be a corner room. Not only did we have a window facing the ocean (a first in all our 30 years of visiting ocean front beach resorts), but a side window that gave us a view down the boardwalk. The room was clean and beautifully decorated and furnished. The bathroom was spacious with a large walk-in shower with a marble bench. So, if you're visiting Atlantic City and staying at Caesar's, request room 3601 or at least a room ending in one on floors 36 or higher. I ... read more
Room 3601 at Caesar's

Monday 21st of May What the hell happened last night?Where am I? And why am I not hung over? All are questions I asked myself at 7 am when Michael prodded me to wake up I was sat sleeping on a large armchair that I didn't recognise. We had gone back to the barman's house and carried on drinking with him his boyfriend and there friend into the early hours of the morning. We went to sleep at around 5am, we had only had two hours sleep. The reason I had no hangover was because I was still extremely drunk I had only payed for one drink all night and we where constantly being supplied alcohol as if on a saline drip. Our accents had made us very popular the barman brought us both out multiple ... read more

Atlantic city Sunday 20th may After a bit of a failed party night but a successful night in the casino for me we decided to do a bit of research for tonight on where to go and what to do. Last night we had a go in the casino in which I won $85 but rich lost $40. These casinos were incredible. Largest, fanciest, loudest and highest stakes I had seen ever. It makes me even more excited to hit Vegas in a month or so. Due to essentially paying for two lots of pricey hotels in atlantic city we decided to recoup this money on food. There was a free breakfast at the motel/hotel which consisted of mini bagels with cottage cheese and coffee. Great selection. So we filled up on them, had a coffee ... read more

Saturday May 19 Our first day of mostly travel we where meant to have a lazy morning in the hotel but woke up at about 8 as there was more packing and re organisation to do I had acumilated quite alot of crap on the way We checked out of the hotel at 9:10am and got on a long very busy hot bus into new york cities main bus terminal. We found ourselves once again starving having had nothing but snacks sinse 3:00pm the previous day so we got two quick paninis that cost 17.60! dollars, it was nice but not that nice, and headed to our gate for another famous grey hound bus which is always a barrel of fun. Atlantic City here we come. This time we couldnt have picked a worse place to ... read more

I have just got back from 3 days in Atlantic city, the Las Vegas of the east coast. My first day in Atlantic city involved the retail outlet stores, you have to love factory shops, though I feel all the money I spent there outweighed the savings and discounts. Though I now own Calvin Klein, banana republic and guess clothes which at full retail value probably cost more than my entire wardrobe. Kayla came with me being a very good clothes mule, and generally good bag carrier. She does have some uses. But the main reason for going to Atlantic city is the casinos, after signing up and getting my free 10 dollar slot voucher. I hit the casino with a whimper, my love of money made it difficult for me to gamble with any real ... read more

North America » United States » New Jersey » Atlantic City October 20th 2011

So we went to Atlantic City and found that we couldn't connect to any wifi there at all, therefore, we haven't been able to update our blog for a few days now! Thankfully, we really didn't do much in Atlantic City over the couple of days that we were there, so even though this entry will cover three days, it should be relatively short! There are also not many pictures, as there was really not much to take pictures of! On Tuesday, we woke to our last morning in Philadelphia, which happened to also be Craig's birthday! Emma gave him his card, which she had been hiding in her bag (trying her best to keep it flat!) since the beginning of the trip. He didn't have any other cards or presents to open (Emma had paid ... read more
Service with a smile!
Craig's monster burger!

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