Atlantic city; the vegas of the east coast.

Published: May 11th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I have just got back from 3 days in Atlantic city, the Las Vegas of the east coast.

My first day in Atlantic city involved the retail outlet stores, you have to love factory shops, though I feel all the money I spent there outweighed the savings and discounts. Though I now own Calvin Klein, banana republic and guess clothes which at full retail value probably cost more than my entire wardrobe. Kayla came with me being a very good clothes mule, and generally good bag carrier. She does have some uses.

But the main reason for going to Atlantic city is the casinos, after signing up and getting my free 10 dollar slot voucher. I hit the casino with a whimper, my love of money made it difficult for me to gamble with any real relish. That and the machines were very confusing you just press a button and hope it flashes saying you won. No skill, pure luck. You have to bet on so many lines, the maximum being 15, though where these 15 lines were I do not know.. I managed to go up by 1 dollar 85 cents before I lost it all within 5 minutes, on the plus side Budweiser bottles were only a dollar. Alcohol is all very cheap in the casino, it's as if they know drunk people are the best gamblers.

Kayla faired slightly better, she managed to go up to 20 dollars before losing it all. Which I think was more gutting than my woeful attempt, at least I never looked like winning.

I also went to the rainforest cafe I realise there is one in London, but it was on the boardwalk and looked pretty cool, with smoke billowing from stone lions and giant animals. It bodes well that the restaurant is so dark you can't see the food.... But the place itself was pretty cool, with storms every half an hour, tropical fish and moving animals. Though the food wasn't great, and was ridiculously overpriced.

I also ventured into one of my favourite museums, Ripleys believe it or not? I hold a strange affection for that place, and the weird and wonderful things it purports to hold. Though I took an odd pleasure from correcting one of the signs in the museum stating a British history fact. The manager even thanked me for pointing it out and ordered a new sign. The Ripleys wasn't the only odd thing in Atlantic city, in the pier mall, there was a fountain that every hour put on an elaborate over the top light and water show. Everything has to be bigger in America, and guessing by the food sizes I will be bigger soon too.


12th May 2012

casino's and outlet stores...oh dear lol
I can't really comment on the over spending at the outlet stores, all i can say is sounds like my kinda place...good thing i wasn't there or i think we would both be broke lol. Nice to see the old saying 'the casino always wins' is still working nicely lol. Glad to see you correcting those american's and there 'facts'...keep up the good work lol x

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