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North America » United States » Nevada » Virginia City October 3rd 2017

For those who haven’t read my last blog and are interested in continuity, I would suggest you read that blog, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Air Race Championships and a Major Oops in Reno NV, to get the background necessary to make sense of this blog. Briefly, I departed Bonanza Terrace RV Park in Reno NV on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 for what turned out to be a two-week stay at Camp N Town in Carson City NV. My entire two weeks were interspersed with eye clinic appointments in Reno to treat my corneal abrasion and electronic negotiations with the owner of Bonanza Terrace RV Park to reach an agreement over damage and losses caused by a power surge that struck my Bighorn Fifth Wheel. After eye clinic appointments, I made stops at two Reno attractions – ... read more
Bowling Is a Family Activity, Any Questions?
Reading the Plaque Inscriptions Is, To Be Kind, Difficult
Although 360-Degree Views Are Not Offered, The Exhibits Are Spacious and Nicely Done

North America » United States » Nevada » Virginia City September 7th 2013

In this world many are in pursuit of the pinnacle of spectator sporting events. Some flock to Wimbledon or Churchill Downs, while others crave the World Cup or perhaps the Super Bowl. Our quest takes us to the charming old west town of Virginia City, Nevada, where the annual camel races take place. Heady stuff this, but throw in some ostrich racing and it becomes jam-packed wall-to-wall excitement that makes the heart pound while the laughs flow freely. If you are unaware of the charming little town of Virginia City, Nevada we hope to tell you a couple of stories about this small western town that will peak your interest and prompt you to schedule a look-see. Proud of its place on the National Register of Historical Places, this is a small town of 855 people ... read more
Hang on tight fellas
Red Dog Saloon
Bucket of Blood Saloon

North America » United States » Nevada » Virginia City April 8th 2012

4/8/2012 - Easter Sunday in Virginia City, NV Aleta fixed cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Aleta then dyed eggs and stuffed plastic eggs. We walked the old town of Virginia City, NV. Ate lunch at the Silver Dollar Saloon. Later we had an Easter Egg Hunt at the RV park. Barbara found the surprise egg. Had BBQ ribs, potato salad, beans, bread, and deviled eggs for our Easter Feast and then settled in for the movie Castaway.... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Virginia City April 14th 2011

13 April 2011 17 April Dayton, Nevada Arriving at Lyle and Judy's We encountered all seasons from San Francisco to Dayton, Utah. Starting out it was spring, mild and cool with dappled sunlight. Then as we left the urban environment behind we met summer. Full sunlight and no clouds--we even tapped the windows open. Then we started climbing and climbing...a green river ran to the right of the road and snow flurries floated down upon us. Road signs instructed us to have chains! At the top of the Sierra's we were in the white winter mist of clouds as more snow descended. Soon we were winding down and into other seasons. Around a bend we got our first glimpse of the southern bank of Lake Tahoe. Huge pines waved us on. Then suddenly we were ... read more
Zaborosa Front yard
Bear Welcome's us to Zaborosa
Old Wooden Grave Marker

North America » United States » Nevada » Virginia City September 6th 2010

An early rise and brunch in a diner began our day. We then drove into Reno and our first stop was a huge hotel called the The Peppermill. It had a casino,numerous wedding chapels,swimming pools,a ballroom,cafe's,restaurants,shops and bars. We then went around another place called Circus Circus which also had an arcade aimed at young people. We then looked around Silver Legacy and Eldorado hotel casinos as well. Although a tacky place it was bearable for a short amount of time.We left Reno and drove to a little town called Virginia City which was old-fashioned and almost out of a western movie. You really felt like you were on a movie set. There is a lot of history there and some interesting facts to ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Virginia City July 7th 2010

For those of you who have no idea where Virginia Cty is -- it is between Reno (13 miles) and Carson City, NV (12 miles) at an altitude of 6500 ft. It is the largest historical monument in the US. Virginia City exploded into exsistance at the discovery of silver in the mid 1800s. The Comstock Lode was named for Henry Comstock when he discovered that "blue stuff" which was a nuisance to the gold miners was in fact fabulously rich silver. The inhabitnates of VC used to cover the streets with the "blue stuff" to get it out of the mines when looking for gold. From 1859 to 1919 there was over 700 million dollars in gold and silver taken from the mines of the Comstock Lode. By 1865 VC was the second largest city ... read more
Closer "long" view of VC
February, 2010
February, 2010 - 2

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