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April 28th 2011
Published: April 28th 2011
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Penny loves the desert
Spent today wandering around the famous Las Vegas Strip. We walked and gawked and talked the whole day through. What a place. Everywhere you go people are trying to sell you something. Polite Nzers like us start off listening and saying "No thank you" and very soon learn you have to totally ignore them and cut them off in their tracks. Hard lesson and still feels awkward. Had my first stomach upset and Trish has a bad cold but we are getting better really fast.
Tonight we go to a jousting and Medieval Feast. We are looking forward to that. We have a few pics of what we saw but to be honest this is not a our favourite place at all. Plastic, pressured and everywhere you look poor imitations of beauty. We notice that smiles are very rare amoung the holiday makers. Strange for a so-called holiday paradise.

Additional photos below
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Jail BirdJail Bird
Jail Bird

Naughty Penguin
Penguin and IndiansPenguin and Indians
Penguin and Indians

Making friends
Hoover DamHoover Dam
Hoover Dam

Amazing scale
New YorkNew York
New York

Penny goes to NY
Vegas 1Vegas 1
Vegas 1

The famous strip
Penny Meets ElvisPenny Meets Elvis
Penny Meets Elvis

Elvis is alive and well in vegas
Vegas 3Vegas 3
Vegas 3

from our walk

28th April 2011

Looking like a great time
Hi Gary and Trish Finally got back to school to check my e-mails although your blog hasn't made it any easier. Obviously you are experiencing the best and the worst of what's on offer. You be careful out there! Look forward to hearing more stories at our plg dinner on the 12th. In the meantime keep on exploring. Cheers David
29th April 2011

go uncle
whats the go with the penguin darl ? your getting well rounded hey hony watch those upsizes in america we have to roll ya home stay safe godbless hope ya both absolutely loving it
29th April 2011

The Penguin
The penguin is a mascot given by the school to take with me for the holiday. My job is to give it as many as adventures as possible. And you know what the camera does it always adds 10 lbs. Trish and I usually order 1 meal and share it.
30th April 2011

Have you still got your money or have you tried your luck gambling? Did Penny have a desire try the slots? Keep safe and think about us all back at school again while you live it up.
30th April 2011

Penny and the cactus
Very very cruel to put a poor defenceless blue penguin in the middle of a cactus!!!!! Glad to see the authorities locked Gary up behind bars for his cruelty to Penny!!!!! Love, Cay.

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