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April 25th 2011
Published: April 26th 2011
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Hi all Trish's turn.

Hi there, everybody. Today we have had a 'blob' day. We were due for it. So far, it is 5p.m., and our main achievements for the day have been to walk to the local supermarket this morning (about five minutes walk away, but we were the only feels like it has been about 38 degrees today!), do some laundry, read some Steinbeck, sit by the pool, (where it actually got too hot in the shade for us, and we had to go inside) and watch 'The Prince of Persia' on the telly. I know, daytime t.v....but we were very entertained, and it was cool in there. Also, Gary has booked us tickets for 'The Lion King' in Vegas, in a couple of days.

Bruce and Mandi have spoiled us rotten. They took us to a great Japanese restaurant two nights ago, and yesterday, which was Sunday here, they took us to the Easter Sunday service at their church, which is the Church of the Nations, in downtown Phoenix. The place rocked so much, and the hour and ten minutes of music was so professionally done, it was almost like going to a big show. It was loud, colorful, and interesting, with all sorts of media used in the service. After that, we were whisked away for five hours of relaxation in a cabana, which Mandi's parents, Dorrie and Geoff, had organised. It was a blast, and we met heaps of Mandi's relatives, who are a cool and interesting bunch of people.
Thanks, guys... now we can put faces to the names. We found out who was good at water volleyball, and who was not, and we learned that it is never, never, never a good idea to wrestle with Geoff. We also learned that several of them harbour secret desires to come to New Zealand, and shoot our wildlife...go ahead, guys, we'll make sure you see some deer!!!

I should also mention that Gary has now had an epiphany about wearing sandals and shorts, and is the proud owner of a brand new pair of nice comfy Tevas, and three pairs of shorts. He's looking especially splendid, as I'm sure you can all visualise.

Tomorrow, we are going to Vegas, where I expect the culture shock will ramp up a few notches, and my Greenie soul may well be outraged. However, they say you have to go once, and we also get to fly over the Grand Canyon.

I also need to add at this point, that Penny has gone into hibernation for a few days, due to the heat. I'm sure she'll be out and about again when we get to higher altitudes, and lower temperatures. Travelling is hard on a little blue penguin.

Bye for now.


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