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Day 4 Woke up around 6am on the farm and had eggs over corned beef hash for breakfast (Diego’s request). Absolutely delicious! Never a bad meal with Martha and Chef D in the kitchen. Heather has been working very hard at keeping up with her exercise regimen while we’re on vacation, but today she got in even more steps than she intended to! She set out to take a walk around “the loop” where George and Martha live. It’s all dirt/gravel roads, very hilly and very strenuous. The thought setting out was that it was about 3-4 miles around the “neighborhood” (in reality a lot of different farms, with houses scattered here and there). Eventually all the roads and farms blended together and she ended up doubling back on her footprints adding a couple of miles ... read more
The boys with Grandpa George
Willow Creek
Neal the Dog sure loves his foot pillows!

Day 3 Woke up bright and early on Spring Creeks Farm in Willow Springs, MO! Heather went for an early morning walk/jog around the property and I stayed behind to blog and get caffeinated. On her walk, Heather met some of the local cattle and also found a small box turtle who seemed as though he was heading for the creek behind George and Martha’s home, so she helped him get there quicker (after bringing him to the house to show us of course)! Once everyone was awake, Martha made a delicious breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage (with Chef Diego’s help). It’s so nice sitting around the kitchen table spending time with family, really brings home the entire reason for this trip which is to see and spend time with all the lovely people ... read more
The dam at Mammoth Springs. (I took a dam picture!)
Heather and everyone’s buddy Neal the Dog
Livy girl <3

Day 2 Woke up in our hotel room in Terra Haute, IN and started our Tuesday on the road. Heather headed to the hotel gym for a workout while I stayed with the kids and did some blogging. We got mostly packed up and headed for complimentary breakfast next to the indoor pool on the first floor of the hotel. Pretty good, the girls had oatmeal and the boys went for the heartier options (eggs, meat, potatoes, and they offered biscuits and gravy which were pretty good). After breakfast, we did our final packing and set out for the great state of Missouri. Or at least that’s what I thought at the time! We actually ended up spending far more time in Illinois than I realized we would when I was laying the trip out on ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Boonville July 2nd 2019

July 2 When we got up this morning I was worrying about changing the trailer tire. I realized in the middle of the night that we could just call road side assistance. Our issuance has it on the policy, technically were not along the road but I didn’t think just cause were parked that would matter, we are traveling. So I mentioned it to David, who did seem a little reluctant to get started on the task of changing the tire. I called USAA roadside assistance they had me go to a web site to fill out the form and within just a few minutes said they would text me who was coming. Part of the difficulty was we needed to leave for our visitor tour at Warm Springs Ranch at noon so we didn’t have ... read more
Clydesdale mares and foals enjoying the pasture.
Clydesdale stallion at the farm!
Beautiful gelding Clydesdale getting ready for grooming!

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis July 1st 2019

I got a fairly early start-7:00 AM, not bad. We said our goodbyes and even my grand nephew, Noah got in on the act. The route I took was designed to get me as much riding in Illinois on US 50, so I went straight south on two lane highways to Olney, IL where I headed west on US 50. It made the trip to South County St. Louis considerably longer. It was 360 miles to the hotel. I got in at 3:00 PM. It was a fairly uneventful trip with the only crummy time having to ride the interstates to get around St. Louis. I caught a couple light showers and put on the rain gear for a couple hours, no big deal. It was overcast the whole way so that kept the heat from ... read more
Noah Wishing Me Well

North America » United States » Missouri » Columbia July 1st 2019

July 1 David got up early this morning hoping it wouldn’t be as hot. It was cooler but in the bright sun it was still miserable to be out long. He got everything undone while I put things away and closed up the trailer, walked the dogs and got ready to hitch up the trailer. As they say in New Jersey, bada bing, bada boom we were hooked up and on the road to Columbia MO, about 300 miles. We were on I-70 the whole way except for last 8 miles in Colombia turning North to our campground. Just as we were leaving on David’s last walk around the trailer he notice some scallop like indentations on the trailer tire, passenger side front. He was quite concerned but said we’d monitor it today and he’d change ... read more
Missouri River Flooding evident as we approached the bridge.
Our spot at Cottonwood RV park in Columbia MO.
Main channel of Missouri River.

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 18th 2019

I’m BACK.........On the road again!!!! I fell behind on my last night in NOLA because I had forgotten how early I had scheduled my flight to Spokane on the 13th. Good friends of ours “the Wheelers” invited us to their son’s wedding in Couer D’ Alene Idaho. The wedding fell right in the middle of my ride so I scheduled it into the ride. My flight took off at 6:00 AM and I changed planes in Dallas in route to Spokane. My wife, Son, Daughter, my Daughter-in-Law and my daughters boyfriend all flew from Milwaukee and met me in Spokane. While it sounds like a simple thing - making the arrangements during a bike ride to leave your bike and fly elsewhere takes some coordination. I had to make sure my bike was secure until I ... read more
The Ruetz and Gallo contingent at the Wheeler Wedding in CDA L to R Jen, Collen, Jason, Jim, Karen, Skip, AJ, Greg
Jim and Karen on the Brunch cruise in CDA Idaho
Jim and Skip Gallo in Couer D' Alene

North America » United States » Missouri June 2nd 2019

We’re off on an adventure to the Great Smoky Mountains! The bulk of our trip will be in Tennessee with Andrew’s family, and we’re hoping to catch the synchronous fireflies at Elkmont, our campground. Last night, we drove for about four hours and stopped in Hannibal, Missouri, to stay overnight. This was Mark Twain’s hometown and is the inspiration of his popular adventure stories of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Andrew’s paternal grandmother is originally from this part of the country. Her family is from Louisiana, Missouri, so Andrew’s been here a few times when he was a child. We were hoping to see the Mark Twain cave this morning before heading back out on the road. Unfortunately, there is incredible, terrible flooding in the area. As we drove through Missouri, we saw entire fields under ... read more
Access to Mark Twain Cave Closed from Flooding
Entrance to Mark Twain Cave Area
Ranger Tour of Dent Home - Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site

North America » United States » Missouri » Branson May 26th 2019

Hi Everyone It’s been a few days since I’ve been blogging,but there is so much to see and do in Branson. Branson is an entertainment city, we went to silver dollar city which is full of Blue Grass bands,we went to 5 shows,I’ve been really educated,we went to see the Six brothers they were brilliant.. we also went to the biggest Pro Bas sports shop like no other,it was amazing ,pictures coming. Today is Sunday and we all went to church,and then headed home to pack,as Tommorrow we head off again on a 7 hr trip to Nashville Tennessee,staying 2 nights. The weather is hot here,humidity very high. We are all in good spirits,and looking forward to our next stop. Love to you all KS... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis May 7th 2019

Our big trip is only a week away. This is a new blog site, because my old one went away. Hopefully this works. You probably received an email notifying you of this post. Sort of a test. If you don't want to read, just ignore the emails or let me know to take you off the list. Our trip: Dot and I leave next Monday afternoon. We fly to Chicago, then to London. We are going to spend a few days in London, mainly going to the theatre. We have tickets to 2 shows. Then we will take the train from London to Scotland for the main portion of our trip. We will start with a few days in Edinburgh, then rent a car and head for the Scottish Highlands. (We have been watching the Outlander ... read more

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