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North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis September 11th 2008

Today we toured around Saint Louis. We went to the top of the Arch after viewing a video about how they built this 640 ft. tall structure. The construction workers would walk around the top with out any ropes, crazy. We walked down to the Missippippi and had lunch at the Landing. In the afternoon we made it over to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and watched how they make Bud. 0 miles traveled. ... read more
View from Arch
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
Anheuser-Busch Brewery

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis September 10th 2008

Our trip across Missouri started out with a stop at the Harry S. Truman Museum in Independence. This was a good history lesson about the end of WWII and the start of the Cold War. From there we stopped for Lunch in Columbia. Seemed to be a cool college town with a nice village. After that It was off to St. Louis, Gateway to the West. We arrived at our hotel and hurried to get ready for the Cardinal game. We noticed there was lots of security. It turns out it was for Ben Bernake, who was also a guest at the hotel. 282 miles of travel in the day, 2,029 miles total. 70E to 435N to 70E.... read more
Picture of Columbia, MO
Busch Stadium

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis September 1st 2008

We've come to our final destination. The USofA for Carly & Paul's wedding. Chi Town Arriving in Chicago, it was nice to be met by someone at the airport, and someone who could talk to us and we could understand (my dad). So good to see the family again, and also some of Phuong's family too. My little nephew (who's almost one) has learnt to do kisses : D - well he leans in, and you get a bit of slobber, but it's the most adorable thing in the world. Chicago feels like my 2nd (or 3rd maybe) home but it was Tim's first trip so we didn't hang home long before heading out to see some sights. I was a little skeptical about coming back to the US, one of the world's "super-powers" is not ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis August 29th 2008

In the morning, we drove to Missouri, and it was very foggy outside! When we got to Branson, we decided to keep driving until we got to St. Louis, which was 212 miles away at that point. St Louis took about 4 hours to get to but it was worth it! We walked around the downtown area and saw lots of buildings and the baseball park. We went to the Gateway Arch and took the ride up to the top. That’s 630 feet up! You could look out the windows and see St Louis and the Mississippi river. Trevor and I (Ciara) thought it was very scary, but nobody else seemed to. It would even sway at the top! After what seemed like a long time, we rode down again, and went to the Westward expansion ... read more
At the top
Wow that's Big!
St. Louis Riverside

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis August 28th 2008

Tim and I love to play tour guide in our "new" city. So, Ken and Fey are perfect victims.... HA. Ken has spent enough time roaming the midwest. Frankly, in my opinion there is only so much any one person can tolerant from the midwest..... Hey, I'm a midwestern by birth, so I can make such a statement..... and you know it's true. But, we make the best of it. We show the kids the Gateway Arch, a must do when in St. Lou. We have lunch at Morgan Street Brewery in Laclede's Landing (one of STL older parts/neighborhoods on the banks of the Mississippi River). The beer is pretty good as is the rest of the food. STL really knows how to do tavern food, if that is what you like? We got so lucky ... read more
archie bends
ken & fey on bridge
little scatcher

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis August 15th 2008

Well... Here I am in Tower Grove South, St. Louis, running my own business and bartending here: I've had a fairly eventful year of traveling, within the United States. I lost someone very dear to me last summer. He died tragically in a motorcycle accident at age 27 in the mountains of Italy. I just haven't been the same since this happened. It reminded me that life is short and that our time here is precious. At the risk of sounding totally cliche, I made myself a promise that I would do all the things I'd always wanted to do, but had been putting off for whatever reason. Carpe diem! So in February, I went to my first Mardi Gras in New Orleans. What a wonderful experience. The parades were so much fun. The floats ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis August 15th 2008

Days Three, Four, and Five: The Sickness This may be the world’s first travel blog in which there is no traveling. We remain in St. Louis. After her victorious tour of the Gateway Arch, Jessica was struck down by a bacterial infection. To be precise, Jessica has simply lost the latest round of our ongoing game of bacterial brinkmanship. Let me explain. About a month ago, I was swimming (naked) in a charming little man-made pond in Tennessee. Why, you ask? Well, Jessica’s grandfather apparently possesses a compromising videotape of some rich guy who lives outside Nashville (something to do with a Philippino plumber, a case of Chardonnay, and a corncob pipe). Every summer, said grandfather uses this videotape to blackmail said rich guy into letting his (the grandfather’s) extended family use his (the rich guy’s) ... read more
Dog Turd with Flag #2
Dog Turd with Flag #3
Dog Turd with Flag #4

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis August 14th 2008

Day Two: On the Shoulders of Giants As you may or may not know, in May of 1904 two Floridian fur-trappers by the names of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out from St. Louis, MO on an historic cross-country journey to the Pacific Ocean. President Teddy Roosevelt had just pushed the New Deal through Congress and he was ready to gather information on the vast territory of the Louisiana Purchase. Previous President William McKinley had purchased the Territory from Russia for a paltry fifteen million dollars—about sixteen million dollars at today’s prices. Roosevelt had ridden with both Lewis and Clark during the Spanish-American War and he had complete confidence in their abilities to lead an expedition of this magnitude. For their part, Lewis and Clark were ecstatic at the opportunity. After arriving in St. Louis ... read more
Receding Hairline
Jessica Bogarts the Tab-bong
Jessica High as a Kite

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis August 5th 2008

I arrived home last Thursday after many days of traveling (a fun stop in London and lots of boredom in airplanes and airports). It's been great to be home and catch up with some family and friends! I do miss the adorable African kids, but I think after being sick and everything the last couple weeks, it was really nice to get home. I hope to go back one day though to visit the kids and see other African countries. Thank you for traveling with me and reading my blogs. You have no idea how much I enjoyed your responses and messages - really, it got me through the day sometimes and made me smile. I hope you enjoyed the stories :) Also, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who donated money and/or supplies ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » St Louis July 21st 2008

First destination....St. Louis and the arch. The Arch was massive...a lot larger than expected. Our motel isn't the best, but it will do for a good nights sleep before we hit the road again tomorrow...for another 11 hours.... read more
Us at the Arch

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