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North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis October 16th 2019

Where do I start? It's been a tough year... we lost our beloved Scaredy cat in March.... then Keith passed suddenly which threw us for a loop….and then the sweetest dog on Earth, my Simon, passed away just last month. September was the saddest month of my life thus far. I can still barely talk about losing Simon. I miss him almost every day. It's like a suffocating lump in your throat that doesn't go away. In other news, the St Louis Cardinals had a great year. I've always loved baseball and at some point in my life I switched from backing the KC Royals to the STL Cardinals. This year, with Simon being sick and blind, he couldn't do much.. he would whine if I didn't stay near I would sit with him after ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 18th 2019

I’m BACK.........On the road again!!!! I fell behind on my last night in NOLA because I had forgotten how early I had scheduled my flight to Spokane on the 13th. Good friends of ours “the Wheelers” invited us to their son’s wedding in Couer D’ Alene Idaho. The wedding fell right in the middle of my ride so I scheduled it into the ride. My flight took off at 6:00 AM and I changed planes in Dallas in route to Spokane. My wife, Son, Daughter, my Daughter-in-Law and my daughters boyfriend all flew from Milwaukee and met me in Spokane. While it sounds like a simple thing - making the arrangements during a bike ride to leave your bike and fly elsewhere takes some coordination. I had to make sure my bike was secure until I ... read more
The Ruetz and Gallo contingent at the Wheeler Wedding in CDA L to R Jen, Collen, Jason, Jim, Karen, Skip, AJ, Greg
Jim and Karen on the Brunch cruise in CDA Idaho
Jim and Skip Gallo in Couer D' Alene

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis May 20th 2018

Sunday morning, May 20. We started the day in St. Louis and had a lot of sites to see before we depart. I checked our location with my new app and noticed that we started today at 38.6 N, 90.2 W, with an elevation of 460.1Ft. After breakfast and loading our car, we set out on foot to visit the Gateway Arch. Jackie and I have traveled a lot around the world and I can say without hesitation that this structure is one of the most fascinating that we have seen. I took a lot of photos, see below, but there is no way to capture this. You have to come see this yourself. We took the tram ride to the top. It worried me a bit given my claustrophobia, but made it without a problem. ... read more
Gateway Arch
Gateway Arch
Gateway Arch

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis May 20th 2018

As I was driving into town, I immediately noticed how huge the Gateway Arch is. It’s 630 feet tall. Thanks to my grandkids, I learned a few months ago that you can take a ride inside of the arch to get to the top. I did it and it was really cool. From the top, I was able to see the Cardinals playing the Phillies.... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis April 6th 2018

After we left the ranch, we decided on a whim, to visit The Arch in St. Louis....also known as the gateway to the west 🤗 ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis July 31st 2017

July 5th On the road again and enjoying the sights, we left the State of Montana and headed Southeast for the state of South Dakota. Passing by old towns, open country filled with beautiful and interesting scenery. Our first stop on this leg was the city of Spearfish South Dakota, Chris's Camp RV park and a cool dip in the pool. The park is well laid out and far enough from the highway that there is no traffic noise. They have good shade trees and are family friendly, with two pools on the property as well as a small play ground and petting zoo. The WiFi was lacking but we were able to access the satellite to catch some TV shows. The staff is great, helped us get set up and take care of the facilities. ... read more
Welcome to South Dakota

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis April 15th 2017

Geo: 38.6276, -90.199Dot and I leave Monday morning - 5 am flight (ugh) to Chicago and from there to London. We arrive in London at 10:45 pm Monday night. Just in time to go to bed and recover from jet lag. We are staying at the Astor House in South Kensington, a small bed & breakfast. We have stayed there before and like the neighborhood. Friday we will head for France. Of course we will blog along the way and share our adventures.I invited Tom and Shannon to come visit us at O'Hare during our layover Monday morning, but they didn't seem to interested. I guess they have to work.... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis November 2nd 2016

Geo: 38.6276, -90.199Not too much happened today.... we spent a lot of time telling Simon goodbye....the cat could care less we were leaving and so we drove to St. Louis, got to our hotel in time to walk next door and grab sandwiches from Denny's to go....watched the Cubs win the World Series! Actually, Kamie watched until it was tied at 6-6 and then he gave up on them and started snoring. I barely made it but the minute they won (almost midnight), I hit the remote and was out immediately.....our alarm was set for 3:30am for an early flight out of St. Louis.... read more
The Sign Says...

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis October 14th 2016

Geo: 38.6276, -90.199Looking BackFriday, October 14, 2016DAY NINETEENPatrick and I arose at 4 am to be sure we were ready at 5 when the driver was to arrive to take us to the airport. Luckily for us, she was on time and we sailed to the airport. Our pals Barcy and Anne, however, were not so lucky. They ended up with the same driver as ours but she had several runs in between, got caught in traffic and was very late. It stressed them out because they were afraid of missing their flights. The whole driver thing – arranged through Visit Barcelona/Bilbao – was not a pleasant experience for us. Nor was the organization (or lack of organization) of the supplier of tour guides. We are spoiled from traveling with Tauck. And my high expectations of ... read more
Barcelona on a sunny day: not my photo
Barcelona on a sunny day: not my photo
Barcelona on a sunny day: not my photo

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