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North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis August 18th 2016

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd'hui "Gèremène" a failli passer par le toit, et si je ne contrôle pas mes nerfs je m'arrête et je la piétine. J'ai pas souvenir d'avoir été en colère, en rage comme aujourd'hui. Même à Las Vegas je n'avais pas atteins ce niveau. Hier au soir je suis retourné au même resto, que la dernière fois, comme on est mercredi, beaucoup moins de monde, mais le bar est complet pour manger et je demande à être placé en terrasse, très agréable avec les 27°. Je n'ai pas une très grosse journée, moins de 300 km, et j'ai réservé un hôtel pour ce soir, tout est pour le mieux. Je mets un peu de temps pour sortir de Kansas City, mais rien d'anormal pour la taille de la ville, ma direction est Jefferson City ... read more
Capitole Jefferson
le Mississipi
trouve ton chemin!!!!!!!!!

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis August 10th 2016

Geo: 38.6276, -90.199We were in Salina, Kansas last night. Again we got upgraded to a double sized room with a living room and a bedroom, each as big as most hotel rooms. And it had a huge Jacuzzi in the living room, but we didn't use it. The room was comfy and so was the bed. We both slept well and got up refreshed. We hit the road at 8:25 this morning and 79 degrees and got back on I-70 moving east. Soon the landscape changed from prairie to rolling hills of lush green grass with lots of hardwood trees and occasional crops, mainly corn. We saw a lot of cows, too. I would like to watch a heard of cows for a day. They seem to enjoy being together. Do they have a leader? They ... read more
At a rest stop, no this is not Beamer.
Kansas City
Kansas City

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis July 24th 2016

Today we visited the Gateway Arch that sits on the Mississippi River, it is 630 feet tall and wide, constructed of all stainless steel. The arch took two years to construct and 13 million dollars. Once in town you have to find a public parking garage, but there are many to choose from, I would recommend that you park beside the Hilton it is a short walk to the arch. You can purchase tickets to go up into the arch for $13 or $10 if you have a National Park Pass. At the time we visited the arch there was construction everywhere taking away from the beauty of the arch, but we tried to focus on the beauty of the arch alone. We purchased our tickets and had an hour to kill, but it was very ... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis July 22nd 2016

Jim, Mike and I met up at Jackie's Pub in historic downtown Lockport, an old I & M Canal town. We stopped at a gas station to top off the tanks and get a cup of coffee before starting down the road. We are taking as much of the old historic US 66 roads as possible down to St. Louis. IL Route 53 is the Old 66 for about a third of the way through Illinois, so we headed south on 53 into the old historic downtown of Joliet, IL. We made a stop in Wilmington about 30 miles south of Lockport to see some US 66 kitsch, the Gemini Giant. This statue is at the old Launching Pad restaurant. Old Route 66 parallels it's replacement, I-55 pretty much all the way to St. Louis. The ... read more
Gettin' Caffeinated
At The Gas Station in Lockport

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis December 12th 2015

St. Louis one of the biggest city of Missouri is one of the best cities to visit and famous for its Gateway Arch, night life, botanical garden etc. During the thanks giving weekend we went there and had some good memorable times. Try to get some hotels in downtown area as the famous arch, old court house, boat tour of Mississippi river and the night life of St.Louis can be enjoyed without bothering about the parking. Hilton hotel in downtown would be a good option to stay, valet parking is available. One can start with Jefferson national expansion memorial, You can get an idea about the history and the construction of the gateway arch. You can also have a trip to the top of arch. The city really look great from the top of the arch ... read more
St. Louis
Boat ride

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis October 2nd 2015

Geo: 38.6276, -90.199Day 11 It was 55° when we departed Liscombe, Nova Scotia this morning. Still raining. Full rain regalia was in order. Allison said this was a typical day for her in Newfoundland in spring and fall. We didn't visit Newfoundland, although it's one of the Atlantic Provinces. So she showed us a video called "Canada over the Edge" about her home Province. The island contains the eastern most point of North America (exception for the Aleutian Islands in Alaska). “Next stop as you head east: Ireland.” It's also where Marconi received the first transatlantic wireless transmission.Allison handed out a list of our emails, which we all submitted voluntarily yesterday so we can stay in touch. I will send everyone our group photo from the covered bridge in New Brunswick.Speaking of group photos, Allison handed ... read more
Tauck Group at New Brunswick covered bridge
Itinerary Map
Allison Stoyles, Tauck Travel Director

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 27th 2015

Geo: 38.6276, -90.19980 degrees and Sunny (only nice day they've had in weeks)3 miles (of driving)3 attractionsI pool1 outburst1 clogged toilet (and it wasn't me)10 floors3000 Calories1 free hug I...AM...SO...TIRRRED. What a great day. St. Louis is a nice city. I didn't know much about it. We saw as much as we could in one day. Whew. We are staying at the Residence Inn Downtown. It's a little better than average Marriott with two rooms and sleeps 6 with a kitchen. We didn't need the kitchen but we need the sleeping space. Free buffet breakfast and best of all a shuttle to anywhere in the city. How bout' that? The location of the hotel is good anyway but to not have to find parking is awesome. So..Our day started at the Gateway Arch. I bought tickets ... read more
Under the Arch
Dad taking a Pic
Dad's Pic of the Arch

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis June 22nd 2015

Started off driving in the truck for 14 hours straight. Stopped in St. Louis, Missouri and got to see the arch! We went up in the arch and had a great view!... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis April 29th 2015

Geo: 38.6276, -90.199... read more

North America » United States » Missouri » Saint Louis April 16th 2015

Geo: 38.6276, -90.199... read more

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