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North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson August 3rd 2019

Cycling on the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park Located NE of Jackson Michigan and SW of Brighton Michigan. The length is about 20 miles (33 km) with about 9 km being paved from Pinckney to Hamburg At Hamburg the trail just ends at a forest about 1 mile past the staging area Excellent staging areas with large parking lots, garbage bins and portable toilets. Benches along the way. The trail passes through marshland and forested areas. Trailhead locations: 1. Stockbridge Trailhead (M-52 and S. Center St,) GPS: 42.26'43N and 84.10'47W 2. Gregory Trailhead (188 Main St, Gregory,) ... read more
Mike Levine lakelands state park  (7)
Mike Levine lakelands state park  (9)
Mike Levine lakelands state park  (6)

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson July 17th 2019

Cycling on the Falling Waters Rail Trail Falling Waters Rail Trail in Jackson Michigan. Staging areas: 3714 Weatherwax Dr, Jackson and Concord, at the end of River Street: GPS: 42.180448, -84.636524 The trail is 10.4 miles (17 km) and joins the village of Concord with Jackson where it continues as the Martin Luther King Equity Trail This trail is straight as an arrow. Lots of benches and a few tables and ga... read more
Falling Waters Trail  (16)
Falling Waters Trail  (10)
Falling Waters Trail  (7)

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson November 21st 2011

With the encouragement of my neighbor, Kathy, I decided to apply for the Group Study Exchange (GSE) program through Rotary. I didn't know much about it other than you had to be: • 25-40 years old • Non-rotarian • In your field for at least two years I didn't know if I would qualify or if I had the right experience they're looking for, but I figured the worst that would happen was that either I wouldn't get accepted or that I would get accepted and come home to no source of income, boyfriend or place to live, but at least have the experience of a lifetime. There is no way that you can spend a month in another country and not have some kind of life revelation. Since I was learning about the program pretty ... read more
Gary - Team Leader

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson August 16th 2009

Glueck gehabt! Wir haben Hot Passes von Joe Gibbs Racing bekommen. D.h. nicht nur vor dem Rennen, sondern waehrend des gesamten Rennens, kann man sich frei in der Boxengasse bewegen. Um 10 Uhr fahren Cornel & ich los. Ca. eine Stunde bis zum Racetrack. In Charlotte sind die Strassen am Renntag komplett verstopft und man braucht mind. doppelt so lange. Nicht in Michigan. Der Racetrack ist im Nichts. Nur gruene Wiesen drum herum. Bei schoenstem Wetter, ist schon ziemlich heiss, kommen wir um 11 Uhr dort an. Noch ca. 3 Stunden bis zum Start. Erst holen wir die Tickets und lassen uns von einem "Busanhaenger", der an einem dieser grossen Amitrucks haengt, naeher zur Rennstrecke bringen. Erst einmal haben wir Eric gesucht, Cornels Buell Kumpel, der schon um 8 Uhr morgens da war ..... vor lauter ... read more
On the way to the track
Garage area

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson June 14th 2009

Can't quite figure out how to sort my pics from my Memorial Day visit. So I will just make a few different entries each with some kinda common theme. This one is sister Virginia cause I got some good pictures of her playing different instruments and I just got done watching Violinists on PBS. The kids from the college (Spring Arbor University) come to her house and bring an instrument and say that they would like to learn how to play it. Could be anything. She takes the instrument for a couple of weeks and figures it out and then starts giving them lessons. I don't know how many more instruments she has or can play. Oh yeah the piano and of course her specialty the Harp. She played the french horn and trumpet in the ... read more
African ?
its got strings
Pretty sure it's a violin

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson May 31st 2009

While driving along the roads in Michigan and Indiana you can see all manner of wild life on the roads. I mean literally on the roads. No need to go traipsing through the woods. Everything will be right there on the pavement or just off the shoulder. It is a veritable cornucopia of animal carcasses from species of animals native to the area. These pictures are but a sampling of the many many many rotten, decaying putrefying, spoiling, decomposing, disintergrating, bodies on the highways of the midwest. No wonder Louden Wainwright jr. sang the infamous "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road Stinking to High Heavens." You know me, I broke into song whenever I passed by or over or near any sign of a dead mammal. So here for your perusal are just a ... read more
Another deer
A big one.... head on the line
Male Raccoon

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson April 29th 2009

I am having a hard time concentrating on much other than our trip out west. The trip was canceled last year and is finally coming together for September. I have been researching a proper tent to get, looking up scenic routes, historic sites, national parks, and even booked a concert. Someone suggested we visit Red Rocks. When I Googled it, the first thing to come up was the Red Rocks Amphitheater. It looks amazing. As it turns out, there are three concerts in the beginning of September so I snagged seats for The Killers on 09/09/09 (AWESOME!). Does it get much better than live music and nature? The venue is a half hour from my good, good, good friend, Kat Wrozek, who I am hoping to be able to stop and see in Colorado if her ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson December 22nd 2008

Home sweet home! Our alarm was set for 8:30, but I was up at 6:58 and ready to get a move on. I lied about being done jewelry shopping....I got another necklace and a bracelet. Did I mention everything is SO FREAKIN' CHEAP compared to the states? I'm very excited about my collection! We packed, ate, shopped, and hit the road. There were two traffic jams where people were being pulled over for random military checks. Dudes with huge guns guiding you either to pull over or keep going. We were in the clear for both. We got to the airport way to early and had to waist quite a bit of time. The plane was 20 minutes late. All that wasn't to bad, but to make up for our more then perfect flight in, we ... read more
the water
the beach
my view point

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson July 29th 2008

Jackson, New York... Well... after a lot of planes taking off and landing late, missed flights and a lovely sleepover in the Dallas Fort Worth airport I made it home about 18 hours after I had planned on it. But I MADE IT HOME! The airport adventure were to be expected I guess. The travel agent booked some of my flights so close together I had a feeling I'd miss at least one place. Just so happens the plane I missed caused me to miss the following plane. The plane they put me on to replace that flight was cancelled.... thus the lovely sleep over in the DFW airport. But hey, it wouldn't be the same if something like that didn't happen, right? So anyway. I spent a week at home. Never really got any jetlag. ... read more
Smiley Sophie
My Sophie

North America » United States » Michigan » Jackson July 23rd 2008

we got a late start but headed towards Big Sable Lighthouse, a 4 mile hike through the state park. We were able to climb to the top and look around. We then spent some R+R in the campground and went to the Mason County Fair at night for the Off Road Derby. Very cool, loud and some strange way to give out prizes ("Who is missing a finger?") Heading for Port Huron tomorrow (about 4 hours).... read more
The Hike
Lone Tree
On the beach

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