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North America » United States » Michigan » Houghton July 13th 2018

Isle Royale, Houghton, Michigan We were up early again on our third day at Isle Royale - I couldn’t miss my free breakfast. (OK, pre-paid breakfast is more like it.). And we had another full day of hiking planned for us. Weather was a bit uncertain, but we decided that even if it did rain, it wouldn’t be a downpour and we wouldn’t melt. So, dressed in layers, we were going to hike, rain or shine. The day before we headed northeast up to the point of the little peninsula that Rock Harbor is on. This isn’t a huge chunk of the island, by any means, but as I indicated yesterday, unless you are prepared to do some serious backpacking, wilderness camping, and/or boating, then there are going to be limits to how much you will ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Houghton June 30th 2018

Isle Royale, Houghton, Michigan Staying up late is not something us old folks do too much - and we didn’t get to bed Friday night until nearly midnight. Still, it wasn’t too dark when we got back from the boat ride - the days are long around the summer solstice, and even longer up here in the North Country. Maybe it was the exhilarating morning air, or just the excitement of being in such a stunning place, but it wasn’t a morning to lay around in bed. Just too much to see outside to spend all your time inside! So up in time to make the first breakfast call, back to the room to suit up, and out the door for our first hike. Following advice from a ranger and some other material, we decided to ... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Houghton July 31st 2016

Geo: 47.1219, -88.57So happy to leave this hotel in Sault Ste. Marie, we headed out at 8:15 AM and 63 degrees and pointed the car west. We chose the scenic drive on the UP (Upper Peninsula) along the southern side of Lake Superior, and charming it was. We passed through many towns where you could shop at Mel's Fireworks, eat at Pickles Bar and Grill or Wilcox Fish House Restaurant, and gamble your fortunes away at Bay Mills Casino. The drive took us through the countryside along Whitefish Bay. Our first stop was at Lighthouse Point Iroquois where we met Doug, the caretaker. The lighthouse is no longer operational, but it is still open for visitors in the museum and gift shop and, if you are game, a climb to the top of the lighthouse to ... read more
Light House Point Iroquois on Lake Superior
Light House Point Iroquois on Lake Superior
Light House Point Iroquois on Lake Superior

North America » United States » Michigan » Houghton December 9th 2011

My escapades are many, but the photos and descriptions attached share some of the ones we actually managed to catch on camera. Note to self: always carry a camera and extra batteries.... read more
Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival
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