Day Twenty-Seven...

Published: July 18th 2015
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...was flashy and yummy. Kathleen recently acquired a Mazda Miata and has been forcing Mike and I to drive it around town. Yes, Mike drives and I'm along for the ride. It's a fun little ride! It's been a while since I've been in a car that made me feel like my butt was scraping the ground like a dog with worms. Quite a difference from the truck we've been in for the past three weeks.

Tomorrow there's a family get-together at Bob's house so Mike and I went over today (in the Miata) to help him set up a not-so-easy-up. It's actually his fire fly--a tent he puts up over his campfire when he goes out on a Civil War Reenactment weekend. We set up some tables for all the food, washed the dead spiders off 15 or 20 resin patio chairs and found most of the pieces to an old cast iron 3 burner cook top. The one piece that will show up after everything is over is the hose with the regulator that goes from the propane tank to the cook top. Road trip! Off we went in search of a replacement. But first we have to
Pizza at The CentralPizza at The CentralPizza at The Central

Mashed potato and bacon...don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
go grab some Plymouth...for Mexican food.

Two hours later...we're back on the trail for a hose. Went to a big blue box store and, after talking to a couple of guys in the outdoor grilling department, it was determined they didn't carry what Bob needed. They recommended a local RV shop. At the RV shop Bob explained what he was looking for. A fitting here, a couple clamps there, a regulator and a length of hose and voila! Like I said earlier, as soon as everything's over and we're cleaning up we'll find the original hose.

Mike's sister, Kathy, was flying in to Boston and was due to land around 6:00. She texted Mike wanting to meet for dinner at the family's favorite local restaurant. Bob, his daughter Alyson, Carol, Kathleen, Mike and I all met up with Kathy for dinner at The Central Cafe at 8:00. Several of us ordered pizzas. When the waitress brought them out she commented that Mike's looked like an omelet without the eggs (chunks of ham, green peppers and onion). I ordered the mashed potato and bacon pizza because Alison would expect it. And yes, Alison, it was just as yummy this time as it was in 2006.

It was good catching up on the happenings from home.


18th July 2015

A pizza with mashed potatoes? Yum! Tell me more......

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