Day Twenty-Eight...

Published: July 21st 2015
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...was filled with family and food. Oh my gosh there was so much of both. Four generations were there--the fourth is due in three days and September.

Mike and Kathy went for a drive down memory lane. I was along for the ride. Kathy drove while Mike navigated around town taking her by the houses, restaurants and neighborhoods of their youth. It was fun listening to their stories and the anecdotes that all started with "Remember when..."

Memory Lane was a longer road than anticipated. We were a bit late arriving at the cookout that was essentially planned because the three of us were in town at the same time. As soon as we got out of the car we began pitching in, setting up chairs, getting food set out. Bob began grilling the first batch of steaks, Carol and Cousin Kathy (not to be confused with sister Kathy) got the clams (steamahs) going, Mike helped Ken with the lobsters (lobstahs), I prepared the salmon and halibut filets Desmond gave us in Oregon way back on Day Two. As other family members arrived so did more food: potato salad, antipasto salad, cornbread, cupcakes, chocolate lasagna. I'm gonna get the
Second CousinsSecond CousinsSecond Cousins

Amy, Carey, David's fiance Terri, David (Davey)
recipe for this.

Just as people were settling into clusters of conversation, the dark clouds moved in...followed by the rain...followed by thunder...loud thunder. Tables, chairs, people and dogs were quickly moved inside the house. Out on the front porch where the grilling was happening, the first batch of steamers, lobsters and steaks were just about ready. Mike taste-tested a clam or three, deeming them ready. Clams were scooped into bowls to be set out on the tables accompanied by cups of hot water (to clean residual sand) and melted butter. As soon as there was room on the barbecue grill for the fish, I set the two large foil packets on to the warm rain. The rain actually felt good. Twenty minutes later the fish was ready to add to the buffet.

Conversation and laughter filled the dining and living rooms, everyone enjoyed the feast. Shortly after most people finished eating, out came the sun and dried up all the rain (and the itsy-bitsy spider crawled up the spout again). The party's heading back outside! It didn't take long for everything to dry out, first- and second-cousins to pick up where they'd left off and challenges to games of horse shoes to begin.

After several hours of family, food and fun, the party began to break up. Soon everything was cleared, food was divided and packed and cars loaded with people and supplies heading home. Mike, Kathy and I took another tour through town as we headed out to the houses of a couple cousins; Kathy trying to get as much visiting squeezed into her limited time.

Another long, yet enjoyable day.

Partial Family Tree:

Lenny and Mary Jane-->Patti-->Marissa-->William IV due July 21. Patti's other daughter Christina is a foster parent to Maddie.

Kathy-->Amy and David/Dave/Davey

Amy and Todd-->Jeremy, Cody, AJ

Carol and Ken--Carey

Carey and Jason-->Audrey due in September


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Bob, Todd, AJ, Carol, David, Ken

Alyson with Rogue, Carey with Pippi
Checking the SteamahsChecking the Steamahs
Checking the Steamahs

Mike and Carol

Jason, Carol, Jeremy, Terri, David, Alyson, (Rogue), and Carey

Uncle Lenny, Aunt Mary Jane, Maddie, Patti, Marissa, Mike

Kathy, Amy, Cody, AJ

A Cousin and Three GenerationsA Cousin and Three Generations
A Cousin and Three Generations

Kathy, Amy, Kathy, Jeremy

Patti, Carey, Jason, Alyson
Will You Fix My Stick?Will You Fix My Stick?
Will You Fix My Stick?

Maddie asked me to hold the stick while she put "glue" on it. Then I had to put more "glue" on it because the first drops didn't hold.

Cody's girlfriend Julia, Cody, AJ, Jeremy Amy, David, Terri, Carol

Julia, Cody, Alyson, Jeremy, AJ

21st July 2015

Its toooo late! I can't spare the lobstahs! Sorry guys, if I'd been there I'd at lease have put up a good fight for you all.

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