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…went much smoother than Day Forty-Two. We actually stuck to the plan. Bob, Mary and Alyson picked us up for breakfast at 8:00. Ugh…8:00! Doesn’t Bob know about the day I had yesterday?!? I’m kidding. The place we went is a very popular breakfast destination so if you don’t get there early, you’re eating lunch. Breakfast was delicious. I had the blueberry crepes. The blueberries are about as big as the huckleberries on the bush in our front yard. Not the big blueberries I was expecting, but just as tasty and more of them. We stayed and talked for a long time…one last visit before we leave town. They drop us off back at Camp Kathy and we give one last hug all the way around. The rest of my morning and our afternoon is spent ... read more

…didn’t turn out as planned. Kathy had to go in to work so the plan was for Mary Jane and Lenny to pick us up, drive to their daughter, Patti’s, house, see two-day-old William, visit for a while, then come back to Kathy’s and start the packing process (laundry, etc). Then Bob and Mary were going to take us out to dinner. That was the plan. Here’s what happened instead. Kathy went off to work. She’s an OR recovery nurse at a nearby hospital and even though she’s now retired, she can still work a few hours a week. So off she went. An hour later I’m out of the shower and getting the first load of laundry going. Mary Jane and Lenny arrived a short time later. Lenny wanted to check out the trailer. We ... read more

…was all about spending time with Carol. She’s not been 100 per cent lately so she’s been laying low the past few days. Today she was back to normal so we spent the day with just her. She picked us up mid-morning and showed us just three of the houses her daughter and son-in-law have owned. Jason likes to flip houses…sort of. They buy a fixer-upper, renovate it, then move in. A couple years later (maybe more, maybe less) they do it again. The first house she showed us was a nice two-story house on a very large lot. Next was their current house. While Jason worked at the dining table, Carey gave us a tour. The house is bigger than it appears from the front. Stairs go down, stairs go up and stairs go up ... read more
Looking West Across the Acushnet River to New Bedford

…was a great day for baseball…minor league baseball. The Pawtucket Red Sox played an afternoon game. Every day is a great day for baseball, but today was beautifully sunny and warm. We hopped in the car with Kathy and headed off to Rhode Island. The states are all so small around here that it still gets me that you can drive for an hour and be two states away. We dropped Mike off to get General Admission tickets while we went in search of parking. We found a spot along the road and set off to meet up with Mike. With tickets in hand we entered the park. It’s a typical minor league ballpark with seating down both lines and a grass area beyond the outfield fence for people to picnic. Our GA tickets would allow ... read more
AAA Grounds Crew
Cousin Jill
The Stadium and Field-Left

…I finally met the infamous Cousin Dickie. Dick is recently retired from the state prison where he worked for the past 32 years. He’s still a race car driver and now races pro-stock. He doesn’t have his own car; he drives for the owners. He’s also been known to fill in for other drivers in a pinch. He’s had a fairly successful career so far and is one of the top 10 drivers in the 60 year history of the Seekonk Raceway. He races at many other tracks, but Seekonk is the one he frequents. We met Dick and his lady friend, Kim, at their house. We also met Copper, Kim’s Dachshund. Copper is quite the medical miracle. At one point in his life he lost the use of his back legs. He was even fitted ... read more
The Garage
Dick and Kim

...was AMAZING! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or your beverage of choice and settle in. Like I said in yesterday's blog, today actually started at 11:30 last night with the packing. Got everything in the truck, ready to go, hugged Kathy good-bye and headed off at midnight. Yes, we actually got out of there ON TIME! But that wasn't the amazing part (well, it is in its own right, but not AMAZING). We were headed to New York City. When I set about planning our summer-long trip, NYC wasn't in the equation. About a week ago Mike piped up that he'd like to go into New York to see the Statue of Liberty and go up to the observation deck of the new World Trade Center. One day he mentioned this to his cousin Bob. ... read more
Sunrise Over Manhattan
Empty Sky Memorial
Ellis Island Dock

...was another knock-around day. In fact, I didn't get dressed all day. I did all my chores wearing my blue and green plaid lounge pants and Mariners t-shirt. I did my laundry, binge blogged (about 6 hours getting caught up) and even went with Mike to gas up the truck in preparation for our midnight ride. Bob gave us really good ideas on how best to do what we want to do tomorrow which included driving overnight and arriving early in the morning. Also in preparation for our drive we tried, somewhat successfully for Mike, not so for me, to nap for a few hours later in the evening so we'd be awake for the drive. Around 11:30 p.m. we began packing: camera, water (frozen and liquid), snacks, sandwiches, my Mariners blanket for when the a/c ... read more

...and another trip to Plymouth. This time to hopefully meet up with more Houlihan cousins. Mike left a phone message about a week ago explaining who he was and who he was trying to reach. The voice on the outgoing message sounded too old to be either cousin, but he left the message anyway. The cousins live in the lower half of a duplex. Maybe if the phone belonged to the upper apartment, they'd pass along the message. He never heard back from them so today we took the chance and headed to Plymouth. We made our way to the main street that runs along the waterfront and, of course, turned the wrong way. We should have turned away from downtown. Around the block we go...sort of. At one point in our meandering I turned to ... read more
Cousin Cindy

…Bob snagged Mike to help him at the Nemasket Hill Cemetery. Mike actually volunteered, but Bob didn’t hesitate to take him up on it. While they toiled away mowing, weed-eating and filling holes, Kathy and I ran errands. On our way home from her errands, we drove by the cemetery to see how the work was going. They were nearly finished. Bob appreciated Mike’s help. They got so much accomplished. Mike was a very useful engine. Our schedule this week isn’t nearly as packed with outings as the last two were. We’re doing more “everyday” activities and just hanging out at home. I get the feeling the people around us are worried we’ll get bored if we’re not going and doing, but honestly I like the down time. It also gives me big chunks of time ... read more

…Mike volunteered to go to Kathy’s daughter Amy’s house to wait for the delivery of a new clothes dryer so Kathy and I could keep our breakfast date with Aunt Mary Jane. They and Carol meet for breakfast once each month. Carol wasn’t feeling well this morning so she opted out. Breakfast was leisurely and delicious. Today we were going to try to find Uncle John and Aunt Della. When we were here in 2006 they lived in a condo. Hopefully they’re still there. Mike remembered the name of the condo complex but not how to get to it. It took just a bit of a Google search to find out exactly WHERE “there” was. Off we go. At the condos we were faced with half a dozen separate buildings, each having eight units. We had ... read more
John and Della's New Digs
Patrick and Marsha
Bridgette and Kaiser

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