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North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines August 13th 2013

Corn fields and windmills filled our windows today as we drove across Nebraska and Iowa with stops to visit friendly faces in both states. We first landed in Lincoln, NE, to visit with Deborah, Michael and Adelyn Fuggit. Deborah was our nanny for two years when the kids were 4 and 6, roughly. She's now married to Michael, and their daughter, Adelyn, is 16 months old. We had a delicious buffet lunch, made merry by the gurgling giggles of a precocious and precious toddler who was both entertaining to and entertained by all four of our kids. It was fabulous to catch up and hear about their current life, as well as compare heights to see if Deborah or Maggie are taller (she still has about a 1/4 inch on our daughter, but Maggie will most ... read more
Deborah & Adelyn
Deborah & Michael
Visiting at Valentino's

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines December 31st 2012

Mommy was up all night, so getting out of bed at 6 AM wasn't too hard for her to do. The humans ran around the house for 2 hours in preparation, then Mom carried me to the car. I was NOT happy. Although there was a nice studio apartment made for me in the back of the Prius, I wanted to do nothing but hide. In my studio there was my bathroom, my wicker (power) basket, and lots of space covered with a warm furry blanket to lay in the warm sun. I chose to ride on the floor between the front and back seats. Mom didn't like that, cuz it was cold. She kept on trying to warm me up....then she discovered why it was so cold. Daddy put the snow brush back there, and ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines July 4th 2012

Here I am in Farmland USA and I think my pup loves the smell... Lke truckers-All I do is drive 11 hours a day:eat,sleep, gas up and dive back in! I am becoming "Road Dawg" (like Rem Dawg-but on tour) America the Beautiful on the 4th of July! It's pretty cool, but I wouldn't want to do it every day, every week etc. You learn and se a lot.. too fast to photo but I have saved a lot of images: like places to go with names that I know, stadiums and city after city. I saw a baseball field in the middle of nowhere in Iowa, seriously in a cornfield. Giant windmills (and Doo doesn't even like ceiling fans!) I like Iowa it is so wide open and green, but can't wait to leave this ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 24th 2012

On Sunday morning, after a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs made by Andy and potato casserole made by Erin, we took the kids for a walk to their local park. There aren't sidewalks on all the streets in Des Moines, so we alternated crossing the street to get where we needed to go. I love how green Des Moines is, and it was nice strolling through all the cute, old homes and large trees that create canopies over some parts of the streets. Oliver enjoyed throwing rocks in the lake at Witmer Park, and then we took him to the playground. A very large dog came up and joined him there. Oliver was digging in the gravel, and he thought it was hilarious when the dog started digging with him, too. Oliver found an acorn that ... read more
Oliver at Witmer Park
Relaxing Under Trees
Grandma Plays with Jo

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 23rd 2012

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Des Moines Art Festival. The Des Moines Art Festival is one of the largest art festivals in the country, and it's consistently ranked among the best in the world. It's held in the new John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park in downtown Des Moines. Erin told me how John and Mary Pappajohn are among the top art collectors in the world, and they recently donated sculptures from their collection for this park. The Art Festival was moved to the new park a couple years ago, which I thought was the perfect setting for the festival. As the festival grew in popularity, I think people worried about losing the local flavor of the festival. Erin told me there's a large section dedicated to local artists who want to make a name ... read more
Oliver's Art Project
Andy and Jo by the Kinetic Sculptures
It's Raining and Pouring at the Des Moines Art Festival

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 23rd 2012

We decided to spend the morning at the Des Moines Farmer's Market. It's held in their historic district every Saturday morning throughout the summer, and it is busy, busy! There were hundreds of vendors and thousands of people. In addition to fresh, colorful produce from all over Iowa, there were local bands in addition to people selling honey, jams, pastries, and other goods. It was a great way to spend the morning. I decided to enjoy a breakfast of German pastries. Oliver indulged in an Austrian cookie, and I ate an apricot cheese pastry. We hung out and listened to some of the live music, and then we let Oliver choose a fruit from a vendor to enjoy. He chose blueberries.... read more
Breakfast at the Des Moines Farmer's Market
Des Moines
Live Music at the Des Moines Farmer's Market

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 22nd 2012

After a day and a half of driving, there was no way we'd get back into the car. So, we spent the day at Andy and Erin's new place in Des Moines. There home is a gorgeous, old brick home that was built in the 30s. It backs to a small ravine, and there are numerous large, old trees surrounding the property. We hung out outside for the most part because the weather was perfect. We listened to crickets and birds and insects and enjoyed not being in the car. Jo fell in love with one of the Scotties, and Oliver had fun playing with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and his new, toy golf set from Uncle Andy and Aunt Erin. We grilled out on my brother's charcoal grill and relaxed the evening away. After dinner, we ... read more
Oliver the Golfer
Joanna in Des Moines

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 30th 2011

We spent most of the day driving through Nebraska. Nebraska made me miss Wyomming where we saw lots of Antelope, both dead and alive. Speaking of road kill, we were inches from running over a large marmmit. Marilyn thought it was a beaver and therefore I would of been arrested for killing Canada's national animal. She, on the other hand, almost ran over a coyote. Its very sad what these animals will do for some attention. She thought we should adopt the coyote. I reminded her that we are only allowed to adopt one anmial a year. None of these near-misses or conversations occured in Nebraska because NOTHING HAPPENED IN NEBRASKA. Of course we are in Des Moines, Iowa but arrive when it was dark so nothing happened here either. But because Iowa has the wisdom ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines July 23rd 2010

Man, is Iowa hot and sticky!! On our way to Denver to meet up with Matuz & Meghan. Nothing exciting to report. Normal first day confusion.... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines February 17th 2010

When a man finds himself one night in Des-Moines, Iowa, he should really examine the decisions that led him there. For me, it made me think luck and chance. Despite the fact that this whole trip seems kind of made up at the last minute, I've actually planned it pretty well. I had a full itinerary from Boston to Los Angeles, with a couple of possible variations, that's it. I knew what I've wanted to do on the way and whom I meant to meet. Everything seemed to be ordered. But as usual, chaos had something to say about my trip too. For instance, when I've decided to reopen this blog I didn't know that a certain faithful follower of this blog (Hi A!) will notice I'm in Boston, alert her son which was also in ... read more
From the Harvard Natural History Museum
The line at the Chicago Science and Technology Musum
Sun rise over the plans

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