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North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines July 31st 2009

Well a little bit has gone on since the last update. We went up to New Hampshire and parked. I had a buddy up there that was also an early retireee from American but I had never met him. We visited a bit and he took us up to Portsmouth for some jazz and a drink. Marilyn and I also made it all the way into Maine for some lobster. Maine is a lot like Washington state really. Green and raining most of the time. It would be good for fishing and hunting. We were parked at Hampton Beach State campground. It is dry camping only but it was right on the beach so that part was good. It is very busy here this time of year because the season is so short. Anyway, it ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 1st 2009

My theme for my latest travel journey revolves around patriotism and remembering those who fought for our freedom, near and far. After a busy spring, my European adventure and side trips in May, I wasn’t ready for any big travel adventures over Memorial Day and Flag Day weekend. To be honest, I was looking forward to staying home, catching up on work around my house, gardening and just sitting on my best side. But weekends without an adventure is not one of my best attributes. So on Memorial and Flag Day weekend, instead of searching for an adventure, the adventure came to me. I devoted both weekends to our veterans, past and present. Memorial weekend I visited Highland Cemetery, Camp Dodge and the Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Van Meeter. So here goes with part one. First, ... read more
Veteran Headstone
Bob Coons and his Civil War Flag
Iowa Veterans Cemetery

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines May 10th 2009

Iowa Trivia: Must Love Tulips In Iowa Last week I wrote that traveling can be done in your backyard so this weekend I traveled to a potpourri of events within 45 miles of my home in Ankeny; Pella for the Tulip Festival, Des Moines for the Farmers Market and to see Cloris Leachman’s “One Woman Show”. I asked myself “how do I make this trip interesting as compared to my trip to Omaha? “ After fretting a bit, I told myself to give it up. From lessons learned, I reminded myself to just own it and travel with good friends. First , what is the big deal with tulips in Iowa? The long story short here: in 1847, 800 Holland citizens left the Netherlands for religious freedom under the leadership of Dominie Scholte They settled in ... read more
Town Of Pella
Canals of Pella
Large Tulilp

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines May 1st 2009

Happy May Day Everyone! I’m ready for my next travel trip. Heading out west and before you get excited for me, my travel is not to an exotic location; however I will be traveling to a mind stimulating location on Saturday, May 2, 2009. I’m traveling to see and hear Mr. Warren Buffett at the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting at the Qwest Center in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska. Let me set the stage. Warren Buffett is the second richest man in the world according to He owns a number of companies that include: MidAmerican Energy Holdings, GEICO, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Helzburg Diamonds, NetJets, Fruit of the Loom, The Pampered Chef, Dairy Queen and a host of insurance, construction and financial companies. His annual meeting is set for May 2, 2009 in Omaha and by history, there ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines April 20th 2009

Post Script Entry - April 20, 2009 Twenty days back from Europe and I finally take time to clean up my travel blog. That is, after cleaning up the drakesmart travel blog (journals and pictures). Reflections of my travels: 1. Going green was a lot of hard work. I mean blogging on two blogs. Timely blogging is dependent on internet access. While internet access was plentiful, the cost was not what I expected. Next time, I will look into getting a pass for 30 days that will take me all the way through Europe. I did not send any post cards and those who read my blogs, enjoyed it, spelling errors and all. 2. Loading pictures- gotta get a better handle on this. I know I don't have to put a lot on the web, 6-12 ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines March 12th 2009

Day 2 - Friday in London Travel day is here. Getting out of the office was uneventful. Thanks to all for seeing that I got out on time and for my best bud Judy for taking me to the airport. News on packing. My suitcase weighed in at 47 pounds. I did not reach my goal of 40 pounds, but under 50 pounds works. Why did I stress so much about packing? Longstory short here: I had a hectic trip to the airport 3 years ago and I mean just getting out of the office. So in my mad dash to the airport, I forgot my suitcase at work so I had to go back to get it. Thank goodness that I got a ride to the airport. As I got back to the airport, I ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines March 11th 2009

Dateline Travel Day Tomorrow I'm done packing and re-packing. Loaded up the laptop, charged up my Zune player and got my purse in order. I'm ready to get busy traveling as my head is spinning with "did I do that, did I make that call?" This behavior is not new for me. My life is so busy, be it at work, at Drake or at home. The extra hour of daylight helped me today with the last of my projects. My friend Judy would say "the extra hour is more for the retailers." Judy, I helped out the economy today with a car wash and gas. Home- In 3 hours, I filled up my dad's red jeep, got it washed and picked him up at the airport at 8. This is a weird longstory short. My ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines March 10th 2009

Dateline Des Moines - March 10, 2009 I have been preparing for this trip since June of 2008. To begin my longstory short, I am a life long learner and traveler. I love to travel and traveling anywhere outside Iowa is my goal. To my Iowa friends and family, you know me as Ann. To my Trinidad family, you know me as Sandra. This too is a longstory. To begin my longstory short, I am a graduate of Drake University with a masters degree in public administration (MPA). I hold two other degrees (University of Northern Iowa and Allen School of Nursing) but I am most proud of my MPA degree. As a gift to myself, I enrolled in this Comparative Management course in 2003. I just wanted to travel to Europe. What I got out ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines January 25th 2009

Something I had trouble dealing with was packing, and I really appreciated reading other people's packing lists. So, I thought I'd try and share the same information. **Things I was glad I brought: 1. Packing cubes! These were awesome for keeping these organized and compact, definitely worth the money when you're backpacking. 2. I didn't buy this, my brother kindly gave it to me, but the Gorilla Pod! 3. Plastic ziploc & grocery sacks. Tyler questioned me, but we used them a lot to put souvenirs in, to keep wet clothes in, etc. This allowed us to take pictures of ourselves without relying on strangers, and it was nice a... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines January 23rd 2009

Lima- Jungle - Cusco- There are the three albums on Snapfish. It took FOREVER to load them since we took them on large/high quality settings, so I chose the most interesting and best. There were over 1300 in total, so feel lucky :) Hope you enjoy!! Steff & Tyler ... read more

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