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North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines November 16th 2018

Initially, I was very excited that I would be leaving school two days early, thus extending my thanksgiving break. When I heard my family would be driving through the midwest to go see my cousins in Iowa, I was a little less excited. I decided, though, that I wouldn’t ruin my trip even before it started. I was sure there had to be things to do in the Midwest. My parents picked me up from school on Friday, November 16 at about 7 pm. There wasn’t much more to do than driving that night. So, we drove west as far as we could before we got tired. This ended up happening at about 1 am, five hours after we had left. We had arrived in a town on the westernmost end of Pennsylvania, less than an ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 23rd 2016

One of the great opportunities available as working for Hanitat for Humanity involves getting to go on Global Village trips. I previously traveled to El Salavador for a week build. This summer my trip will take me to Malawi, a small African country. Representing the Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, I will join people from the Wake County Habitat for Humanity in building homes for families impacted by HIV and AIDS. I will post updates as able during the trip. ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 23rd 2016

Description provided by Habitat for Humanity: Malawi is a country of immense beauty, yet also of extreme poverty. The country is rated as one of the least developed countries in the world. 90 percent of its population lives in rural areas. The economy is predominately agricultural and is dependent on substantial international assistance. Because of the widespread poverty, four out of five families live in substandard homes, with little hope of ever being able to afford a decent house. A typical village hut is built of mud and daub with a dirt floor and thatched roof and requires frequent repair. The conditions put families at high risk of all kinds of diseases, with leaky roofs making the house damp and mud floors attracting insects. The number of orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi has increased from ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines August 4th 2015

I had retrieved the Pilgrim from the RV maintenance shop on Friday and had taken her to my sister-in-law’s brother who still tills the soil on the old family farm southeast of Rockford IL. Storing the Pilgrim at his place when I’m in town is pretty standard. He has an out of the way spot with an electric outlet so I can run the refrigerator off the electric service and not have to concern myself with propane tank levels. I left the trusty old gal out on the farm until I departed for the Elk Rock State Park in Knoxville IA on Wednesday July 22, 2015. My original plan had been to go to Dubuque IA from Rockford and then to Davenport IA (both of which are along the Mississippi River) for a week-long stop at ... read more
Plenty Of Room For The Pilgrim And The Ram
‘Under The Big Top,’ In The Background, From Indianola IA Was One Of My Favorites – Singing <Around The World in Eighty Days…>
The Wind On Friday Took The Balloons To The North And Away From The Viewing Area

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 26th 2015

Our most recent trip away was a short one, just an over-nighter to the rather forgettable town of Des Moines (pronounced Damoyne, or the way we say it, Dez Mwar-nez). Des Moines is a touch over three hours to the North East of Leavenworth, and the only reason that took us there was a game of football. Not long after we arrived in Kansas I signed up to play for the Kansas City Power, our local AFL club. I made it down to the first training session of the year, which consisted of a full length game practice match. Shortly afterwards I decided that training was too much effort and decided that I would play without training (bad idea, but more on that later…..). It was bloody fantastic to see our great game being played in ... read more
Family photo at the State Capital
The Boys
Bridges of Madison County

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 10th 2015

We started out today with no firm plans, just to make it to Iowa by the end of the day. Before we got on the road, we swung by Falls Park to see the waterfalls of the Big Sioux River. It was such a pretty place. I wish we had something like it near us in Ohio, definitely a great place to just go and sit. After snapping a few pictures, we were back on the road. We made the mistake of getting some iced coffees this morning, so we ended up needing to stop more than we would have liked in those first couple of hours of driving. Just when we would get going again and we would have to find another stop. We definitely learned our lesson there. =· We decided to head toward ... read more
Strange bridge in Council Bluffs
Sioux Falls
So Pretty

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines December 22nd 2014

When everything was settled with the Austrian college for us to spend the next four months there, our paperwork and visas intact, our tickets bought, we were just waiting to fly out and leave the US on what we pictured to be a crazy Euro trip. Not that the US or our city was bad or anything, but it was the hunger for something new and unknown. Something exciting. After we finished our exams and were out for Christmas and other Holidays, the University didn’t resume classes until mid to end of January. We were to leave in February, so I had a chance to participate in my one and only hazing initiation week, me being on the other side and being the hazer, not the hazee. Although I didn’t mind going through it my freshman ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines July 14th 2014

Nancy & I are shopping & packing for our trip-we're very excited to get on the plane on Friday. We have our fingers crossed that our bags will arrive when we do.😊... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines June 19th 2014

Many museums have an SR-71 on display, but few display it quite like this. As you enter the museum on the second floor balcony this plane is starring you right in the face, supported by three pillars from the first floor. Of all the SR-71s on display, this is probably the easiest one to photograph. Then you walk in to the main hanger and there is a B-17 next to a B-52, behind them is a B-36 Plus a dozen other planes. The only problem is that the planes are so tightly packed in this hanger it's difficult to get a good picture of them. After the museum I headed towards Omaha and stopped for an early dinner at a DDD restaurant. Joe Tess Place was on an episode called Long Time Legends. He is ... read more

North America » United States » Iowa » Des Moines September 15th 2013

Well, after a two year layover in Mishawaka,In. We are once again back on the road and headed to Alaska. This time Stacy's got a job waiting for her in Fairbanks and I'm...well....gonna do some fishing!!! No really.....then i'll find a job. Pix will come soon... read more

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