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North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Nawiliwili April 7th 2019

Hello from the beautiful island of Kauai. This is our 3rdstop in the Hawaiian Islands. Kauai is referred to as the Garden Island. We are docked on the east side of the island and everything is green and lush around the ship. However we did not notice it right away because we slept in until 8:00 and even then we didn’t get going very energetically at first. Last night was a lot of fun but it made for a couple of tired tourists. David brought some tea and juice back to the cabin from the Horizon Court and worked on yesterday’s blog for a while. Then we went up to the Horizon Court about 9:30 and had breakfast. A lot of people had morning excursions but we had wisely not challenged ourselves to head out very ... read more
Semi-tame pigs coming to be fed from train
Janet on the Train
Pigs washing up after their meal

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e February 26th 2019

It really does cost more to live in the land of beaches and sunshine. "Households in Honolulu spent $66,100 for housing in 2016-2017, about 11% more than our national average. Food was the next highest expenditure, with 15.4% of household budgets, compared to 12.7% nationally." Yet, when we visit, we find hotel rooms for about the same cost as any large city in the U.S. And we spend far less on food, since we tend to "eat local" most of the time. We also do a barbecue or two while here. I notice car rentals have increased the most, followed by gasoline, and entrance to parks and entertainment. After many visits, I do not see visiting Hawaii as any more expensive than other large American cities. Again, getting from island to island is expensive, as are ... read more
Called slippahs in Hawaii
Soon to land in Kauai
Our fmaily dinner and BBQ

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e February 25th 2019

We made it home earlier this morning, 3am to be exact!!! First thing, after some Peet's Coffee, was a trip to Elaine's Pet Resort to pick up Lexi. And what a greeting we received!!! She jumped all over the place, taking at least 5 minutes to settle down enough for her collar, halter, and leash. I am not sure who was happiest to see one another. Elaine's dressed her up for Valentine's Day. I am not sure how they got the tutu and beads on her. That is a difficult task! Almost two weeks away from her is too much. We are glad to be back home with her. And glad to be home. Visiting three islands of Hawaii is both fun, and tiring. But not complaining, as we got to see many dear friends, some ... read more
Lexi V day 2019
uniqlo celebrates multi ethnic Hawaii

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e February 14th 2019

I probably haven't mentioned it, but the weather so far has not been typical of Maui, even in February. A couple days were marred by passing showers and the temperatures were below normal. The average temperature here at this time is about 65 F at night and 76-80 F in the day. There has recently been a system that has kept rotating around the islands bringing exceptional rain. They even got snow last Sunday on Haleakala volcano down to 6,200 ft. above sea level, the lowest recorded elevation to receive snow on Maui. Thursday was the only really bad day so far. It rained a lot and there was some flash flooding going on. The temperature only got up to 65 F that day, Valentine's Day. We were going to drive to the Iao Valley on ... read more
In The Helicopter
Flahertys Blue Hawaiian Kauai.
Kribs Blue Hawaiian

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e February 13th 2019

In reality, Kauai is probably just about everyone's happy place, if you have been there. Many people I know do not venture much beyond the madness of Waki Waki (Waikiki Beach in Honolulu), and the increasingly mad and bustling island of Maui. But Kauai has been special for us, since our first visit together, over twenty years ago. Why? We met our now dear friends, Rey and Corinne during a round of golf at Princeville, on the north side of this small island paradise. While I do not remember much about that round of golf, save for a birdie here and there, we made lifelong friends. Quite unusual in that both are natives of the island, as are their parents and family. Over the years, we have enjoyed many meals, rounds of golf, social activities, and ... read more
Kauai beach
The famous Hanalei Lookout
Waimea Canyon

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Lihu'e February 6th 2019

Waikiki’s SPAM Jam festival returns to Honolulu, Hawaii every April. The annual street festival offers three stages hosting free musical concerts along with crafts, souvenirs, and food booths serving up (you guessed it) a wide and surprising variety of dishes incorporating the canned ham product first introduced in 1937. Spam remains especially popular with locals, and if you're in town for the festival, be sure to order at least one loco moco breakfast with rice, ... read more
Takes one to know one?
All kinds of flavor!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i October 30th 2018

Dateline, October 30th, Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai, Hawaii Chickens, Fern Grottos and Abandoned Papaya Fields We are excited to be back on Kauai. This morning is pouring rain but that will soon stop and we’re hoping for a beautiful day. As we begin to dock, over the rail on the dock is a lovely woman in red doing the hula to greet us. The three ukuleles being played behind her sound beautiful. We head off to grab the Alamo shuttle to the airport where we will pick up a car. The shuttle line is so long that we abandon that idea and head for a taxi. The taxi driver doesn’t really want to take us the short 2 miles to the airport but just then 4 passengers come along also wanting to go to the airport and ... read more
Collecting Sand
Wailua river cruise
In the Fern Grotto

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Nawiliwili May 2nd 2018

Blog 36 Nawiliwili, Hawai’i, April 30, 2018 – Weather forecast: partly sunny, temperature 26°C, wind 8kts (3 Beaufort), 76% humidity – overnight wind 23kts – 2m long rolling swell Our arrival at the island of Kauai was a little delayed this morning and as a result our departure times for tours was out of synch, which annoyed a number of guests. Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawai’ian chain and by far the wettest. The island experiences 400 to 600 inches of rainfall per year. Even though there are eleven rivers flowing down from the mountains devastating floods do happen just like the one a month ago. Sugar production was the island’s primary industry up until a decade ago until the mills closed down, now tourism has taken over. Coffee plantations have taken over the ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i January 25th 2018

My son was the only one who received the alert. Owen turned around and looked at me completely ashen and afraid. “Mom, I think we’re going to be bombed,” he said. Now, these are words I’ve never heard someone speak, not in real life, and certainly not in MY life. “Owen, this is just some kind of hoax. It’s not real, don’t worry.” But that white look of terror remained on his face. “Mom, this alert is from Apple. Apple doesn’t send jokes.” The message on Owen’s phone read, “Emergency Alert. BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” My heart sank. This is really happening. We turned the car radio on and the message replayed over and over, “Ballistic missile threat. Seek shelter. Go indoors. Stay away from windows.” ... read more
India with her new ukulele

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaua'i » Hanalei November 27th 2017

Nu har vi haft vår semester i semestern. Den delen då vi bara kunnat luta oss tillbaka och slappa utan att behöva planera så mycket. Det var fantastiskt att få spendera en vecka hos Adina och Eric på Hawaii. Det känns lite overkligt att de bor så långt borta och har sin vardag på en paradisö som Kauai. Vi kände oss i alla fall som hemma hos dem och njöt av att spendera tid tillsammans. Hawaii var nästan helt perfekt. Det enda vi skulle velat ändra på var att vi hade velat stannat där längre än åtta dagar. Vi var väl medvetna om att vi bara skulle hinna en liten del av alla äventyr man kan göra på Kauai, så utifrån det tog vi dagen som den kom och gjorde några hiker och utflykter. Det var ... read more
Tunnels beach, Kauai
Adina i solnedgången
Stand up paddle på Hanalei river

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