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September 12th 2009
Published: September 25th 2009
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Buysch Gardens was the port of call on the 18 of June. It was good fun! While to me Disneyworld was more well known as a Florida icon, Alyson suggested we go to Buysch as it was more fun for people our

She wasn’t wrong!

We got some subs for lunch along the way and then headed to Buysch Gardens. Our mission for the day - go on absolutely all the upside down rides we could. We had some initial hiccups with my ticket because it wouldn’t show up on my email and we needed it printed out. Luckily we managed to visit a printing store and get one re issued from the website where we brought it from.

Once inside Buysch Gardens. We went on all the rides from the Sheikra to the Kumba.

They ranged from 80’s roller coast style that really bashed your head around (think Bush Beastie when Wonderland was still alive in Australia) to full on latest 21st century comfort you could almost fall asleep on if it weren’t fro the constant stomach rises and falls (think of the Lethal Weapon ride in Movie World, Gold Coast Australia).

The Park was strangely empty and we got to go on the rides at a relatively quick pace getting to sample most of the rides at least twice.

At first I didn’t want to tell Alyson but actually my favorite rides were the water rides not the upside down rides. The upside down rides were giving me head aches. I felt like a grandma.

I voiced this concern with young Alyson over a dipping dots ice cream. Fortunately she shared my pain and we both dwelled on how old we were to complain about our aches and pains over roller coaster rides. I remember still when I was 9 years old and went with grandma to Wonderland and said I would never ever get over my love for roller coasters!!!

We finished Buysch Gardens off with a safari ride around the animal park. I had asked to try seafood for one of the dinners - I figured it would be nice hear in Florida since it was by the sea. So we went to a seafood restaurant that was really cozy - gezillig - had a nice atmosphere of guys and girls playing volleyball close by and ordered a delicious seafood mixed platter. Oh the prawns. Yummo!

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