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North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key December 20th 2016

We're home, we're well, and we're wishing you a very Merry Christmas.... read more
Daily beach walk
Found a Christmas tree at the end of the walk

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key March 5th 2015

Here we are again! We’re back at Turtle Beach and amazed that some of the folks we met year years ago are here. We’re all like the swallows of Capistrano – returning in chronological order. On our first night we all gravitated to our sunset spot, Richard, the California guy, blew his conch as the sun slipped into the Gulf of Mexico and his wife, Sue, conducted as we ladies sang the Turtle Beach song. “Take me out to the campground, take me out with my friends, buy me a bottle of AppleJack, etc.” It is a wonderful mixed bag of fellow campers. A very young European couple are camped next to us – sleeping in their car. A family of 6 is tenting. The younger children are home schooled – the older girl is in ... read more
Our Signage
Camp Outdoor Kitchen
The Conch Blowers

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key March 4th 2014

We arrived here last week in Sarasota and were at first a bit disappointed. This is a huge park, very densely populated. However, the pools, hot tubs, and other amenities make up for the tight un-landscaped sites. The people are also very friendly: we were warmly welcomed into the shuffleboard games held each morning. Our first venture out and about was to Siesta Key Beach, named the #1 beach in the country. The sand is indeed white and soft. Yesterday we visited the John and Mable Ringling estate, a beautifully landscaped 66-acre complex. We first toured his extravagant Venetian style mansion overlooking Sarasota Bay. All the furnishings are originals as John and Mable were the only owners. After their deaths the house was gifted to the State of Florida, so every thing we saw was as ... read more
Site Photo
Gail at Siesta Beach
Ringling Mansion 1

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key January 21st 2013

Jo continued to sleep the afternoon away. My mom and dad decided to make the short drive to Turtle Beach, so Oliver and I joined them. Turtle Beach is still in the midst of clean-up from the Red Tide, which is the algae bloom close to shore that killed lots of sealife. There are trashbags littering the beach, filled with dead fish. The whole beach reeked. That didn't deter us, though! Oliver is hilarious. He enjoys finding seashells and rocks and hurling them back into the ocean. As he throws them, he yells random things, like, "Gesundheit!", "I don't like rules!", "Uncle Scott!", and "Peanut butter and jelly sandwich!" We let him throw to his heart's content. My mom and I collected more shells (Turtle Beach is great for seashell combing). When we had enough of ... read more
Throwing Shells Back into the Sea
The Sand Goes, Too!
Strolling Turtle Beach

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key January 21st 2013

The Siesta Key Bungalows we're staying at have two kayaks that guests can take out on their own. As Jo napped this morning, Andrew and I decided to take them for a spin. I lowered myself into the red kayak as my mom and Andrew held it still. Once I was in, I could see all sorts of clams and barnicles attacked to the dock posts. I could also see small fish and lots of kelp. The lagoon is salt water! The sun beat down on us, but we enjoyed ourselves. We went north and saw some herons. Then, we spun our kayaks around and headed back south to see how far we could go. Andrew developed some blisters from his oar and decided to get out when we passed by the bungalows. I continued on ... read more
Kayaking north on Heron Lagoon
This is vacation.
The Siesta Key Bungalows from Heron Lagoon

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key January 20th 2013

We decided to spend the afternoon at Point of Rocks, which is here on Siesta Key, about two miles north from where we're staying. Red tide had come on Thursday, and we got to see some of the aftermath. Red tide is when there is a large red algae bloom close to shore. It produces toxins that kill a lot of sea life, which then washes ashore. My parents had combed Turtle Beach before it was cleaned up, and they said the dead fish were everywhere. That's how we found Point of Rocks today. I saw dead crabs, dead eels, and hundreds and hundreds of dead fish. There were skeletons everywhere, too, from fish who had died and were picked clean by the birds. I'm not sure if there were more shells that were swept on ... read more
Red Tide
Dead Eel?
Lots of Dead Fish

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key January 20th 2013

We've enjoyed chilling at our Siesta Key Bungalows all weekend. There are little lizards everywhere, and, as long as they're not jumping out at me, I enjoy hunting for them to snap photos. We had a gecko visit us in our bungalow yesterday. Our rental complex is filled with palm trees and has a running fountain. At the lagoon, there is a dock to stand at to watch local birds (ducks, pelicans, and more) as well as jumping fish. One bird makes a really loud call, and Oliver gets excited whenever he hears it. He tells me it's a monkey, and that he loves the monkey. Along the lagoon, they built a sandy area for sitting and relaxing. Oliver enjoys filling his bucket and dumping it back out.... read more
It's a gecko!
Kicking Back
We could get used to this.

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key January 19th 2013

We took our little beach bums to Siesta Key Public Beach this afternoon with my parents, my sister, my brother, and my sister-in-law. It's advertised as the number one beach in the country. It reminded me a lot of Pacific Beach in San Diego but with fewer waves and finer sand. We parked in a fairly full lot, and I wondered how people manage to find parking in peak season. There is probably a quarter mile of beach to walk through to get to the ocean, so I think you need a certain level of mobility to get to the ocean itself. There was a handicap-accessible boardwalk, but the boardwalk is far from the shore. The temperature was comfortable in the 70s, but it was cloudy with wind The temperature was comfortable in the 70s, but ... read more
Andrew and the Kids at Siesta Key Public Beach
Andy and Mom
Sand Cake

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key January 19th 2013

My parents are treating us to a long weekend in Siesta Key, Florida. We arrived yesterday afternoon, and, already, I'm adapted to the warm weather, lush vegetation, and humid environment. Vacation enduces such contentment. The kids were really well-behaved on our nonstop flight to Tampa. They slept for our hour and half drive south. Our destination was the Siesta Key Bungalows. We jumped on a Groupon deal, and my parents got our bungalows for half off. The complex is laid-back and exudes some beach bum elegance (is there such a thing?). We're right on a a salt water lagoon (Heron Lagoon) that is teeming with jumping fish and pelicans. There was a light rain last night, and Andrew and I sat outside of our bungalow in our white, wicker chairs, soaking it all in (literally). When ... read more
The Kids and Me
Turtle Bar & Grill
Dinner at Turtle Bar & Grill

North America » United States » Florida » Sarasota » Siesta Key February 18th 2011

Here's a typical weekend from our Turtle Island, Siesta Key, Sarasota camp site. Needless to say, we love our week here. Now that this part of the vaca is over; are already thinking about next year! We always hit the Sarasota area timed for the annual Exotic Car Show at St. Armand's Circle on Lido Key (that's the one that leads to Longboat Key toward the north end). If it's St. Armand's at meal time, for us, the only restaurant choice is the Columbia. We especially love to split their famous 1905 salad prepared table side and a pitcher of red sangria. Some day we will try the white sangria! We're bringing some carefully chosen gifts from the Columbia's gift shop next door. The cool Sarah Palin sculpted caricature that has graced my face book page ... read more
Over the Seagrass
Seascape by Georgia Janisse
Castles in the Sand

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