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November 9th 2019
Published: November 10th 2019
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Wish I could say this was a well thought-out and organized blog.....it’s not. We are just going to throw it out at you and you’ll have to figure it out best you can. You can do it! C’est la vie.

Sundays find us frequenting “Frogger’s “ (Sports Bar) at Old Town. Here they have every football game on that’s playing for the day. Cory is thrilled to be in this place. Football and beer! Beer and football. More beer and more football. It’s like his glory land! We can’t get the Buffalo Bill’s game on our RV TV so up we go to Frogger’s. They have a Sunday special on their pizza as well. This past Sunday, Sam & Sandy joined us. Sam likes football....Sandy could care less so she worked on her IPad. She’s a good sport. We ate pizza plus an order of onion tangles.....way too much but oh, so yummy. A great day at Frogger’s! The Buffalo Bills won......again! Go Bills. Lulu was glad to stay behind. She doesn’t like football and can’t work on an IPad......you know why! (armless)

The fun didn’t stop there. At the top of our dance card for Monday was one
Weird Thing at WebsterWeird Thing at WebsterWeird Thing at Webster

Similar limitations as Lulu & it smokes!!
of Sam’s most favorite places to go. Can you guess? It begins with “W”. No.....not the White House! We went to Webster: the giant flea market. Sam & Sandy go earlier than us because remember “the early bird gets the worm.” Lulu is not an early riser so we pretty much get going about an hour after them. Plus, even if we find a treasure, we can’t buy it. Our thrill of the hunt has ended. All we say now is “If we were still in the business, we would buy this”. We say that many, many times as we traipse along the well-worn field. Now I am either taking a photo of Miss Lulu posing or some weird thing (don’t get the two mixed up, please) to submit to the group I belong to “Weird Secondhand Finds that just Need to be Shared.” It’s just not the same! Sniffle. Lulu was alarmed and shocked when we came across a display case with some of her long lost relatives. Some of their body parts were actually surrounding them. Ugh! Lulu almost hurled when she saw that! She said the one related “head” had been on heavy drugs and was never able to become rehabilitated. A sorry site to see for sure. Lulu turned away with a tear in her eye. We moved pass quickly. She still has nightmares about all this. Poor thing!

Lulu did find a light at the end of the tunnel as we moseyed down the worn pathway. Here she found her salvation. She never saw twin baby Jesus’s and knew this was a signal for her to lay down between them as they were being prayed over. Jesus, Mary & Joseph! .......and several other holy figures all now praying over this traumatized, short haired sinner. You all know Lulu’s history which we would rather not talk about. She has been known to be called a vixen at times as well as other unflattering words. Most are accurate, sad to say.

As we sat outside the RV the other day, a little creature crawled up Sam’s pant leg and onto his scooter to become his new friend. Remember Sam’s other pet from a few days ago: Sammy the Squirrel. Well, now he has Greg the Gecko. Sam is like Dr. Doolittle. All the animals are drawn to him. It is amazing and wonderful at the same time. We tried to frame Sam for a photo since he is becoming famous in the animal world.

Enough fun and frolic. Cory and I had routine doctor visits on Thursday. These were to see the eye doctor who did our cataract surgeries. Cory came away with flying colors. I have to go back this upcoming Thursday and have my other eye lasered open. Last year I had one eye done .....this year it’s the other. It’s not uncommon to get scar tissue form over your eye post cataract surgery. Cory has just a little bit forming so maybe next year it will be his turn. Before the doctor checked Cory’s eyes, I really wondered about his vision. He paid our co-pay with his credit card. The receptionist told him just to sign the little card holder box. First, he tried with his finger until she told him to use the pen. He gouged his name into the screen of the box cause he used the sign-in pen (actual pen) rather than the stylet that is attached to the box! OMG. And to think I’m the one with the scar tissue! 🎼🎼”When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”🎼🎼

Our neighbor had some roof work done on their RV. We took the name of their repairman cause you just never know. For some reason and for no reason at all.....our entrance steps closed up a couple times all by themselves. We have them set so they stay open all the time while we are parked. Otherwise, they go in and out every time you open and close the door. Cory called Gary, the repairman, to come and check them for us. After getting down under the stairs, he saw that the ground wire area was very rusted and redid the area and put in a new wire. Presto! Our magic steps aren’t magic anymore. Gary is very good at what he does. If he can’t fix it, he’ll let you know but he seems to be a master of most RV problems. We recommend him.

And now for “The Pièce de Résistance”. This was our first time of our current respite going here. One of our favorite eating places. Guess....go ahead. Hint: lobster. Nope....not the Ale House this time. Even better.....Bar Harbor. Remember now? This is the distribution place for all the restaurants in the area for fresh seafood. Our car couldn’t go fast enough getting here. Sandy saw they had another special going on so we weren’t going to miss this one. Lunch for Sandy and me were twin lobsters (whole) with drawn butter. Price $11.99.....for two!! What a deal! What a lunch! And they were scrumptious. And big! The single ONE we got at the Ale House the other night was like a pigmy compared to these bruisers. Cory and Sam got shrimp & fish. They do not know what they are missing! Sandy and I also bought two more lobsters each (cooked & cold) to take home....$5.99/each. Fantastic! I cracked them today and saved the meat. Our refrigerator gets kind of fishy smelling if I don’t take care of them promptly. Remember last year when I smelled that horrible, ghastly fishy odor for days? Couldn’t figure out who stunk. I smelled myself, Cory and discreetly, all our friends. Nothing! It was like the Red Tide had floated into the park and hovered around us wherever we went. What a stench! Hold your nose. Remember what I finally figured out stunk? Yes....it was me..kind of! It was my wristwatch. As I ate the lobster, the watery juice ran down my arms. It saturated my watch. OMG.....did it ever reek! It was putrid. I scrubbed my watch until the metal almost turned clear. Guess what now? Deja vu! Must be I block out some of these terrifying events. After cleaning the two lobsters today.....the same thing happened. As we sat visiting with one of our friends tonight, that strong fish odor encircled me. How embarrassing. He knew we hadn’t been down at the docks. Fortunately we weren’t running our fans. I quickly got out a bottle of 409 and soapy water to scour my watch one more time. I’m glad I learned what was the cause from past experience. I would have hated to sniff around our friend.....even if I did it discreetly.

Back to the lobster cleaning of today. Lulu watched on while I crushed these red crustaceans. One of my lobsters was like the “Big Daddy”....the other was it’s baby sister. What a treat awaits me. Cory bought a filet mignon to do on the grill when I gobble up my lobster meat. And to think we don’t even have to wait for a special celebration to indulge in these delicacies. Any day of the week is just fine. We know where there is more! Drooling yet?

Our golf cart has been petering out on us as we tour around the park. We don’t go too far or too long when it begins to run out of “juice”. Sandy and I have to get off and walk. Boooooo. Cory worked on it today figuring it has to do with the batteries. If his handiwork doesn’t help, new batteries will be the next step. I’ll have to give up on the lobsters for awhile. The cart requires 6 batteries and they aren’t cheap. Rats! Lulu wants to cross her fingers that what Cory did will work....but, again.....you know the issue she has (no fingers).

The four of us made a day of it after we dined at Bar Harbor. We went to IKEA and wore our feet down to nubs walking around that humongous store. Rested in their cafe area, drinking coffee. I had a piece of delicious chocolate cake but that’s a sore subject so it ends here. All I can say is Sam left a big chunk of drool on the table when we left.

Next stop: Costco. Oh, I have missed their mega maze of goodies. Had to buy one of their tasty, rotisserie chickens to feed us for this whole week. They are huge! We get multiple meals from just one chicken. How can they sell these Big Birds for $4.99 and make any money? Cory said they don’t....it just their way of getting you in the store and breaking the ice for the shopping to begin. Works for us! You could buy one for Thanksgiving and no one at the table would ever know the difference. Think about it, folks!! Easy Peasy. Costco is something to be thankful for. A stop at Publix and a 7-11 and we were done for the day! Talk about being “done-in”. We were!

How did you make out? Too jumbled up to follow or was it about par? You all seem to have all this down pat now......hopefully remembering to scroll way, way down to see ALL the photos I post with these chatty narratives.

Thank you and buh-bye.

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10th November 2019

Am drooling over the lobsters!! Carry on and continue to enjoy!!!
10th November 2019

Wish you were sharing lobster time with us. Happy hour and lobster go great together.
10th November 2019

I was at Webster on Monday, as well! Friends asked if I wanted to go with them - well, of course! We stayed on the 'East side' though and never ventured to the West. What do you think of them now being open on Sunday AND Monday?? Jim and I don't like it to say the least.
11th November 2019

Just mentioned we looked for you. We didn’t know Webster is open also on Sunday. Boy, that’s a change after all these years of only being open on Monday!
11th November 2019

Great pictures
lol...Just love your blogs !! Really you should have been a writer for sure! Tammy and Gord came in Sat. and went you go past the pumping station ...hehe...they are right there at the end with black pick up truck
11th November 2019

Thank you kindly, Linda
Cory saw Gordie driving a black truck when we were on our golf cart in the Sandcastles. You will miss them as next door neighbors. Fortunately, they know where you live and visa versa.
11th November 2019

Not there yet
We start Webster in Jan. Lavender bldg. Jim is still in CT - I will be flying back to CT on the 21st
11th November 2019

We shall look for you at Webster. Enjoy your holidays.
25th November 2019

If Jany is there ask her where we bought the batteries for her cart last yr. They were 2-300 cheaper than some bids.
25th November 2019

Not sure who.
Who is Jany?

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