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November 8th 2018
Published: November 9th 2018
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Miss us? We’ve missed you! Just needed a few more photos to complete this blog and a few more events to share with all of you. Plus the time to write the blog. Now we are all caught up and ready to do another presentation. Before we move on, I must admit that I did it again with my last blog. So lengthy and soooo many photos. Did you get to see them all? All 45 of them? Is that a big moan or another mumbled comment I’m hearing? I see at the end of the blog page, it had you either hit #2 or “next” to move on for more photos and even went to #3 or “next” for the last of them. Geeze, I was worn out checking them so I’m sure you had a few special remarks by the time you got through all of them. You do know that if you tap on the photo, it will enlarge for you so you can absorb every little detail.

Since we left you, we had our RV and car washed and waxed. Steve has his own business that does this. We always use him cause he is very,
Steve’s RV Wash & Wax Business Steve’s RV Wash & Wax Business Steve’s RV Wash & Wax Business

Steve’s worker holding Lulu
very good. He travels the various RV parks looking for customers. In the summer, he goes to Colorado and works there. Both Steve (in blue shirt) and his worker were happy to take a break and pose with Miss Lulu. She wanted them to wash her, too. LULU! That doesn’t sound good at all! Shame on you!

Does our car look like a new, 2019 one now? Probably not cause it looks exactly like our old one....maybe a tad shinier. I just have to tell everyone. Sounds like we are bragging...we aren’t....just trying to point out a change (which can’t be seen). Look at the RV....so shiny you can see the reflection of our neighbors 5th Wheel in it! Thanks, Steve......Stevie Wonderful.

Remember the horrendous time we had at Lazydays before we headed home (April of 2018)? One major project we wanted them to do was repair 2 of our clouded windows. They said they couldn’t do it after they took them apart and left us still with messy, clouded windows. They only moved the cloudiness around on the windows. This left our door window with a cloudy smudge that looks like a big vagina. Nice,huh? Good Grief! Il est si mauvais! My photo could only show you a portion of this lady part due to reflection. That’s enough anyway. We put a balloon decal over the main muff but still parts of it can be seen. Just don’t look, please. We had to do something cause we didn’t want people thinking our RV was a place of ill repute. Lulu wondered if she should remove her RED bow and sit somewhere else besides the front window. We told her she was fine. What terrible advertising to draw onlookers in. Thanks to Lazydays....where we will never visit again even though we bought our RV there and always had good service....until this last visit. Adios, LD!

We have been having troubles with our Norcold refrigerator. A lot of humidity keeps building up on the inside roof of it and water dripped out of the bottom. Plus the fins had frost of them. We called a repairman in Orlando. He said we probably needed a new refrigerator and he would need to take our RV windshield out to do it. Nope....that isn’t a go for us. I put this photo on the Facebook Tiffin RV group that we joined. Excellent responses. And if we needed a new refrigerator, they can remove it through the driver side window. Some actually had it done through the door. We would replace it with a residential refrigerator so I doubt that the door would work for us. Our seals were bad and Cory replaced them this summer. Sandy Foreman came over and she found our problem!!! The tube from the drip tray was clogged. Once we got that open, everything seemed perfect. We owe her big time .....like a free meal or a day with Lulu. “Call Sandy Foreman for RV repairs!” However, the next day, even though it is much better, we still have a some humidity buildup. We bought a refrigerator fan and put that in it. I tried to empty some of our stuff out of the frig so air could circulate better. It has improved greatly but we aren’t at a 100% yet. We still owe Sandy big time, though. What a great gal !!

We are still going for morning coffee but now they (staff) moved us to the game room. Said we were too rowdy/noisy in the lobby. It’s okay but we asked for our BIG
Shiny RVShiny RVShiny RV

See the reflection?
coffee get-together in the Bamboo Room which was held every Tuesday. Carla (manager) said she’s working on it. Need a staff member to head it up. We said we can run it ourselves so it may happen sooner than later..... we’ll see. FYI (long termer’s at Tropical Palm’s): Melinda, our activity director, is leaving TP on Nov.14th and going to The Villages to work. Oh, dear.

Monday was a full and fun day...... for the most part. The four of us (S,S,S&C) decided to go to Walmart (my favorite store) for a few things. We left @ 10:00 AM. Came back to our RV’s to drop off our loads. Onward down the pike for lunch at Bob Evans....tasty. Sandy and I went in a 2nd Walmart (hooray) while Sam & Cory went into a Lowe’s next door. Continuing our jaunt, we stopped at a Dick’s, Target, Aldi’s (dark chocolate candy), Sam’s Club (gas), Camping World and returned home @ 6:30PM. Where did the time go? It flew cause we were having a good time. We definitely know how to fill up an entire day.

Cory had a bad thing happen to him on this same day...in the evening. The tooth that held one side of his new bridgework, broke off at the gum line. Ouch! He didn’t know it at the time and must have swallowed it. He had been eating a cheese and triscuit cracker. I said we had to watch for it but he refused! So I can’t show you a picture of the broken tooth....but I tried. Lulu said she’d watch, too. No way! Rats!

Anyway, we called and sent photos to his new dentist in Avon, NY. She agreed the remaining part of the tooth needed extracting and to have it done down here. That way, when we go to see her after Thanksgiving, she can work on adding this missing tooth to the new bridge. Yesterday, we went to a dentist in Celebration who was recommended to us. More xrays! If he doesn’t get head cancer from all the X-ray’s, it will be a miracle. The dentist said the extraction would be more complicated than he could or would do and referred Cory to an Oral Surgeon. We went right over and they set him up for the extraction the next day (today). Just amazing down here how promptly they all get you seen right away. We aren’t used to this with his former dentist in Wellsville. He had to wait weeks in between visits for all his procedures.

Before we left to see the Celebration dentist, everyones’ friend, Joe, came over to Sam and Sandy’s RV. He was fixing one of their ceiling vents. He also helped with a front fog light that had popped out of its place and was hanging down. We went over to help in the supervision. Cory got down on the ground with Joe to assist him. They make a nice couple and a swell team. Joe wanted to show his great strength by lifting up the front end of their RV. We all watched in awe. He was able to communicate with Cory by calling to him through the generator slide opening. Cory listened from below. Friends helping friends. That’s what goes on all the time in this park. “There are good ships and wood ships but the best ships are friendships!”

We took advantage of Cory’s eating ability (before the extraction )early Wednesday evening . Our fearless foursome sped down the highway straight to our favorite Ale House Restaurant. Sandy had called to see if they still had their Wednesday night special: LOBSTER...$14.98. The entire lobster (big one), one side and coleslaw for this price. The lobster was absolutely delicious. Lots of sweet, fluffy lobster meat. Our dreams came true! Sam got a monster bowl of garlic shrimp (35 of them) fettuccine. Ohhhhhh.......so yummy. Cory wasted no time eating his large portion of chopped steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and broccoli. We’ll be back, folks! Hope you liked what you ordered. Cheers!

Before we left yesterday, the Safelite windshield replacement man arrived to finally install a new one in our new car (the one you can’t tell the difference from our old car) EXCEPT for the crack! We had sustained a crack in it on our travels down here. We have been waiting awhile for them to finally get here to do it. Rats! Wrong windshield! Oh, brother. Back in line we go and wait again for them to return. They said sometime next week. They can’t wait any longer cause we are heading home to NY the following week. The crack is slowly creeping up the windshield. I hope you all are feeling sorry for us with our latest occurrences. Love sympathy. Lulu tears up when she looks at us. So compassionate and so sympathetic.....love her!

And today (Thursday) was the day Cory had his tooth pulled. Ouch! He said the dentist numbed it up good so no pain just pressure at times. He has dissolvable stitches in the area. Right after the procedure, we went to the drugstore to fill his Rx for a heavy duty pain medication. He’ll be a happy fellow for awhile. We are doing off and on ice packs today besides the drugs. The round, brown “Oreo” cookie is an ice pack....not excrement from Lulu. Now let the healing begin. Poor guy.

I tried to pass myself off as his new nurse with my new blond hair. Drugged and half asleep, Cory was utterly thrilled. Blood drooled from the corner of his mouth! I switched to the pink hair. His blood dried up. The black coiffure was only so-so for him. Taking a survey. Which one shall I make as my permanent hairdo? Only one vote, please.

Time to go. My two favorite shows are on TV tonight. Yippee! Watching The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. Yippee! Thursday night is the only TV night I look forward to. Please, don’t call us tonight....I’m busy during 8-9 PM watching the TV. See all of you tomorrow. Rest well!

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Cheers, Sam! Cheers, Sam!
Cheers, Sam!

Look at all his shrimp!
My lobster dinner...terrific My lobster dinner...terrific
My lobster dinner...terrific

Gave my coleslaw to Cory
Cory sleeping after tooth surgeryCory sleeping after tooth surgery
Cory sleeping after tooth surgery

Brown ice pack & neck pillow to hold it in place.
Black hairdoBlack hairdo
Black hairdo

Yes or No

10th November 2018

Poor Cory
Give Cory a hug for me and , personally, I like the pink wig. Reminds me of my lil’ troll doll I used to have.
10th November 2018

Hug given
Cory thanks you for the hug....he’s doing very well. Great....I loved Troll dolls...pink it is. Thanks, Gwen ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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