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November 3rd 2018
Published: November 4th 2018
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Monkey BoyMonkey BoyMonkey Boy

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Got your good walking shoes on? Great. We are going to walk 2 1/2 miles today to show you a little more of our RV park and then hoof it outside our park to a few places that are just a walk away.

No, Lulu is not coming. I have enough weight to carry myself — her fat head would wear me down too much and too fast. She’ll be fine. We’ll let her take the golf cart for a ride later. She manages the cart fairly well with no way to hold onto the steering wheel (no hands/arms) or no legs to push the gas pedal or brake. Of course, the cart remains stationary but she doesn’t care. She’s just glad to sit in the driver’s seat. She could never become a Uber driver...too bad. She would be a good one.

But first, a moment of housekeeping. Yesterday’s blog spoke of “Monkey Boy” with a photo. After publishing the blog, I saw I forgot to add that photo. I was able to edit my blog which is sent to all of you who receive it directly from the Travel Blog site and added the picture of “Monkey Boy”.
Road close to poolRoad close to poolRoad close to pool

Toucan Cafe at pool
A few of our AOL followers can’t receive the email from the Travel Blog site ‘cause for some reason, they stopped sending them to AOL subscribers. Thus, I send the blogs to these folks from my own email site. I could not edit these blogs so “Monkey” is not included. Therefore, I’ve posted his picture as my #1 photo in this blog. Certainly don’t want ANYONE missing out on this dandy addition. Recently, I discovered that a few AOL followers are now getting the blogs directly from the Travel Blog site.....but a few aren’t. Have no idea why.....inquiring minds want to know, though.

Let’s go. As we leave our RV, I’m showing you the roadway for RV’s that is closest to the pool. We used to be on a site more than half way down this roadway....site 310...the one with the little patio that I showed you in yesterday’s blog. Sam was sitting on it.

Next, beyond the white fence is the yellow Toucan Cafe located at the pool. See the cute little cottages in the next photo? Tropical Palms owns them and rents them out to guests. They have recently remodeled most or all of them now.
Tropical Palms Cottages Tropical Palms Cottages Tropical Palms Cottages

Lobby/Registration Building
There are many of them. I’m just showing you a few. As we head to another part of the park, you can see the yellow building which is the office/reception building. We go here for morning coffee in the lobby. Our mailbox is here plus a game/pool room, weight room, restrooms, small gift/supply area, amusement park ticket counter, a couple large reception rooms, the offices for the staff. We love Karen who has worked here as long as we can remember. She pulls this place together and keeps all of us happy. The other staff members are very good also. Each one tries to please all of us (impossible) and are very friendly.

Now we are heading into the park section that is filled with hundred’s(?) of adorable, colorful cottages. They are called the Sandcastles. They are mostly owned and occupied by the people who bought them. Some are rented out by the owners. Tropical Palms (Karen) sells the new ones and some others to potential buyers. This past year, they brought in a few new ones...the colorful line up in the photo are the new ones. One looks sold (blue) but the others are available. Come on down!
Sandcastles Sandcastles Sandcastles

New Sandcastles recently brought in
You’ll love it here.

Now we leave our park and stroll along the sidewalk outside of it. On our right, you can see a huge complex (my photo doesn’t show you even a portion of it) resort. It is called Regal Oaks. Some people own the condos, many others rent them: daily, weekly or however long. Our daughter, Lory, and her family have stayed here. The condos are huge (2 bedroom for them) but I think they may go up to 4 bedrooms. A hot tub on the screened in back patio. A gigantic, beautiful pool. It is all very, very nice!

Keep walking. We are coming up on another condo (rental) building on the left. It’s yellow. I forget the name but we looked at them once and they are very nice, also. Look across the street and you are seeing the beginning of a favorite haunt called Old Town. In the distance, behind the amusement park rides, is a big Comfort Inn (yellow building). I’ll explain what Old Town is later. Don’t whine.

Okay, past the big yellow condo building and you are at the Barefoot Suites. Again, very nice. Lory and family stayed here, also. They are more like duplex suites.

Keep going. We are passing by a huge complex of hotel rooms/suites on both sides of the road (the road is Holiday Trail). This complex is called the Celebration Suites. They are okay...kind of. Years ago, it was a Days Inn Lodge. We stayed here (before the RV) and thought we had gone to heaven. It had a kitchen which divided a bedroom and a living area that also had a couch that converted into a bed. Since we traveled like the boat people with our 4 children, ourselves and my mother....it was perfect and soooo roomy.

Now, we are arriving at a big time change to the landscape. It won’t mean much unless you know this area. Last year, the flattened area on the left, surrounded by the green fence, used to be another hotel called the Roomba Room (a murder occurred in one room when we were down here last winter...not the reason it has been torn down). It also included their registration office, a massage parlor and a Vietnamese restaurant. I think a park ticket booth was in there at the end of it. Between two huge sections
Sidewalk outside Tropical Palms Sidewalk outside Tropical Palms Sidewalk outside Tropical Palms

We are walking on this now
of this vacant, demolished lot they have left a roadway so you can cross through to get to the Jester Hotel, American gift shop, 7-11 and eventually Publix and Celebration (Town). Cory tries to walk daily to Publix (big grocery store) for his morning exercise. Anyway, everything that was here has been demolished to make room for a new, huge, Hilton Hotel with shops around it. Restaurant maybe? When it’s done (date=?), it will be fabulous. Right now you can easily see the American gift shop and The Jester Hotel in the distance.

Okay, we have now walked up to the Irlo Bronson Highway/192. This is the Main drag through our section of Kissimmee, FL. Right now, traffic is good. Just wait until the rest of us snowbirds and tourists come on scene. Gridlock! You can see the big sign pointing back to Tropical Palms. The backside of this sign is missing. That’s a mighty tight corner to turn into when you driving an RV and towing a car. Especially when there are vehicles parked on Holiday Trail waiting to get onto 192. I white knuckle it every time we arrive.

Strutting up the sidewalk on 192, we
Regal Oaks ResortRegal Oaks ResortRegal Oaks Resort

One of the new Sandcastles with a loft
are heading towards Old Town. First we walk pass the bus station stop. We haven’t taken the bus down here but I’m thinking it would be fun to do. What do you think? Want to give it a try?

Across the big Highway (192) is the Machine Gun America place. Pricey! Something like $180 to shoot a pistol, a shotgun and a semi-automatic gun....a few shots from each and that’s it! How this place stays in business is beyond us. Beside it, the old flea market building reads World Food Trucks. Behind this building are dozens and dozens of food trucks. I think they sell mostly Mexican and similar food. Haven’t tried them. Interested in going?

Finally, we have arrived at the front of Old Town. This a free (no entrance fee) area with restaurants, bars, gifts shops, arcade, fun rides....all intended for the pleasure of the tourists. It is a neat place to wander through. You can see the new Ferris Wheel. Old Town host various cruise nights. I see some corvettes coming in for tonight.

A new restaurant has opened up in a vacant building. Called Frogger’s. Looks great and has a tasty looking menu. It’s a sports bar so we may have to go their tomorrow to watch the Bill’s game. Cory will like that! Flippers is the pizzeria everyone in the area uses. We never miss the chance to go in the Dollar Store. Everything is $1.00. Love it. You know what they had today? In all the parks and gift shops, you used to be able to find a somewhat heavy (acrylic ?) clear cube with an a flower, animal, Jesus, etc. etched deep inside it. Know what I mean? They used to charge you @ $19.98 for each. Rip off! Not here....$1.00! $1.00 each! In the box, too! If I liked them, I would have bought twenty of them. Not my cup of tea. Want one? Let me know.

As we continue on our trek through Old Town, we pass a mural to one of the stores...groovy. Hippie stuff. Love Tiki Jim’s. Always find a crazy t-shirt to buy here. They have attractive landscape, fountains and benches in the “medium”. Haunted House is still in operation. Yeah! They bury you alive by putting you inside a closed coffin that videos you the whole time....NOT ME! I don’t even have claustrophobia
Barefoot SuitesBarefoot SuitesBarefoot Suites

Yellow Condo Hotel next to Tropical Palms
and I still won’t do it. Electrocution Man is still here. For a buck, you can watch him holler and scream as he gets electrocuted...nice, huh? Our granddaughter, Sara, wouldn’t even look at it at first. Now she’s shoving the dollar bill in the slot!! Cory always stops at the Nut House. I am not saying anything more about that! Mums the word.

Most of the same shops are here. If you walk through Old Town on the one side, you enter an Amusement Park called Fun Spot. It has many nice rides but others are horrendous. Of course, all our grandchildren have gone on all of the horrendous ones. Puke! There’s a big bungee swing that takes you above the clouds and drops you from the sky. Fun....NOT! They recently built an all wooden roller coaster. For those who like roller coasters...not me....I heard it was a good one. Another deadly ride is the Slingshot that shoots you miles in the air and you bounce back a dozen times. Great...NOT! Another pleasant ride is called the Vomitron...need I say more? As we go back into Old Town, we go in The General Store. You used to get a 5 cent bottle of Coke here. No more. At the end of this “Town” are a few more rides. Love the carousel! A new section called “Scare Zone” has some very ugly creatures inside this area to scare you to death. Fun....wow! Nope!

Time to head back to Tropical Palms. We’ll just cross the Old Town parking lot and Holiday Trail and get back on our sidewalk.

Welcome to Tropical Palms. We’re back. Let’s go in the office building. See all the seating they provide for all of us to gather for morning coffee and friendship? It’s nice...everything is nice here. We hope you are enjoying being with us during our winter retreat.

Hurry up! Lulu is getting restless. I can hear her yodeling. You can ride with her on the golf cart but you won’t be going far. She can’t reach the gas pedal (no legs) let alone turn on the key (no arms). At least your hair won’t get disturbed.

The rescue ambulance came tearing in here today. Fortunately the lady who it was called for ended up being okay and they left without her. Lulu wanted to ride in it so bad. She
Welcome to Old TownWelcome to Old TownWelcome to Old Town

Looking across Old Town Towards Fun Spot
loves excitement you know. The police car was cruising around TP today, also. We had heard a loud explosion...sounded like a gunshot. Someone called the police about it but nothing was found. Interesting times in the trailer park.

Cory always puts a special license plate on the RV. This year we are from Aruba. People usually wonder how we got the Rv here from there. His explanation stories are usually absurd but the folks listening to him are always in awe. He bought a square tray at the Dollar Store to cover the heater hole on our RV where the door blew off. He taped it up nicely so it would fit. Mr Fix-it surfaces again.

More tidbits to tell but not tonight....yes, I can hear your cries of joy! I do understand but if I leave anything out, I would probably hear about that. Just stay tuned. I’ll fill you in next time. Something special to look forward to.

Lots of photos today, folks. Forty-five (45)! I should have made our walk as a video. But I didn’t so just keep scrolling WAY down so you can make sure you didn’t miss anything on our hike.

Additional photos below
Photos: 45, Displayed: 30


Coming up to new construction areaComing up to new construction area
Coming up to new construction area

Celebration Suites...just a part of them
Leveled ground behind green fenceLeveled ground behind green fence
Leveled ground behind green fence

No more massage parlor or Vietnamese restaurant
Roadway between leveled land Roadway between leveled land
Roadway between leveled land

Jester Hotel and American Gift Shop In distance
What’s to come....eventually..Hilton Hotel + moreWhat’s to come....eventually..Hilton Hotel + more
What’s to come....eventually..Hilton Hotel + more

Leveled ground where Old Roomba Rooms and shops used to stand.
Entrance to Old TownEntrance to Old Town
Entrance to Old Town

New Ferris Wheel
New Garage Theme bar going in this empty lotNew Garage Theme bar going in this empty lot
New Garage Theme bar going in this empty lot

Corvettes arriving for Cruise Night

4th November 2018

We Go Out Walking
Hi Guys! Got caught up on blogs this AM while Bob had hissyfit trying to synchronize clocks w/time change. He could never chauffeur you to Florida! Love the photo tour. Hey, don’t call Lulu a fat head! I’d like a yellow cottage, please! Go, Bills!
4th November 2018

Hi Gwen
Glad you are up to date with us. Yesterday’s blog got out of hand and I was up into the wee hours completing it. I just redid our clocks by 5 minutes. Cory did them first based on the time on the clocks. I checked CNN and went from that. What a pain! We put a down payment on the yellow cottage for you! Did you see how all the park buildings are painted yellow? Thinking of you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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