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November 11th 2018
Published: November 12th 2018
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Oh,my! We know the old, jolly bearded man in the red suit is coming to our homes faster than what we can even think.....but why are all the Christmas decorations up now? We haven’t even eaten the big bird yet. Talk about how fast time flies. Almost faster than the speed of light. Whoooossssssh. But we love those beautiful decorations......ooooooo & aaaahhhhhh. We can hear you singing some Christmas Carol’s ...nice, very nice. Oh, and there’s Lulu’s high pitched yodel....beautiful.

Something strange was shown to us by the folks who set up the festive Christmas decorations at the end of our road. One of their palm trees are many tiny little “sticks” coming out of one section of the tree trunk. Ended up not being sticks but little, live worms. Eeewwww. What kind are they? Do you know? Other palm trees just like this one don’t have the nasty little pests.

We listened to some of our friends talk about their annual Disney passes. We kind of thought we had enough of Disney after our visit to the Magic Kingdom last year.....our dreams didn’t come true like they said they would. C’est la vie. But....with these passes, you can
Tiny worms burying themselves into a palm treeTiny worms burying themselves into a palm treeTiny worms burying themselves into a palm tree

Only a certain palm tree...strange
go any day of the week (no weekends which is fine) with some black out days around the holidays (wouldn’t go then anyway). You can go to any of the four parks for as long or short as you want. Free parking ($25 otherwise) and discounts on food and dining inside the park. Plus, we could get these passes at the lower rate as Florida residents. Not cheap but almost half as much as non-residents pay.

Therefore, with no plans for the day, our foursome plus lovely Lulu decided to head to Disney Springs and their Guest Relations to look into getting annual passes. We waited awhile for our names to be called. Met with a lovely woman who talked us through it and answered all our questions. We had to show a picture ID....they accepted our NY driver’s license. They also wanted one form that showed our name with our Florida address. They prefer a bill like an electric, telephone, gas bill, etc. and for it to be less than 6 months old. We had taken a pile of various papers: golf cart storage rental, payment for our TP site, my eye doctor bills and others. She accepted them but still preferred one of those other bills I just mentioned. Okay....sounds good. But then, I got cold feet. I told Cory we needed to talk about it. So, we all left. Let’s talk over lunch. But where shall we eat. No question here. We are at Disney Springs. You know what that means...right? The Earl of Sandwich where I can get my #1 best-in-the-world tuna melt. And, as always, it did not disappoint. Lulu tried to devour it before I could even get my mouth open. Didn’t happen.....no hands to grab the sandwich. Sam tried to soothe her. Well, there was no talking here! So noisy. We ended up eating inside and it was beyond loud ....almost like a concert. I knew I should have practiced my sign language better. After chowing done our yummy food, we found a more serene place outside to do our talking. Didn’t take us long to arrive at a decision. We all headed back to guest relations and bought our annual passes. They start with our first visit. We get an armband (I ordered purple...the color of royalty) to get us into the parks plus all the perks. Poor Lulu was out of luck....no arms. Cory and I probably won’t use them until after the end of January. Next week we are heading home for the holidays. Then in mid January, we are all going on a 10 day cruise followed by two days in The Keys. But that subject is for another time. I can hear you all chattering and wanting to know the details. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a heads up with plenty of time to pack the right clothes. And get your seasick pills if you think you might have a barfaroo problem. I doubt that you will need them. We are sailing on another monster size ship.

After we left Disney Springs with our handfuls of free samples of Ghirardelli candy, we thought some ice cream would hit the spot. A wonderful sugar high. We went to the big, outdoor Ice Cream Cone and ordered our tasty dairy treats. Of course, “you-know-who” carried on until she got hers. Sometimes she can be so demanding and in such a big yank.

While doing our ritual walk around the park with Sam & Sandy, we came upon a Tropical Palm’s friend who was unloading his wife’s three wheel bicycle from the roof of his huge semi truck cab he uses to tow their beautiful, big 5th wheeler. As we helped him lower it to the ground, he said his wife couldn’t use it anymore cause of her knees. Knees are such a pain to many of us....me, included. Lulu is smirking.....no knees! He said they would sell it. I wanted it. Early Christmas?? Yes. Cory bought it for me right then and there. Yippee. I love it! Thank you, dear Cory. I love you! And so does Lulu! She gets to ride in the basket in the back. Her dreams have come true. Ok...bikers...I’m with all of you now. Where do you want to ride today?

Update on Cory. He has done very well since his tooth extraction. Just fussed up that he got nothing from the tooth fairy for it. I told him that was only for a whole tooth. A root gets nothing, zero, naught, zip, nada. Better late than never, we finally bought some dental insurance. Through AARP. Seems very good and accepted by his dentist. Covers all procedures except Invisalign. Not planning on straightening our teeth at our age, anyway. You can called us “twisted teeth” if you want. We have broad shoulders.....too broad, actually.

The other night as the four of us took an evening golf cart ride, we came upon a glowing red fireball. Well, it looked like that at first. It is a huge truck/RV with so many bright red lights all over it. It looked like a devil rig. What an eye catcher. One gigantic Christmas decoration! Our friend, Jon, has a similar type rig. It’s called “Cream Puff”....a far cry from this wild devil looking vehicle. We took a vote and decided Jon needs to add a few more lights to his baby and make them bright red.....no more Cream Puff stuff ....he can call his Lucifer.

Yesterday, Sandy, Cory and I felt the need to go to Walmart. What a blessing to have one so close, so near, so handy, so welcoming ....oh, so wonderful. Sam decided to take a rain check. First, we made a few other stops. Another shoppers’ marathon. Went to Big Lots, Home Depot, The Home, Sam’s Club and finally to Wally Mart! One nice thing....you can get your mouse ears here for $5.00. In the park, you’ll pay up the nose. I’m now looking for bicycle accessories!

OMG! You know how you see those bizarre Walmart pictures on the Internet? The ones showing people crazily dressed or having some drainage problem? Well, parading in front of us as we were looking to check out, I observed a young lady wearing very little....almost diddly-squat. Sometimes I have to wear a sweater in this store cause of the powerful air conditioning. This floozy wasn’t caring about any of that. Hot stuff! We did NOT get behind her behind in the check out line! No way! And don’t say “I’m just jealous”. Ewwww.

Today, one of our friends, Joe, organized an honor ceremony for all the veterans in the park. Remember it’s Veterans Day today. It was a very nice ceremony. We certainly appreciate all their service they gave to our country. More of our friends continually arrive here at Tropical Palms. Some gathered here for this occasion. It’s so good to see all these fine, familiar faces again.

Our day continued on a positive note. The only place Cory could watch the Buffalo Bills game was at a Sports Bar. Oh, lucky him. They opened a new Sports
Riding High in the SkyRiding High in the SkyRiding High in the Sky

Tethered Balloon at Disney Springs
Bar & Grill at Old Town. It’s called Frogger’s. We slipped on our hiking boots and marched up to this festive eatery and drinking hole. The TV director guy put the Bills game on two TV’s next to us. Glory day. He put the Patriots game on where Sam could see that one. And can you believe it?? The Bills won! Wow! Now that’s something to shout about....🎼you make me want to shout🎼! The food was very good...a huge variety to chose from. I ordered a shrimp po’boy. Look at the size of that baby! And I ate it all. Shame on me. Did you like the taste I gave you? Hope so. With less spryness in my step, we traced our way back home. Fun in the Old Town today.

Plan to get get up early in the morning. It’s Monday. Remember what that means? We’re going to the Webster Flea Market. Be sure to wear your comfy shoes and carry a big walking stick. I wish I could take my new bicycle there. Rest up for this exciting day. It will be fun.

Yoo-Hoo....26 pictures this time so just keep scrolling everyone.

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Can you see us now?Can you see us now?
Can you see us now?

Sam & Sandy at Disney Springs
Lulu waiting for her ice creamLulu waiting for her ice cream
Lulu waiting for her ice cream

She’s sooooo small
Lulu ...the pole dancerLulu ...the pole dancer
Lulu ...the pole dancer

Ate all her ice cream except the cone
Riding HighRiding High
Riding High

Three wheel bicycle
Time to RaceTime to Race
Time to Race

And the winner is....
Huge Red RV truck that is in our parkHuge Red RV truck that is in our park
Huge Red RV truck that is in our park

Jon, add a few more lights to your rig!
Dressing downDressing down
Dressing down

Huss Bucket

My po’boy....huge!

24th November 2018

Florida Residents?
Two questions - 1st do you have to officially be Florida residents to get the passes. I thought I needed a FL drivers license to get the passes?! 2nd - a blog or two back - Walmart's app where you used to submit their receipts for savings You said it now has to be done in the store - last time I was in I couldn't figure it out...how does it work?? ps, I found this blog by clicking on 'previous'
24th November 2018

Hi Linda
As you know we aren’t Florida residents. Disney accepted our NY driver’s license as ID...you do not have to have a Florida license. They prefer a utility bill ....something with your name on it with a Florida address. Newspaper subscription? Gas or electric bill. Water bill. Something similar...bank statement? That’s all. We signed up for an annual pass with No weekends and it has black out dates (around holidays). It was pricey. I think we paid @$330 ish each. But figure, by going to just 3 parks one time....it will have paid for itself. The saving catcher is now when you check out at the register...First you have to set up a Walmart Pay. You will find that on the Walmart app and go first to “services”...at bottom of screen. At Walmart pay, you have to list a credit card on file. I made the mistake of listing my little nest egg from savings catcher, So they used that first to pay for one of our visits. There is a spot to turn that off but I didn’t see it until it was too late. I have it off now so slowly I am building the egg up again. In the meantime, when we go to Walmart, I tell the cashier I’m using my Walmart pay. On the check out screen which faces you, a box bar code shows up and you hold you device up to it and now it scans your purchases. Have your Walmart pay open on your device when checking out. It has the scanner box on your screen. After the scan, it goes thru and pays for it on your credit card. That’s it! Very fast. You don’t get a receipt...it’s on your device in your Walmart app. Before closing your app after all is scanned and done, there is a “submit” button to hit...that sends this recent receipt out to all the other stores looking for cheaper prices. They will notify you if they find any lower ones and how much...then they put that into your credit card OR for me, my savings catcher now that I have it turned off. Follow me? They should also help you at the register....only place you can do it...not at customer service. Too late then. Must be done when you check out. Let me know if you have more questions. One of my blog followers said she also clicked previous on my blog and saw all the old ones. 😍😍😍😎😎😎😎 I was going to contact you to see if you have any suggestions about the blog site. I still have the same problem but working my way around it...tedious. I don’t think they are even getting my test messages. Wish they had a phone. Others have the same problem but they don’t get answers either...I saw that in their forum. When do you come to Florida or are you here now?

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