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November 2nd 2018
Published: November 3rd 2018
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Sam & Sandy Sam & Sandy Sam & Sandy

Our Dear Friends
Well, we all had a brief reprieve. No blogs for a couple days. Hey! Is that applause I’m hearing? My typing finger has healed. We are back in business, now. Less moaning, please. You are upsetting Lulu.

We are walking and rolling. Time to get some of our walking in. Sandy, Cory and I began hoofing it around our RV Park. Sam was not going to be left behind....actually he got ahead of us some of the time as he rolled along on his trusty scooter. Sandy is far above us in the amount of walking she does. I have to stop after my knees tell me too. But anything is better than nothing. We try to do a decent walk everyday.

Our park is divided into numbered sections. We live in the 300’s. We wandered through the 200’s and met the new lady, Linda Roberts (her husband wasn’t there at this time). They came from Maine and will be here for five months. Welcome to Tropical Palms.

Sam & Sandy posed for a photo after we left Dave & Linda...and Walt & Diane who were visiting them. Onward, still in the 200’s, past a new Destination Trailer that someone has brought in. You have to hire a company to haul these. They are very easy to live in. A true trailer home. This trailer is one of many who rented their site for at least a year (blue sign in yard).

We ambled down to the alligator pond, past the yellow building that is the recreation building. When there is a party or any group gathering of the “long termers”, we all go here for the festivities.

Saw one small alligator in the scummy creek that flows from this pond. It never moved. Couldn’t see the bigger ‘gator in the actual pond. Must have been hiding. The fountain, which helps to circulate the water, wasn’t running.....nasty scum is building up in the pond. Ewwwww.

The 700 section is filling up nicely with returnees. We are amazed to see how many folks are here already. The blue sign I took the picture of is at those sites that has been paid for by the RV owner for one year....doesn’t matter if the site is empty or has their RV on it....it’s theirs for the year that’s designated on the sign. This was a new offer made by the management last year. Many people took advantage of it. Someone said there were 192 of these signs up.

We strolled past the site (in the 300’s)where Shiela had her huge, monster size blue unit. I tried to find a photo of it from before but no luck. I hope some of you can remember it from past blogs. It was something to see. One of a kind. It was custom made and she and her son lived in it here in this park for many years. This new and bigger, as of last year, 5th Wheel (but it had many more wheels because it was soooooo long) had roof problems. Shiela got fed up with these problem issues so had her son take it back to the factory. He used that big, blue semi-truck cab to haul it away. I don’t think Shiela will be back. Last year, she also had a pretty Class C Motor Home on an empty lot besides her “Big Blue”. Now the Class C sets on the lot where the gigantic, blue trailer stood. I think her son comes and goes from it. No sure how long he or the Class C will stay.

The company that owns this park have been gradually trying to update and improve it. It looks very nice this year. They have remodeled all the restrooms on the grounds. However, the restrooms near the pool are not done yet. They were working on them last year. They have some “portable outside” restrooms near the laundry room to help accommodate those who need them. The pool looks inviting. I didn’t get the temperature of the water though. The wind picked up today because a bad storm passed through. Not sure if the pool umbrella & table fell over due to that or from a joyous, rowdy party group.

They have an outside company doing the landscaping. They have a calendar that shows which days the various sections of the park will be mowed. That’s helpful cause many of us put up yard decor and now we know when to move them so the mowing can be done completely. My bobbing flamingo get placed on its nest on mowing day.

The photo showing Sandy (on the left) walking down a road is the road that we live on plus Sandy and Sam. This is the
The PondThe PondThe Pond

The white is the reflection of the clouds
300’s section. Walt & Diane live further down this road past us. Carolyn & Bill live diagonally across from us. When Jon & Linda Gibson get here, they live next to Walt and Diane. Lulu is glad Jon lives further down the road ....sometimes he torments here....other times she gets weak swooning over him.

They seemed to have painted more and better signage on the roads in the park. Sam had no problem going forward when he saw the big yellow arrow pointing the way. He got confused, however, when he landed on the arrow pointing both ways....he didn’t know if he was coming or going.

We stopped at our “old site”...#310. Years ago, Cory and friends built the little “patio” that Sam hovered over with his scooter. We did that cause when we went in or out of our RV door, it was either dirt or mud. Made a mess inside the RV and you know how thrilled I am about cleaning......blaaaah. The patio remains intact but it needs some weed pulling around the stones. I’m not doing it. Lulu offered but, you know.....no hands or arms.

As we got closer to our two RV’s, I snapped a photo from behind them. Sandy & Sam own the one on the left and we have the one on the right....next door neighbors.......hurray, bravo, yippee! Life is so good!

Still more to show you around the park but it will have to wait for another walk. Be patient. We’ll get there.

On Thursday, I had a routine appointment with the eye doctor who did my cataracts last April. He said all was well except I’m beginning to get a little scar tissue over the left eye. He’ll see me in March and might have to laser it. A common event with cataract surgery. Cory signed up to start his appointments to get his cataracts done hopefully in March. Dr.Hanzlik is happy doing “his” & “hers”

= $$$.

We stopped at a Target store to check out all the Halloween stuff that was 50% off. Oh.....so tempting. Monkey boy tried to scare me! Boo! Didn’t work. I’m strong. With their discount, that head was only $15.00. We didn’t buy it. Rats! Double rats!

While we were out, Sandy called us and said our golf cart was being delivered. Whaaaat! Cory had called them the day after we got down here and they were going to keep it a week or two cause we requested a new seat on the back of the golf cart. They would call before coming. That didn’t happen. They were able to repair our seat and it is nice & fine. We are happy. Obviously, communications broke down at their storage place about the delivery date but no matter, we quickly returned to TP, paid our bill and took Sam & Sandy for a ride on the cart around the park. Nice to have our blue buggy back. They had cleaned it all up so it is nice and shiny.

Tomorrow, we get our RV washed & waxed. They do our car, too. It rained hard today for awhile so we hope it’s all done doing that by tomorrow.

Cory called the man who put a new satellite dish on our roof last year. When we turned it on, it was fine but after awhile, the whole thing just shut down! Rats! He and Cory figured it was probably the satellite box. Tonight, Cory rechecked the wires to it and redid them....knock on wood...the satellite is working fine.....so far. Maybe we have lucked out. Pray!

Our cracked car window hasn’t been fixed yet....they had to order it. Hopefully, that will get done soon. The crack continues to creep. Creepy crack!!

Our refrigerator has had some issues. A lot of humidity builds up inside the frig....water leaks out at the bottom. Cory resealed the edges around the doors, etc, but it doesn’t seem to help. Figure we have to get a new one. Rats! Waiting for the repairman to call us back. C’est la vie. Lulu can at least wash up under the edge of the refrigerator. She likes it. Just her size!

Cory called the Alabama man who is getting our lost RV door cover and painting it. First, he said he could only paint the cover the tan that is the main color of our RV. We have a black swirl design that goes through it so I sent a photo showing how we wanted it to look. Hopefully, he can do it.

Believe me, RVing is fun and a great life but you still have issues that come up and need to be dealt with. Like everything in life, it is not
Sheila’s site: Big Blue Coach is goneSheila’s site: Big Blue Coach is goneSheila’s site: Big Blue Coach is gone

Her Class C on the site now
just a bowl of cherries.....lemons work their way into the bowl. C’est la vie.

Catch you all at the next blog. Toot-A-Loo! (21 photos this time....keep scrolling waaay down).

Additional photos below
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Sam & Sandy’s RV on leftSam & Sandy’s RV on left
Sam & Sandy’s RV on left

Cory & Sandy’s RV on right
Always something to fix on the RVAlways something to fix on the RV
Always something to fix on the RV

Just like a house and car together

3rd November 2018

Your Park
Thanks for showing us around your RV park!. What a lovely place to spend the winter. The weather here is still rainy and not nice; with no Indian summer in site....:(( We went to the Wellsville Brewery recently and it was nice to see Cory and Penny there.!
3rd November 2018

Hi Wanda
Glad you got too see Penny & Cory....he just bought a great house in Campbell, NY ...closer to work in Corning....but I’m sure he’ll be back on the weekends. Took a 2 1/2 miles stroll today and took more photos of TP and what’s outside our park....all for the next blog. 😎
3rd November 2018
Always something to fix on the RV

Thanks for photos and commentary. Fun to see and hear about TP and your adventures!
3rd November 2018
Always something to fix on the RV

Good to hear from you, BJ.
Took more photos of TP plus walked up to 192 and then down thru Old Town. Took tons of photos....all for my next blog. Stay tuned.
4th November 2018
Always something to fix on the RV

hi sandy... love the story in this blog..and the pictures ..wow that was a huge rv the lady had ...lots of money right there.... the park looks like a beautiful place to be... I am wondering if the eye doctor your going to is the same one in celebration that Katie goes too.... sandy ... sam can't walk at all .... oh howwwww the weather looks sooooo warm and nice .... it has rained here for the last few days....ugh...
4th November 2018
Always something to fix on the RV

Hi Mary Lou
Glad to know you are with us. Our eye doctor ONLY does cataracts so may not be the one Katie uses. Had rain yesterday but super nice today. More touring in tonight’s blog. Just keep walking, just keep walking.

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