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October 30th 2018
Published: October 31st 2018
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Morning coffee clatch in the lobbyMorning coffee clatch in the lobbyMorning coffee clatch in the lobby

Good friends gather together
It seemed so strange to wake up this morning and realize we weren’t at home in Shongo. Once we got our senses back and figured out: “Yes, Lulu, we are not in New York anymore!”— we are in Florida!! All’s well in the world. We’ll adjust fairly soon.

Trying to get back in our old routine, we headed up to the office lobby for morning coffee with our park friends. Oh, it is like a lovely homecoming seeing all the friendly, familiar faces. Almost like we had never left. Hail, Hail the gang’s all here.....we’ll almost all but still many more to arrive over the next few months. We are patiently but eagerly waiting for all of them.

Where are we going now??? Just guess.....right you are. Straight to Walmart, of course. My favorite store. And so close! My dream has come true, again. Life is Good! We would go to Publix following. We bundled into the car. Whaaaaaaat!?! Are you kidding? Noooooo. Our brand, new car (that looks just like our old car) has a short, thin crack in the windshield. Rats! Looks like a stress fracture crack but it is moving up the windshield. Poop! Cory called
Rats! Crack in our windshield Rats! Crack in our windshield Rats! Crack in our windshield

Can you see it? At the bottom
our insurance company and they are sending a Safelite Glass Replacement guy tomorrow morning to take care of it. No insurance deduction so insurance covers all. Whew! Enough is enough, though. These various stress issues can now stop.

Entering Walmart, we reunited with Steve, their Walmart greeter. Always acts like he knows us...and with all our many visits there, he should...but we aren’t real sure if it’s just an act. Anyway, it’s always nice to see him still at his podium.

Small disappointment at my favorite store. I have used their “savings catcher” app for a long time (have $111.48 in my Walmart saving account). It comes from if they find a cheaper price in another store, they give me the difference of what I paid over the cheaper price. I love it! Anyway, Cory usually checks out while I relaxed on their bench. I always find someone to chat with. Today, as he came with the cart, it dawned on me that we had to use the savings catcher in a different way from now on. They changed the process just yesterday. We went to the service desk. She explained our use of their savings catcher now
Walmart Greeter, Steve, with CoryWalmart Greeter, Steve, with CoryWalmart Greeter, Steve, with Cory

Last year’s heavy coats or caps needed today. In the 80’s.
had to be done at the register and we couldn’t use it today unless we wanted them to take all our items back and rescan them all over. No thanks! But next time, we’ll be on our toes and doing it the new way. Rats. If it wasn’t broken, why change it?

While at Publix, I asked a Bakery man where to order a sub for our lunch. He pointed us in the right direction and jokingly said to get him one, too. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Cory ordered a whole sub and had it cut in half. He asked the sub maker to give the one half to this bakery man which she did. Boy, was he shocked! He came running over saying he was only kidding. Cory said we weren’t. The man said thru the ten years he had worked at Publix, no one ever gave him anything until today. He was most grateful. Check - good deed done for today.

As we headed towards our RV site after our shopping trip, we saw an RV way out in our roadway. Cory joked it looked like someone was taking our RV. As we came closer....OMG.....l said it was our dear friends, Sam & Sandy. He said no cause this RV was in the site right next to us instead of their site which is one more we didn’t expect them until November 1st! CORY -’s them! Sam & Sandy are here! Yippee ki yay! Happy Days are here again! Whoopee! Hooray! We held back as long as we could while they positioned their coach. Then we zoomed over with welcoming hugs. So good to be with them again! Someone else was in “their” site so they took this spot (Mike, it’s your old spot) for the time beginning. After thinking about it, they decided they liked this new spot. Sandy went to the office and they were able to stay on this site for their duration. Hallelujah! Terrific! Marvelous! Wonderful! Yippee! It has taken years but now we are finally next door neighbors. Perfect! Grateful!

Friends came by to greet them both. Everyone loves seeing them! Our friends, Walt & Diane stopped by with even more friends, Jeff & Judy. Jeff is Lulu’s boyfriend. We met Jeff & Judy years ago when we camped just down from them here at TP. Jeff came to help us with some electrical problem. His first impression of us was we acted like “la-te-da” people. Jeff is very easy going and takes things as they come. No pretenses with him. He just did what he could and moved on. We did, too, and soon became fast and good friends. Now, Jeff is like a son-in-law because of his relationship with Lulu......and for Judy.....she is the best and sweetest person you will ever know. Love you, guys! We miss seeing Jeff and Judy on a regular basis cause they moved away to another campground....@ 2 hours north of TP on the west coast in a town called Hudson. We will visit them for sure on one of our journeys. They can’t get rid of us that easy! Keep your light on, J&J.....we are on our way.

Besides visiting with our friends, Cory was also busy making some more phone calls. He called Tiffin for a heater door to put back on our RV where the other one flew off. Tiffin will send one right out but they don’t paint it. We are now calling a man who has a paint shop in Red Bay, Alabama (where the Tiffin
The gang is all here! The gang is all here! The gang is all here!

Judy, Walt, Sandy, Sam, Diane, Jeff, Lulu, Cory
factory and service place is located) who has these very doors and he paints them to match our RV. Got his name from the Facebook Tiffin Group that we belong is a great group to be part of. Has all the answers for any problem or question.

Cory also called for our golf cart to be delivered...maybe 1-2 weeks cause we asked for our back seat to be replaced. Then, he called Steve who comes in the park and washes and waxes RV’s. We always have him cause he does a really good job....he also washes our car. Believe me, they both need it bad. Certainly no one would have a clue that our car is new by looking at the grimy roadster in front of our RV. Lulu is embarrassed riding in it. She stays in her carry bag. Steve will be here on Saturday. Yeah!

Reliving our typical, routine activity, our foursome (Sam, Sandy, Cory & me) loaded up into our new, filthy, damaged car to head somewhere for supper. Lulu stayed back...all this excitement did her in. Sandy & Sam had mentioned a good deal for shrimp at Red Lobster. Sounded good to us.
Lulu with her boyfriend, JeffLulu with her boyfriend, JeffLulu with her boyfriend, Jeff

She is in her glory! She loves Jeff!
We pulled right in as it’s just down the highway from TP. Actually, we have walked to it in the past. It’s that close. We ordered the “All You Can Eat Shrimp” special for $15.98. You have a choice of ordering your shrimp at least 6 different ways. The first course comes with 2 shrimp selections, salad and another side. And don’t forget their biscuits. Oh, we hadn’t had them for a long time. Just as mouth watering as ever. Our waitress took our order for another shrimp choice. By now, we were soooooo full we could only stare at what we hadn’t eaten plus this new order. Can’t eat or order anymore. No way, Jose. Had to box up all the food that still remained on our plates. Sam took a little rest in our booth after this mega meal. Our status now was at the stage when you keep swallowing a lot so as not to let anything come up your esophagus (food pipe). It was excellent but we ate waaaay tooooo much! We’ll have to walk to Disneyworld and back to work this banquet off.

Once back to our RV, we backed into our driveway. No letting Sam & Sandy off at their place they can go right from our car directly over to their RV. It is all in line with the stars. Life is good.

Sam & Sandy stayed at their RV. Sam was worn out with the all driving down here...and rightly so. Plus setting up the RV is total exhaustion. He was ready for bed! Sounded like a plan for us, too. Lulu was already snoozing away in her special spot in the RV.

While writing this blog and Cory watching TV, I finally realized someone was calling for us outside. I thought it was on the TV. Plus the caller has a Spanish accent. Once, I figured it out, we went outside as she didn’t plan to come in. She is our permanent neighbor on our other side. She lives in her new 5th wheel full time. Her name is Melba. She moved in last year before we left. A really nice lady. Originally, she lived in Puerto Rico but has been living in Florida for a long time. She works with special needs children. I wish you could meet would like her a lot. Anyway, she
Endless ShrimpEndless ShrimpEndless Shrimp

We ate it all....well almost.
had made a Special Puerto Rican dish to share with us. She suggested we try it while it was hot. Not going to happen....I can’t even get a dab of spit to go down my throat cause of the overindulgence at Red Lobster. I’m sure it will be just as wonderful tomorrow. Thank you, sweet Melba.

This day is full of bad, the rest fantastic. The good out weighs the bad twenty times over. So, folks, follow Sam’s plan and now ours.....time to hit the sack. Not many photos to thumb through this time. It’s a quick read blog this time.....we’ll, kind of. More to come, though, so stay tuned.

Meet you for coffee in the morning.

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Sam: Exhausted from drivingSam: Exhausted from driving
Sam: Exhausted from driving

Cory, Sandy & me: Exhausted from eating

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