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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo May 24th 2018

Today was a cool & casual 50 mile bike ride from Marathon to Key Largo. We woke up around 5:15 again and want through our usual packing up & getting dressed and ready for the day. It’s fun as an alum to see the new riders adjusting to waking up & getting their stuff together—there’s definitely a learning curve and though I try to give some tips to help them prep the night before, they still insist on waking up earlier than necessary to get ready for the day. This morning we had cake for breakfast with a side of coffee with peanut butter creamer (again!). We had our route meeting and our hosts Sue & Tom got us fired up! Tom cheered “Bike! Bike! Build! Build! Riding North is the way we go!” It was ... read more
Helmet Hair & Gas Stations FTW!
Birthday Girl’s dirt tan line
The group headed to Annie’s Birthday celebration

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 13th 2016

Geo: 25.1663, -80.3785 Fleeting along somewhere in Virginia, rocking gently in our sleeper roomette #4 on train 91, the Silver Star, bound from Washington, D.C. to Miami, Bill and I are on winter break from school, on an adventure to visit my dear friends, Elrose and Sue, who during cold weather months live in Key Largo, Florida. Last night we tried to sleep in the business class car on train 67, heading south from Boston to DC, but Amtrak had replaced the lovely, comfortable business class seats with the regular cattle car seats, just leaving more legroom, and they kept the lights shining brightly all night, so it was uncomfortable, impossible to sleep, and COLD. Knowing how easily I get chilly, Bill had thoughtfully packed a blanket for me, so I used my coat as a ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo August 11th 2015

Last time I was in the Florida Keys (over July 4th weekend) I had the opportunity to go out snorkeling several times. The weather wasn't ideal - it was a bit breezy and the waves were a bit rough, but the boats I was on went to more protected spots. I went out on several different boats. As always, the staff at Robbie's were great. I tried out Quiescence in Key Largo and loved them, too - being on a boat with just a few other people was worth the few extra bucks. Regardless of the less than ideal weather, I still saw several exceptional sights, including: A sea turtle A school of 16 eagle rays! A group of 8 reef squid Here are two videos I uploaded to YouTube: Eagle Ray at Banana Reef Sea ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo November 13th 2014

Thursday 13thNovember 2014 Key Largo We have spent an idyllic time so far in the Florida Keys. We have avoided being eaten by alligators, but the mosquitos got us, especially Viv who has a grand selection of bites, despite spraying up regularly with mossie spray; just like being at home in Spain in the summer! We love Key Largo (but we haven´t met Humphrey Bogart’s ghost yet). The Spanish first named this island; “cayo largo” means “long key” in Spanish, because this is the longest of the keys. It is 30 miles long. On Tuesday we drove south, down the key, across several bridges, which link all of the keys together, to Islamorada, Layton and then on to Marathon in the Central Keys. We saw dozens of sea ospreys circling above, hunting for fish; ... read more
Grey Heron
Canoeing the mangrove trail
Sea Osprey

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 26th 2014

Geo: 25.1663, -80.3785Leaving Key West and heading to Key Largo involved using the Overseas Highway, a dramatic 127 mile car ride and an engineering marvel that connects all of the Keys to the mainland. It was not, however, our next Wow but it was the means to get to our next big experience (although, to be fair, this was my big experience and definitely not DH's).As we've wandered the planet, DH (where the D does not stand for Dangerous Diva) has identified a number of activities that she approaches with care if not reluctance. Scuba diving and anything involving confined spaces rank relatively high on her 'Don't Love' list. Imagine her unrestrained joy when she found out that one of my Wow list items (that just happened to be in Key Largo) involved spending a night ... read more
DH Skyping Friends
Mission Control Centre Watches Through The Night
Suiting Up To Go To Our Room

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 25th 2014 read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 24th 2014

After a nice complimentary breakfast, we packed out of the Pelican, bought shampoo and KeyLime juice at the drugstore and headed over to Pennekamp Park. We joined the 12.15, 2 1/2 hour tour to Dry rock and snorkled all the way to a Corcovado under the sea. The boat let us out down tide from the site, I had trouble swimming against the current( I should have rented fins like dad did and told me to do- but I did not!) Terry pulled me part of the way, I saw it and then let the current carry me back to the boat. Lovely fan corrals, people saw sharks and turtles. We are now ensconced in the Sunset Cove Beach Resort, next door to the Pelican, with a lovely view of the bay and the back of ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 23rd 2014

After Terry read new scary reviews about Boatel, we were not expecting much, it was worse. Poor Terry has wanted this for a year and when we got there he was truly insenced and dissappointed. Thank God I can't walk ( after my fall down the stairs a few weeks before the trip), we were able to get out of our contract. The boat was 3 levels and down a steep incline. From the bedroom, down to the kitchen, I could not negociate the 3step circular staircase. Then on the outside, the deck leading to the back balcony was a mere foot wide and we would then have to climb a ladder to get to the top deck, in full sun all day. Then there is the view! Overlooking their fleet of dirty old boat and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 23rd 2014

Nice quiet and warm... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo August 30th 2012

Escape from Hurricane Isaak 08-2012 After spending a few months in the Florida Keys I had planned to leave by the end of August and head north in search of better “grazing grounds” . Since north Dakota was booming with the Oil industry I was considering moving up there for work. But first I had to fulfill my commitment here in the Keys. I was working on a Trailer addition for the sweetest Lady I met here in Florida and I was still in the middle of enclosing it when we got the hurricane warning. All of a sudden the week got cut down to possible 2 days left before the Hurricane was supposed to be hitting the Keys. It was important to close the room so the wind would not have it easy to get ... read more
The sun is back
anybody in there?
on aligator road

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