A fortunate delay

Published: October 25th 2010
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We left LaConner on Friday afternoon, visited Gabriel, Jason, and Annie, dropped the cat and our suitcases (and Bill) off at Vicki and Geoff's...and then I took our car to Luke's, and was treated to dinner and ride back to Vicki and Geoff's by Luke. By that time Betty the cat was already stretched out in front of the fireplace, relaxed and feeling at home. We packed up again, were driven to the lightrail station by Geoff...arriving at the airport around 9:30, to find the flight fully booked....but we did get seats (thanks to whoever decided not to fly out that night!) and arrived here in DC at 4:00am our time. We knew that our best flight wasn't until Monday, and fortunately a friend from my days in Paris lives in DC and was able to graciously take us in.

We took a bus, two subway trains, and a beautiful sunny morning walk to Connie's, where she had breakfast waiting. We caught up with Connie and her sons, napped, and then walked to the White House. I hadn't realized how many beautiful old townhouses line the streets of the Capitol....we strolled back towards Connie's beautiful 100 year building, stopping for cocktails along the way.

We spent Sunday in cafes and walking around the Mall, visiting a few museums, and then meeting Connie and her son Brent for a film (Waiting for Superman...fantastic..) We finished up the day on the roof of Connie's building, drinking wine and watching planes glide in behind the illuminated Washington Monument.

Today we will walk around the area, bid a sad farewell to Connie (with promises to come back soon) and then head back to the airport, hopefully arriving in Rome tomorrow morning.

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White HouseWhite House
White House

We saw steam coming out near the White House, and I asked the guard if it was the Obama's sauna. He said his lips were sealed on that topic.
Capitol MallCapitol Mall
Capitol Mall

Jon Stewart's rally will be here in a week...too bad we'll miss it...

25th October 2010

The Rally Jon Stewart
Roxanne is going to the rally next week end. I just wish she knew why she was going????
25th October 2010

waiting for the Huffington bus...
I'll try to go to the Jon Stewart Rallly. I'll be in NYC for a week visiting Allison and the boys. I'm going to the Huffington bus promise for the ride. We'll see! I do like DC! Thanks for the blog. Breta
25th October 2010

Love,love DC in October!
Our Peace Corps group had our last reunion in DC a couple of years ago-45 years since we had all spent a few days there on our way to Korea in Oct. 1967 and I think Oct rivals cherry blossom time...what a city! And lucky you heading to another one of the most beautiful in the world...Bella Roma!
26th October 2010

Bon Voyage!
There you go again. You forgot to take me with you. I have 2 new knees now and can keep up with you two traveling fools. Don't you just love DC? My sister and I are going to try to be at the rally on the 30th. Sounds like too much fun. I'm thinking you were successful in getting on your flight today and are jetting over the Atlantic as I write. Have a wonderful time and thanks for this blog. Love you guys, Carolyn in warm sunny soon to be cold, Detroit!

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