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September 26th 2021
Published: September 26th 2021
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Highlights from this week:

Sunday: Great Sand Dunes National Park. This was my 7th National park since I started on my mission to visit them all. The park has the tallest Sand Dunes in North America at 750 feet. Being the tallest Sand Dunes in North America isn't much though... I saw taller dunes when I was in Australia and I didn't even see the tallest dunes on that continent! There's not much to the actual park besides the park. The enjoyable part is seeing the abrupt change from mountains to sand. It would definitely be really interesting to see it in the Winter when the mountains are snow capped or in the Spring/Early summer when the river is flowing from snow melt. Sand dunes are always extremely windy. I went home with marks on my legs from the repeated beating from the sand and wind. Hiking and climbing the dunes sounds so idyllic but in reality you're just eating and being beaten by the sand constantly...

Right outside the park is a water fall called Zapata falls- up at 9400 feet. That was a worth while short hike.

Monday: I went back to the same game store and played Everdell. A fun time again 😊

Tuesday: Checked out Jackass Hill Brewery in Denver- yeah that's the name :-0

Wednesday: Checked out a different game night. The first hour they said they played cards against humanity while people arrived... ok awful game but I'll survive. Then at 7:15 when they were getting into their "actual" games people wanted to play "exploding kittens" and "what's your meme". I left. I have gaming standards and just cannot play those games and enjoy them anymore.

Friday: Hiked to the top of castle rock. It's a tall rock formation that is very identifiable and the tallest rock for a long ways. Definitely looks like a castle. Since it's the tallest rock around it has amazing 360 views around the top and the trail circles the entire "mountain" so you get the views all around while hiking- not just at the top

Saturday: Drove down to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Wow- gorgeous rocks. Also very random location- everything around very mountainy and forest and then these tall gorgeous thin rocks. The paths were very busy and parking was a huge challenge. Definitely a place worth visiting though.

Came back to Denver and went to see the Giants beat the Rockies 7-2. :D Definitely an enjoyable game and pretty good seats. It was quite the change being at a stadium other than the diamondbacks.

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