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September 18th 2021
Published: September 19th 2021
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Highlights from this week. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see all the pictures.

Sunday: Went Hiking with Copper at Hidden Mesa Open space. It was a nice 4.2 mile loop trail. At first we seemed to be hiking into a thunderstorm but the thunderstorm continued to move west faster than we were hiking. It was clear blue skies to the east and dark thunderous sky to the west. Very odd.

Monday: I went to a meetup at a game store nearby. Met some new folks and learned 3 new games and I liked them all 😊 Definitely a good group of people and similar board gaming style.

Wednesday: I went to a poly book club discussion. We met at "The Center" which is an LGBT resource building. They seem to have all kinds of support groups, resources and basically an all around safe and welcoming space. We used one of their meeting/conference rooms. Overall an interesting mix of people with different backgrounds which lead to good discussions. Almost no one read the book so the discussion was not focused as a book club but I still enjoyed it. Spoiler alert- I hated the book and almost didn't go because of how terrible the book was. After the book club a majority of us went to an Irish pub across the street and had less formal conversation.

Thursday: Copper and I walked around Bingham lake which is only a mile away. Pretty sunset and lots of other friendly dogs to greet. Tons of deer in the area who act like they own the place and aren't really afraid of dogs or humans. You frequently see them just lounging in people's yards or eating fruit off of trees. Copper thinks they are big dogs who want to play.

Friday: Copper and I checked out the local Parker Oktoberfest which was taking place all weekend. It was your typical small town fair with a focus on beer and german food. Some people were dressed up in traditional german attire. There was a polka band playing. Food trucks and other random booths selling things as well as a large beer tent. Copper did really well in the public setting- pandemic puppy meant he hasn't had that kind of socialization. I found it a compliment that the person in front of us didn't realize there was a dog in line behind her 😊 Lots of practice with the leave it command as there was lots of tasty dropped food on the ground. Also Copper thinks he's a horse and will eat Hay? Clearly I don't feed him enough...

Saturday: Went to a poly meetup in a park. Just a morning social hanging out on the lawn. Brought copper and he made lots of new friends. Someone had bubbles and I discovered he likes chasing bubbles. There's really not much difference between a dog and a toddler :D

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