Burn baby Burn

Published: July 1st 2012
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Hot day again. In fact, its about 108 degrees.

Jon and I went in the pool and spent an hour outside, before going to see Erin and Adam's new house in Lowry. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. Its HUGE - you can do cartwhells in tehir master bedroom and the en suite bathroom has a double shower, raised bath, toilet and huge walk in closet. Thye have a basement that is the size of one of my previous flats in London and a gorgeous spiral staircase coming uo from the living room. oh and a HUGE garden with patio area (complete with sofas) and a swing and slide (not their choice). It is my ideal house and compared to London, it was an absolute steal at 270k GBP.

We had a few beers and a gossip in the garden before heading to Washington Park (another stunning part of town) to meet Bridget and her friends for her graduation party. However, I didnt realise Wash Park is about 2 miles big and it seems everyone else was there as well, so after some wandering around, we couldnt find her, gave up and went home.

I am starting to get very anxious about the flight tomorrow. I have been trying really hard to control it, but my stomach is knotted and I keep having mini panic attacks. I am also very sad to be leaving Jonny behind.


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