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Published: July 13th 2012
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I felt sick and had stomach cramps all day today. The physical manifestation of my fear.

We got up late and (re) packed my stuff, but after trying every which way to fit everything into one bag, I had to bite the bullet and accept that I would have to pay $60 for an extra bag.

We had for brunch at Hapa Sushi, before heading to Slattery's to watch the Euro Cup Final. Neither did anything to help setle my stomach.

We went to Park Meadows to puppy land once more after the game, as I wanted distractions in the form of cute fur balls. As usual, I fell in love with most of them.

We left for the airport at 6.45pm, ready for my 8.45pm flight.

One storke of luck. At check in, their additional bag charging machine wasnt working, so I didnt have to pay the $60. I was still pooing my pants though.

I didnt go through security immediately and had two glasses of wine and spent a bit more time with Jon, before I finally had to go through at 7.30pm. Luckily, a colleague of his from the UK was arriving on the flight before mine and Jon was taking him back to Denver, so he would have some company.

Once through security, I made a beeline for a bar, which also happened to be right by my gate. I ordered two glasses of wine, telling the barman that I was really thirsty. There was a bit of merry banter and the girl sitting next to me joined in. We got chatting and it turned out that she was a teacher, going to Spain on vacation for two weeks. I love meeting new people at airports. I am very lucky and always meet really cool and intetresting people.

I decided that we should say goodbye with a shot and proceeded to buy something I cant remember, but I know that the two of them cost $20 and I vaguely remember Red Bull as one component.

The next four hours are hazy to say the least. I remember sitting next to a Polish couple, who were no fun, as they wouldnt entertain my drunken chatter. The next thing I remember is 'coming to' about four and a half hours later, sitting in a different part of the plane, next to an Asian lady and (I assume, her daughter). They were both smiling expectantly at me as I tried to figure out what I had been doing for the last four hours.

The next thing I heard was, 'I'm very much looking forward to your visit to New Delhi'.

I can only imagine what I had agreed to/suggested in that time, but it appeared that I was now best friends with these two ladies. I have just found the piece of paper that she gave me with her contact details, as we disembarked. Her name is Hasshita and she seems like a truly lovely lady. They got off the plane before me, but waited to give me hugs, before disappearing to catch their connecting flight to New Delhi. Hasshita told me how pleased she was to have met me and that she would call me the next day, once she was safely back home.

I feel awful about not remembering our conversations and I feel awful for forcing them to humour me (which I may well have done) and I feel sorry for the other passengers, who no doubt heard every word I slurred drunkenly.


what an absolutely awesome three months. I am so sad to say that I am now back in the UK and it has not stopped raining for a minute since I've been back. Welcome home me.


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