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I felt sick and had stomach cramps all day today. The physical manifestation of my fear. We got up late and (re) packed my stuff, but after trying every which way to fit everything into one bag, I had to bite the bullet and accept that I would have to pay $60 for an extra bag. We had for brunch at Hapa Sushi, before heading to Slattery's to watch the Euro Cup Final. Neither did anything to help setle my stomach. We went to Park Meadows to puppy land once more after the game, as I wanted distractions in the form of cute fur balls. As usual, I fell in love with most of them. We left for the airport at 6.45pm, ready for my 8.45pm flight. One storke of luck. At check in, their additional ... read more

Hot day again. In fact, its about 108 degrees. Jon and I went in the pool and spent an hour outside, before going to see Erin and Adam's new house in Lowry. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. Its HUGE - you can do cartwhells in tehir master bedroom and the en suite bathroom has a double shower, raised bath, toilet and huge walk in closet. Thye have a basement that is the size of one of my previous flats in London and a gorgeous spiral staircase coming uo from the living room. oh and a HUGE garden with patio area (complete with sofas) and a swing and slide (not their choice). It is my ideal house and compared to London, it was an absolute steal at 270k GBP. We ... read more

I took advantage of the pool today until it clouded over at 1pm, so I headed inside and did some grant writing for back home. Jon and I went to Park Meadows in the evening, for one last look at the puppies and dinner in the Cheesecake Factory. Good Carbonara! Watched The Breating Room back at Jon's. 28th June More swimming and Little India for dinner 29th June Had lunch with Linda, Erin and Jon at Slattery's (I cant get enough of that tomato and artichoke soup!) It was a long and lovely farewell lunch. I went down by the pool when I got back but after 10 minutes the sky had gone black, so had a chat with mum on skype and did some chores. Jon cooked Toad in the Hole for me - this ... read more

Jon went to a charity 5k run to take pictures at 8am. Ali, (from last night) had organised it and Jon had agreed to get before and after shots. I was going to go but really wanted to try and get hold of my mum to pass on my sympathies. When Jon got back, we got our stuff together and headed to GB Fish & Chips, to get our seats for England v Italy. Six beers didnt make the pain of losing any easier, but Jon did strike up a bromance with the owner of the place, which is something, I suppose. We both fell asleep by the pool after the game - we were both more drunk than we cared to admit and I woke up with a thumping headache. 25th June I got back ... read more

It is 106 degrees today. I know this is a radnom way to start the day, but Jon took me to Ikea this morning. (there was a reason). I had been saying how depressed I was about the space you get in the UK for the extortionate money landlords charge, so Jon took me to see these showhomes in Ikea. Onbe of them was 590 sq feet - a shoebox and yet, they had split the space into 5 separate rooms - each of them quite spacious. The showhomes were designed to show how using vertical space and partitions can make even a tiny space look bigger than it is. I was amazed at this and it has got me thinking about buying a studfio flat in the UK and working this magic into it... We ... read more

21st June I was working at ALAC today, helping prepare for a Donor/Volunteer Appreciation event this evening. I spent the morning making fancy sandwiches with VJ (a very sweet 19 year old volunteer) and talking about the differences between the US and UK. One of the biggies was that studentsd in the US have to pay $30k for University education if they dont get a scholarship or any financial support. It makes my 9,ooo GBP education look cheap! Nancy very kindly treated me to lunch at the Elephant Bar, which was lovely. In ther afternoon, after making desserts and nibbles, we started transfering stuff from the office to the venue (which was a very fancy apartment building near the office). The Landmark apartments sell for millions and their lobby area boasts a huge oak library, crystal ... read more

We have Bridget coming over for dinner tonight and I am determined to make her an English dinner. However, I have realised it is impossibe to make English food with American ingredients, as everything is so sugary or has added vanilla, or is triple fried. I went to the gym in the morning, tidied the house and attemptd to make an authentic Eton Mess with vanilla meringue pieces, double vanilla cream (I couldnt find plain versions of either) and 'confectioners' sugar, which had the consistency of flour. Needless to say the dessert was horrible. It was sickly sweet and well, American. I made bruschetta with feta and roasted peppers for starter, which was delicious, but as British as the Eton Mess. Jon came up trumps with Toad In the Hole, which Bridget loved. We had a ... read more

7th June Work day. I was making calls to previous Run the Rocks participants (Run the Rocks is an annual 5k run around the venue.) I then spent the afternoon researching potential corporate partners, by looking at their CSR policies and the work they do in the community and working out which would be the best fit with ALAC. Once I have compiled a list of 50, I will approach them to intoduce them to the charity and discuss opportunities with them. Jon went to collect Anders from the airport at 11.30pm. 8th June We went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast (in Jon and Anders' case, a Dutch Baby) and then meandered to Park Meadows for a bit of shopping and puppy gawping. I played with a gorgeous 2 month old Pug. After getting ... read more

2nd & 3rd June 2012 Lazy days, as we were both tired from the 2,500 mile road trip. 4th June Jubilee! But other than that, gym and meh 5th June ALAC. Was doing bits and pieces for a donor appreciation event on June 21st and then started researching venues for an event in November. I had a specific brief to work from and think I found the perfect place. 6th June Gym, went for a long walk around George A Wallace Park but started feeling pain in my feet about a mile in. I had to walk to King Soopers to buy milk and by the time I reached it, I could barely move. I had hug blisters on th soles of my feet that covered the heel, mid section of the foot and then separate ... read more

I headed to the American Lung Association today for an informal interview with the Director of Development, Liz, and her second in command, Joe. The offices are lovely - they are modern and everyone has their own closed office. There are about 25 staff in this chapter and they are part of a much bigger organisation. They are clever as they fall into various categories, which helps with funding. They are a health chairty, an environmental charity and an advocacy charity, focusing on asthma, lung disease, the cessation of smoking in young people, cleaner air and the promotion of electric vehicles. At the end of the interview, we agreed that I would start work today, so I spent the day preparing bits and pieces for a cocktail reception that is being held tomorrow and making pretzel ... read more

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