Settling In

Published: April 25th 2012
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I havent done anything of interest since my family left on Saturday evening, which is why I havent written anything. I moped all of Saturday evening and Sunday and then pulled myself together on Monday and went to the gym.

I am applying for an internship at Cahoots Marketing and Advertising Agency and have to write a cover letter saying why I am right for the internship. I have never had so much trouble writing a letter! The company are experts in cause related marketing - (branding, comms, PR for charities) and I think that is exactly what I want to do, so I really want this internship.

I spent pretty much all day Monday researching them and preparing my letter.

I then spent until 1pm on Tuesday re-writing the letter, sent it and then realised it was crap, so I dont hold out much hope for an internship. I am interested in volunteering at the Dumb Friends League too, as i have become animal mad and would love to work at an animal charity.

Jona nd I went out for dinner with his colleague, Jorge this evening. we went to the Outback Steakhouse which was nice. I love meeting new people and am badgering Jon to arrnage my sdocial life for me. He has set up lunch on Thursday, a BBQ on Sunday and is organising for me to meet another one of his colleagues wife and gorgeous baby, so its going well!


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