Last Day

Published: April 22nd 2012
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Today is the last day of our amaing family road trip.

We have seen so much in 16 days; travelled 1800 miles through five states and met so many weird and wonderful people.

I am quite teary and being a proper girl, as my family fly home tonight.

There was a morning swim (apart from me, as I got really burnt yestrday while wandering around Garden of the Gods) and wanted to keep out of the sun.

There was more shopping - and e got one more trip to TJ Maxx in and thn we had a picnic in a local park, which was really nice.

I spent the afternoon sitting on mums case, which we eventually managd to close and then it was off to the airport all too soon.

There were tears from me, and I behaved like a girl for the rest of the evening, until I got a text saying thy had lnded safely at home and Jons parents had surprised them at Heathrow to pick them up. They are amazing.


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