Published: April 27th 2012
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Since I last wrote, I have not heard from Cahoots (no surprise there) and so have approached MaxFund (an animal shelter) instead, as working with animals is something else I'd like to do while out here.. I am waiting to hear from them.

I am also going to write to the American Lung Association (random I know) and see if I can volunteer in their marketing department. They are local and if I manage to get work there, I wont have to pay to commute. Money is a concern, as yet again I have no job to return to in the UK and I kerep hearing about a double dip recession.

I have got a bit of a chesty thing which came on the night before last. I felt really rough and sorry for myself yesterday but I am looking forward to going out for dinner with a group of Jons workmates tonight so am drugging up now.

Been to the gym three times this week, which is an imprevement on nothing ever at home! I am sore from it and walking like a bit of a retard, but no pain no gain as they say


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