Published: June 5th 2011
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Today was BBQ day. We were invited to Jon's colleague (Erin's) house in the afternoon for some festive memorial day grub. Memorial day (besides the historical stuff) is known locally as the official first day of summer, so lots of people have their first BBQ on this public holiday.

We got up, did our weekly shopping at King Soopers, washed the dog and as per usual, Jon got distracted at the last minute with a computer issue and we were nearly an hour late for the BBQ. Erin and her husband Adam live in a townhouse in a really quiet part of Colorado.

Linda and her husband Aaron were at the BBQ - they are a lovely couple and more and more people turned up to squeeze into their small patio and at most, there were 12 of us.

The weather went from boiling hot in the morning, to raining as we were eating outside and then we had a tornado warning about 3pm which I got stupidly excited about. The tornado didnt directly hit us but the dregs of it did. It got so windy, full bins were flown down the street, full glasses were thrown from the table and we thought we would lose Churchy.

It lasted about 45 minutes and then calm returned.

We left about 5.30pm, after far too much wine, guacamole and doritos!


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