Ticking Along Nicely

Published: May 28th 2011
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I have been quiet on the blog front as things had been ticking along nicely...until yesterday.

Work has been good...dog is cute...and I was so looking forward to this weekend. It is Memorial weekend and everyone has Monday off work so we were trying to figure out what to do with this extra time!!!

I suggested Vegas (12 hours on greyhound) or Utah (6 hours in car and then night in the desert) but with a pooch it wasnt fair to go that far, so I found 3 other options - Lake Pueblo National Park (2 hours away), Arapaho National Reserve and Grand Junction.

We had decided on Lake Pueblo, where I wanted to do some hiking and canoeing. We would stay there overnight and go on to a dinosaur place and some other geeky place before coming back ready for a BBQ at Jon's colleagues place on Monday.

I was invited to go out on Friday night with Veronica and her friends for her leaving do (she was moving to Memphis on Saturday afternoon) so Jon and I headed to The Pub on Pearl and had a drink before she arrived with about 7 friends. She had wanted to meet her friend Carrie, who she thought I would get along with really well. All her friends were really nice and her ex (Kiefer Sutherland lookalike) too. We had about 4 drinks and Jon and I left to get some food, promising to meet up with them again afterwards. About 2 minutes into the walk to The Pearl of India, I somehow twisted my left ankle in my tall wedges and ended up arse up on the floor on my knees. It was very gallant of the loved up couple to offer me assistance as they walked past). I was so embarrassed I grunted a no thanks and crawled along the floor in pain until I could face standing up. I have done this exact same thing before to the other foot and knew there was no way I was getting to the restaurant or back to the pub, so I cursed my wedges - (I remember why I NEVER wear heels and think they are a bad idea) and hobbled to the car.

Jon got us takeaway in the end (not really good enough to cheer me up) and I spent an uncomfortable night in pain and hungover.

Needless to say, I cant go anywhere today and cant walk the dog who I think is majorly depressed.

We are going to the cinema tonight to see Hangover 2 though...I wish I was swimming in the lake...



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