First Day At Work

Published: May 12th 2011
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We picked up Churchill from George and Jack on Monday. He is such a cute ball of fluff. We got back to ours and he went crazy with excitement. He was cute right up until bedtime when he wouldnt stop whining when we tried to put him in his dog bed. We ended up caving an had him in the bed with us but neither of us slept for fear of kicking him out of bed.

it turns out Jon is an extremely good dog trainer and thought through all these little tricks to keep him in his bed. On Tuesday evening, we spent half the night picking him up and returning him to his bed every time he started whining and trying to jump on ours, He eventually stayed put.

I was up at 6 on Wednesday morning (thanks to doggy) for my first day of work. Jon gave me a lift as it was pouring with rain.

The hours over here are 8 - 5pm typically and half an hour for lunch. Also, people tend to work much later in the not for profit sector.

I have been given two projects initially - I am working as a Development Intern which involves developing current projects that need a kick start or initiating new projects from scratch.

At 12pm, it was the all staff meeting, at which people first eat lunch together and then the informal meeting started, where everyone tells each other what they are working on. The CEO chairs the meetings and is actively involved.

It seems like a really friendly office and although my accent sticks out like a sore thumb, they seem to like it.

I got really into the projects in the afternoon and then left at about 4.15pm. (as an intern, I can choose my hours). Unfortunately, I left just as a monsoon started! I was so frozen and soaking wet by the time I waled the half hour home, I was nearly in tears! Denver weather...


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